Tales Told Out Of School. 5. A Runaway Situation.

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I'll Take it from Here. Or I'll Try to.

“I’ll take her from here.” She reached out to do so, pushing her hands under the small bundle and up against Robert's hard body, as she felt his arms against her equally soft and yielding body, barely covered by her low nightdress. With his arms pushing against her as she moved closer into him, her breasts began to appear out of the top of it. It was dizzying for her to sense how much that disturbed him, seeing him staring at them. The girl shrank even closer to him. She was resisting. Of course she was. She'd have resisted being taken from his arms too.

He smiled almost apologetically. “I know you would like to take her, and even bathe her, but for some reason she is hanging on to me like grim death, and I would rather relinquish her gently, and with her approval into your care, rather than have her fight this and become upset.”

Angela could see that the little girl had a ferocious grip on his shirt with both hands, her eyes closed, and her head resting against his chest in the open neck of his shirt. She felt secure and warm where she was. What woman wouldn’t?

“Then we should sit and talk somewhere out of the way until she relaxes.” The common room behind her was not a good place to have a conversation like the one they would need to have. Especially if it got out of hand, as she planned and hoped it would. She'd never get another chance like this one.

“Follow me.” She led the way farther down the corridor away from the dorm area, silent behind her, and into a dark, day-room with comfortable chairs and even a settee. She did not put any lights on to alert anyone to her not being in the dorm.

It didn’t matter to her that she had on only a nightdress, and not a substantial one at that. The lighting was dim where they were, so her modesty would not suffer too much damage.

“We can sit on the settee here, and talk, until she feels she can trust me. We will need to sit close together so as not to be overheard, and to get her used to me touching her, and sharing her with you.” They would even touch each other. She would see to that.

She took the knapsack from his arm as he sat down. “This is hers?”

He nodded. “That’s what she was resting her head on when I found her.” Angela picked it up and opened it as he settled himself with the little girl held in his arms. She was holding onto him as he'd described--like grim death--and was not going to be easily parted from him.

He helped. “I have a flashlight in my pocket.” He fished it out and turned it on, watching her sort through the bag by its powerful light, shining it on her and seeing much more of her body in the front of that nightdress as Angela leaned forward to see what she could find, becoming gradually more careless as she discovered the various possibilities of the circumstance.

She put a nightdress she found in it, to one side over the arm of the settee before she sat by him, letting the flashlight rest on the seat between them, lifted the little girl’s damp legs across her own, and leaned up against Robert. He did not object. Why would he?

This was not the time to be remote or shy. Besides, this was the first time she had ever been alone with him, and they now had a chance to converse properly without a hundred curious girls looking on or listening in. They were truly alone at this time of night, and everything could move fairly quickly between them if they had to. She would see to that, and she would try to get them to move very fast, considering how lightly and provocatively she was dressed. The possibilities were practically unlimited... depending more upon him, than her.

Angela took off the girl’s shoes and socks, then lifted her own nightdress out of the way without appearing to think about what she was doing, though she knew exactly what she was doing, and why.

She knew that Robert was watching her in the beam of that light as she did that. She placed Marjorie’s damp feet onto her own warm legs, high on her inner thighs, covering them to keep them warm as she put her own arm over Marjorie to touch Robert too, letting the little girl feel both of them holding her, seeing to her comfort.

Robert felt that his ears were burning at what he had vaguely glimpsed of Angela’s body as she had lifted her nightdress to cover Marjorie’s feet. He had glimpsed pale skin and even some darker hair in the glare of that flashlight when it had shone between her legs.

She had nothing covering her under that nightdress! No panties! Nothing! He had to close his eyes and remember to breathe.

“You will need to hold me closer, Robert.” There were a world of possibilities that could be opened up if she was not paralyzed by shyness.

Angela felt his free hand go around her waist, then lower on her, and pull her close into him, leaving his hand touching her. His hand was very warm, and it was also trembling. Or was that her?

He seemed nervous to do that, but he must know that it could not be a trap laid for him, as some of those other girls did. This had all been his decision to come up here… at least at the beginning. Now it was up to her where it went from here.

Why was he nervous?

She didn’t need to ask him about that. It was a good sign. She felt nervous too, as well as breathless. He must be able to hear her heart pounding. This was the first time she had been so close to him, or close to any man, especially in this relatively undressed state, and her senses tingled. She knew she was not dressed suitably for this kind of personal adventure, not even in this low light, but there was nothing she could do about it, or wanted to do. At this moment she was overdressed for what could soon happen if she did things right.

He must have just showered and even changed in his work area downstairs before he had come across Marjorie. He smelled of soap, and of the perfume of softening-sheets in a drying cycle, on his shirt. His hair was still damp, and smelled of shampoo.

She had never been so close to a man before (that thought again), with her hand touching tentatively against his muscular leg and the other touching at his chest and Marjorie. The situation was strangely interesting and breathtaking; effervescing with latent possibilities that could soon be driven and manipulated to get out of hand if she did it right.

She stroked Marjorie’s head to comfort her, but Marjorie wasn’t ready to let go of him yet. She felt secure where she was, and so did Angela. She could have stayed here, sitting with him like this all night, even if neither of them said a single word. Words would just get in the way and actions always spoke more loudly and clearly. She could sense a tension between them; a sexually awakening frisson, and had to decide how this situation should be moved forward for both her and Marjorie's benefit.

She might never get another opportunity like this one, so it should not be wasted.

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