Tales Told Out Of School. 5. A Runaway Situation.

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Miss Bagnold Knows All!

Angela went looking for Robert later that same day.

When she saw him going into his room, she let the corridor clear of girls and then followed him in, using the key he had given her. She had a lot to tell him, but there were other things to get out of the way between them first.

He saw her and smiled at her, stopping what he was doing. He never looked or smiled at any of the other girls like that and she knew why now. He washed his hands and approached her to kiss her.

She was blushing all over. “No one saw me come in, Robert." She took a deep breath and said what she was thinking. "Do we have time?” Was she being too forward again? She didn’t care.

He looked at her, seeing her beginning to disrobe. He helped, and was not far behind.

They lay on his bed after that, exhausted, perspiring, but contented. They talked as they touched each other everywhere, seeing each other in daylight for the first time. Fortunately, his windows were all high off the ground and were mostly inaccessible to nosey girls who always tried to spy on him.

“Did you sort everything out with Marjorie?”

“Yes. As much as we could, and a lot more than that too, but first things, first. Miss Bagnold called the family and got something out of them. Marjorie was desperate to get home, as her mother hadn’t written for more than two weeks, and she hadn’t been able to reach them on the pay phone.” She smiled.

“The poor girl imagined the worst, although her mother had been laid up for a while after a minor surgery that took longer to heal than it should. Miss Bagnold suggested she could drive Marjorie home for a fast visit this weekend. They live only a hundred miles away, and that she would let Marjorie use the telephone in the office, and not have to battle with a hundred other girls if a problem arose again like this.”

They adjusted their positions upon each other and kissed.

“You don’t have to come out of me yet, do you, Robert?”

He kissed her and pushed, to make sure he wasn't about to come out of her. “Not for a few more hours, my love. We’ve only just got started on this marathon together.” She liked to hear that and laughed, and pulled him to be closer to her in turn.

“Miss Bagnold learned more. It seems that Marjorie is a highly-strung girl, and needs to be watched carefully, liable to get it into her head to do all manner of strange things. Like running away from school in one of the worst storms of the year. She asked me if I would do that; look after her. She wants me to become a matron to all of the younger girls, and to keep Marjorie with me, in my room, for a few days or a few weeks until term ends.” That might make it difficult for them to come together like this for the overnight hours.

Angela fell silent for a few moments, feeling Robert begin to revive once more, and to move again within her.

They recovered their breath after a further five minutes, and came down again from those wondrous heights, as they kissed more.

"Miss Bagnold had more to say after that. To me, and about you.”

He was all ears now. “What about me?”

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