Tales Told Out Of School. 5. A Runaway Situation.

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Caught! Damnation!

“Are you awake, Angela?” A voice came out of the low light of the corridor. There was an older girl standing outlined in the doorway in her nightdress, straining to see something. Had she heard them moving around in their excitement, or the bed tapping against a wall? Had they made that much noise?

Angela responded in a whisper.

“What do want, Millie? You shouldn’t wake someone up at this time of night.” At least Millie would see nothing in that room with no light on.

“I almost had a heart attack. I’d left my door ajar, and a cat jumped on my bed. I don’t know where it came from. I thought it was a rat at first, and I almost screamed. It’s probably that cat that belongs to Mr. Illingsworth. But how did it get in?”

Robert felt his cat jump onto the bed with them and begin to purr like a chain saw.

“I expect it came in when I opened the door for Miss Bagnold earlier. I’ll see to it in the morning, it’s with me now.” At least she hadn’t said, with us now. “You go back to bed, Millie. Close the door.”

They heard her close the door as requested, and Millie went back to her own room.

Robert slipped from her, taking them both by surprise. Damn!

“It is very dangerous, me being here, Angela. I fell asleep and so did you. Marjorie is asleep. I should get dressed and go back downstairs before anyone else comes.”

“You can go, in another few hours, Robert. You cannot leave me now. Not with Millie awake and on the prowl. She'll wake others up too. Besides, I will always want to feel you beside me, touching me, making love to me, now that I know what to expect.”

No, he couldn’t go away with that plea ringing in his ears and bringing him even more to life with those promises.

“But this bed’s not big enough for the four of us.” Five of them if they counted that still eager alter ego of his. He'd be stiff for hours after that.

"No, it isn’t, Robert, but it’s still relatively early, only just after midnight.” She giggled. “You shall have to come and lie on me again with the cat taking up so much room, or we can go into that other bed and continue this.”

“That might be safer, and we can leave the cat with Marjorie. We should take a towel with us.”

She took his hand and led him over to the other bed. He pulled her to a stop before she climbed into it. She could feel his hand between her legs, then, after a few moments of slow exploration, even touching her breasts with his other hand, he turned her to him, enfolding her into his arms, kissing her again but more passionately this time as he slid between her legs again.

That part of his had come to life again, touching at her, going between the top of her legs. They should get into bed before any other girls woke up and burst in on them.

She reached for him. “Let’s get into bed first, and we can do something about this rebel again before we fall over and bring others to investigate what is going on. The walls here are not very thick, and too much can be overheard.”

She felt him slide in with her as he checked where she was in the dark. The bed creaked ominously under their combined weight. She knew he was fully erect and ready for her again, having felt it against her as she moved with him close behind her, eager.

He must recover quickly. It would be a long and fruitful night. But hopefully not too fruitful. She’d have to take care of that future potential problem first thing in the morning if she had time to do that, with bodies fighting for bathroom space.

She would have to be first out of bed before the bell went and see to Marjorie and herself before the others stirred. She would need to wash out her nightdress too. No point in worrying about the damage that a single lucky sperm could do now. That horse had already bolted the stable, and there was another marauder already knocking at her portal, with many more millions of sperm anxious to find a ready home within her.

“It should be easier this time, Robert, for us both.”

She brought him over her again, feeling him find out about her as eagerly as the first time, and to push into her slowly once more, as he settled onto her breasts and they kissed. She closed her mind to that suddenly squeaky bed giving everything away with its steady rhythm, building to an exciting crescendo. This would happen many times throughout the night and, hopefully, would not bring any of the girls to investigate what it was clearly spelling out in a kind of Morse Code, S... O... S... (Stupendous... Overwhelming... Sex) over the still air.

Being screwed.

Getting screwed for sure now. But don’t bother to Save Our Souls. They are beyond saving at this moment in time.

It was still difficult for her to get him into her, but not as difficult. She was still moist from his last visit, but not at all sore, so there was no hesitation this time with him worrying about hurting her. He moved into her with her cooperation and help, slowly and steadily inching forward into her welcoming warmth, still very tight around him. It was mind-blowingly exciting as they kissed and fondled with more confidence this time, knowing what was going to happen, and without any awkward surprises, unless others came to find out what all of the noise was about. He was coming again already. She smiled.

He died upon her once more.

How many times might they do this? She stroked his head and kissed him, not wanting him to leave her, but he did not seem inclined to want to do that either.

“Rest until the next time. It’s still early. Don’t worry, Robert, I shall wake you long before anyone else is likely to be moving. Besides, I like what we have discovered about each other and what we can do together.”

He said nothing, but had come awake again, and was focused upon what they were doing once more.

Again? Already?

She woke him at six. It was not yet light outside and the bell would not go for another hour.

They lay beside each other touching, and holding each other close, kissing.

He plugged the small light back in, and she laid back and watched him dress, feeling him leaking from her, though he had brought his shorts up between her legs. They were damp from all of their efforts throughout the night. She tried to keep track of each time they had made love.

Before he left, he came over to her and sat on the edge of the bed, leaning over to kiss her, and to hold her breasts. They fascinated him and she liked to feel him touch them, to touch her everywhere now. He didn’t want to leave, and she didn’t want him to leave either.

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