Tales Told Out Of School. 5. A Runaway Situation.

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We Need to Plan Ahead.

“Do I come up here again tonight, Angela? How do we continue this?” Of course he was eager to see that this did not end here. So was she.

“I don’t think it will be safe for you to come here, Robert. Though we can meet in that day room with that settee, except I am not sure what time I might be able to get there. It depends on these other girls. We could spend most of the night there together.”

“Then I’ll wait for you there, after lights-out.”

He watched as she got out of bed and threw her nightdress back on, leaving him with a dry mouth again, and a desire to climb back into bed with her for one last round of combat.

“I’ll have to let you out, and then I shall see to Marjorie. I’ll have to get her out of here too, before the other girls are moving, (she also needed to hide the evidence of Robert being here with her, with all of the semen left on her and on her sheets) and we shall go and see Miss Bagnold before breakfast, and tell her what I can, and dare tell her, without bringing you into it.”

She saw him to the door, where he turned back into her and took her into his arms, kissing her and caressing everywhere upon her; holding her breasts, caressing her between her legs, to imprint memories that would serve him throughout the day until he could return to her again. She was just as demonstrative with him, but they could not delay, or make love again as they both wanted to do. The other girls would soon be up and about.

He patted his pocket and found his keys. “I must have left my flashlight in the day room. Which reminds me.” He fished out his keys and sorted out one of the keys and unclipped it.

“This is a spare key for my storeroom. You can let yourself in there from inside the school or by the door from outside, anytime. We can meet there in reasonable safety if you wish, once we decide upon a time. We can leave each other various cryptic notes on the bulletin board about the time we can get together; a colored pin or something. I have a small bedroom, kitchen and shower in there. The same key fits both doors, inner and outer. We can continue this in there if we can't do it here or anywhere else." There would always be somewhere.

They kissed, loath to be parted from each other.

“Until this evening then, or whenever we can meet together, my love. Take care.” He touched her gently by the side of her head and retreated as she reached out to delay him after those heart-stopping words.

Angela, watched him go. She was clutching the key to her breast, wondering how to tell Miss Bagnold any of this, and how much to tell her; if she told her anything about Robert and her. She would wear it around her neck.

There was a lot to do. She returned to her room.

She would need to check both beds, and make sure that there were no give-away stains on the sheets; a forlorn hope after what had happened so often and so eagerly between them. She would have to change the sheets. Fortunately, today was the day when all of the bedding was changed. The girls each saw to their own beds, so no one would know what had happened here, or whose bed they had come from, if they noticed anything.

That was when she saw Robert’s briefs where she’d left them in the other bed. He’d gone without them.

She’d have to see that those were rinsed out, and would make sure that they went through the cat door into his work area before they were discovered in her possession with all of the evidence of what they had been doing, upon them. She should wash them, first, if the bathroom was empty.

Then she saw the cat on the bed with Marjorie.

They were both very comfortable, and Marjorie was wide awake, watching everything, smiling, stroking the cat.

How long had she been awake? What had she seen or heard?

“Where did Robert go?” Angela’s heart dropped. Had she seen him naked with that rod of his, and watched him get dressed? Had she seen what they had done?

She tried to think up a suitable answer. “He had to go and start his work in the school.”

Angela, made up the beds, gathering up Marjorie’s clothes, now dry, except for her outer coat, and her own bits and pieces, as well as Robert’s undershorts, as she waited for the next questions.

“You are not supposed to be here, so we need to bathe down the corridor away from all of the other girls, and then we must go and have a word with Miss Bagnold, before breakfast. I’ll let you bring your knapsack, and the cat. We can’t let you or the cat be seen in here.”

Marjorie was suddenly concerned. “Will I get into trouble? I had no choice about leaving. I had to get home. I still do. There is something wrong with my mother. She hasn’t written for more than two weeks.”

Angela responded with a smile. “I don’t get a letter from my family for months at a time, so I am sure it cannot be so serious, but Miss Bagnold will know what to do.” Then she remembered that other question.

“No. I don’t think you will get into trouble for that, Marjorie, but Miss Bagnold will need to phone them to find out what the problem is. We will have to tell her, and she will help you. You should have taken your concerns straight to her first, before you ran away. She is very kind.”

“I suppose I’ll have to tell her then.”

Now that one problem was on its way to being solved much easier than she had thought it would be, Marjorie had something else to ask.

“I don’t think Robert was supposed to be with us in your room last night, was he, and doing… what he was doing to you? But he seemed very excited doing it, and so were you when you cried out as you did."

Had she cried out? She had heard Robert gasp and groan as he pushed into her when he came each time, but had not been aware that she had made any noises, though there had been a lot of babbling, gurgling, and groaning within her mind.

"Mama and Papa often do that too. It seems to be a very exciting but different kind of 'ride-a-cock-horse' game that they enjoy so much as you did, when Mama rides his stiff cock-horse as they wrestle in bed, and that they laugh a lot about.”

Angela felt the color rush to her face in alarm. “No, he wasn’t supposed to be here, but we are both very fortunate that he was, or you might still be under those stairs and wet.”

“I suppose so. I was wet and cold, and then I wasn’t.” She thought about it. “I won’t say anything. I like Robert. He was very gentle and kind to me. I like you too.”

“Thank you, and I like him too. He was also very gentle with me.”

“I saw. When I grow breasts, will they be as beautiful and as interesting as yours to touch? He seemed to like to kiss them too, but I decided I had better not ask at that moment.”

Thank goodness for that!

“I have something to ask about Robert too, that I didn’t understand, and what he did to you when you both got very excited, when he laid upon you, between your legs, and pushed that big, stiff 'riding cock-horse' thing of his, between your legs and right into…you...there, and it did go into you. All of it. Did it hurt? You didn't cry out. And where did it all go? There was a lot I didn't understand, except when he told you he was coming. Papa, often said that to Mama, but he was already with her, so how could he had still been coming?”

Angela interrupted, shocked at what Marjorie had seen and understood.

“You'll understand one day. It was just a figure of speech. Let’s get ourselves bathed first, in private, and I will try to answer all of your questions while we do that.” She was beginning to panic over what Marjorie might say next, and who might overhear her.

“That’s what Mama always says when I ask about her and Papa, when they do that. Was that the hide and seek game that adults play when they are alone together? I overheard one of the girls say that when adults did that cock-horse game together, it wasn’t a game at all, and that they were fucking each other, whatever that means, but another girl said that I must never use that word.”

“She was right. You must never say that word.”

Oh lord, what next? It might be all over the school before she knew it.

“Then I won’t say it again.”

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