Tales Told Out Of School. 5. A Runaway Situation.

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She Might Never Get Another Chance Like This One.

That thought rattled around in her mind.

She had never had a man hold her like this, so close, and able to feel his head resting against her own, his breath flooding down inside of her nightdress. She even began to feel other sensations within her body that were probably the same strangely rebellious feelings that those other, more-forward, older girls must feel when they tried to engage him in a shockingly personal way as they tried to be alone with him.

Her nipples had suddenly become hard. Would he see or feel that? They must be obvious to him, even in this dim light. She was also more moist down there, as though she had begun to wet herself. She tensed up, and hoped he was not able to smell her there. Though maybe that scent behaved like a pheromone that would push a man into overdrive. She would like to experience that, with this man.

How had he resisted those other girls if they felt anything like she did, oozing female pheromones from every pore and every opening, sending him a message about them; about her readiness for him? Perhaps she was asking for trouble, tempting him with the promised land, inviting him unconsciously, like this. But, 'trouble' of that kind was what girls thrived upon. She would embrace it eagerly.

She should not be so forward! At least not so obviously forward as those other girls always were, (though she already was, the way she was only lightly dressed, and not bringing a robe with her) and dispensing with her usual panties. She did not remember why she had left them off at this very moment, but she was glad she had.

But she was already being forward, having suggested quite forcefully, that he should hold her close to him for Marjorie’s sake, and considering how she was so lightly dressed, and where they were, and alone.

Nonetheless, she did not feel threatened in any way, though he might. She held all the cards here, maybe, and it would be up to her how she played them, but she would move slowly until she gauged more about the mood between them.

They, those other girls, had been too obvious in their way of doing things, and no man likes to be hit over the head in public to get his attention to their bodies, and to them, especially about something as special as sexual intimacy. Of course he had retreated under such an obvious onslaught.

Slow and steady would win the race for this man, and he would need handling with kid-gloves and to be smoothed along all of the way, rather than frightening him off, as some of those other girls did in their eagerness. She knew how she would do it; slow and steady, and yet not holding back, either, if it needed a more precipitate approach.

Her heart was beating noticeably with a steady and loud threnody. Could he hear that above their breathing? She could! His hand was also very warm at her side, pulling at her steadily, even moving her nightdress up on her as though he was helpless not to do so. He would soon feel her bare leg. It felt right, and comforting.

It needed more!

She turned to kneel on the settee beside him, facing him, as Marjorie’s feet stayed on her leg, lifting her nightdress away from her in the full beam of that light. She ignored it as she had to, and just focused on Marjorie.

She explained to Robert what she intended to do. She did not care that her nightdress was well up on her legs as she did that, nor did she seem to notice that the flashlight was shining on her there, between her legs, now that she had moved, and it was clearly illuminating everything about her under it, playing in those hairs that he could see nestled over her vulva, but not hiding much at all, playing in them as he would have liked to have been playing in them with his fingers; that thought already driving him crazy. At least she hoped it was.

Soon, he would be able to do that.

She could not see for herself what it exposed and emphasized of her, but she could guess, knowing that he was able to see everything he wanted to see of her under her nightdress, by the suddenly wide-eyed startled look on his face, and where he was staring.

He fumbled clumsily between them to turn the light off before she noticed either that, or his own involuntary response to what he could see of her naked body, inviting his attention under there. He was lightly dressed too.

“This damp coat should come off her, and then I can dry her hair and see just how wet she is.” He nodded, agreeing with her, unable to speak.

She, was in control. "It might be better if you leave that flashlight on, for a while longer, Robert, so that we can see what we are doing." And so that he would be able to see a lot more of her too, as she moved around to make sure that he could.

He put the light back on. His ears felt as though they were about to burst into flames, along with another part of his body that he no longer had control over.

Angela leaned over the small bundle, having no shyness in moving her right leg to between his legs as she moved the blanket aside from Marjorie, and undid the top buttons on her outer coat. She was helped by Robert, working from the bottom, with him even accidentally touching Angela between her legs in the hair as he did that, not helping his turbulent feelings, or hers, as he froze for a moment, closing his eyes in a sudden, overwhelming panic.

She said nothing of him touching her, but she did not retreat from his touch either; hoping that he might continue to discover more about her. She had actually stayed still for a moment, as though inviting him to do more, if he wanted to. He would always want to. If she took his hand and helped him find more about her... no, that might be too quick, even for him.

No matter, he may have got that message from her anyway, if the changes she could see in his clothing covering him in the corresponding place on his body were an indication. And they were. He was just as excited as she was, and becoming aroused at what he could see and feel. But he was also nervous. Of course he was.

They struggled to take the coat down Marjorie's arms and off her, unable to do it until Angela gently explained to her what she wanted to do to enlist her help, and for her to let go of Robert for just a moment.

As Marjorie moved her arms and feet as required to let them get that coat off her, her foot snagged onto his zip and even began to move it down. He did not seem to notice, but Angela did. If she could help that along without being too obvious, she would.

With all of their gentle struggling, who knew where her nightdress actually might be on her, or what it covered, (nothing that mattered, she knew that) but she got an indication of that by observing Robert's face, and what he was focussed upon about her, while he was blushing noticeably, wondering what she would dare to do next. She also noticed what was happening behind that descending zip and what was just beginning to appear. He did not seem to know about that. She helped it where she could, as she moved Marjorie's feet around.

They both knew what was happening between them as they struggled to get Marjorie out of that damp topcoat, but could not yet directly speak about it. But then it didn't need to be spoken about. The circumstance and what was happening was its own, alarmingly enlivening message.

As Angela struggled with that coat, striving to get it from under her, Robert became even more aware of Angela’s clothing deficiencies and of her undoubted maturity, as she in turn began to notice even more about his personal difficulties that she was causing, even touching him once in that tender place that was opening up, as his zip continued to descend with her help. Her touching him, caused him to flinch, but he still seemed unaware of what was opening there, and even was appearing in the front of his gaping undershorts, being pushed open by the pressure behind them.

In their struggles and moving around with the damp little girl, many other things could happen. Angela might even be able to undo the top of his trousers in passing, as they fumbled to get the coat off her. It would be easily done, as she pushed Marjorie's coat from between them.

She said nothing. The situation was clearly exciting for both of them from what she could see.

She understood how nervous he felt, with her doing what she was doing, and she was empowered by it, rather than retreating in embarrassed confusion. She was made of sterner stuff than that. Besides, she was on her own turf, and not his, and she was curious about him and this entire predicament, but pleased that he had thought to approach her, and that he was not running scared from her, as he did with the other girls.

He had approached only her, had known about her, and where she slept. She would ask him about that later, and what he would have done to have awoken her without attracting the attention of the other girls, who seemed able to sense a man from fifty feet away.

Robert could see that Angela's breasts swayed tantalizingly in her loose nightdress as she leaned toward him, over him, undressing the little girl, as her own nightdress rode ever farther up her legs or hung more open from her as she leaned over them both.

Breasts and cleavage were both rivetingly obvious to him as well as so much more, hypnotizing him, with his eyes striving to see everything that he could possibly see of her in there, under there; and he could see everything, as she moved above him.

It didn't help his own condition!

She was counting on that.

The more the two of them struggled to take the outer coat off Marjorie as she steadfastly held onto Robert, the more of Angela’s wondrous body was inadvertently--and not so inadvertently--revealed to him as she sat closer over him. But more of him, was being revealed too, and he still didn't seem to know it. Or had to ignore it!

Angela’s mind was on more mundane issues than his was, but she could not see what he could see of her body, though she was stunningly conscious of her affect on him and of what he could see of her as she moved in such a way as to allow him to see more of her, being deliberately careless of everything; deliberately tormenting him, wanting to see how much more of this he could put up with before he could no longer help himself and would reach out for her and maybe even remove her nightdress for her. It was the only thing in his way.

She pushed her hand under the collar of Marjorie’s sweater and blouse. The sweater was damp too, but her skin where Angela touched was not cold. Marjorie had dressed well for her escapade, and must have felt overwhelmed by something, for her to have decided that her only recourse was to run away from the school. But then the rain had driven her back.

There would be some searching questions asked in the girl’s dorm about this, to find out what had caused this young girl to want to leave the school.

Robert knew that he shouldn’t be here, considering what was happening between them. But he had no choice, the way Marjorie was hanging onto him. His mouth had gone dry and he had to avert his eyes so as not to be seen staring too obviously at Angela’s delightfully exposed body, which disturbed him more than he could believe. He wanted to reach out and touch, to caress in that hair, to support, lift, and hold... kiss..., and so much more, as he drove into her.

It didn’t get any better when she adjusted her position to sit back on his leg, and took the towel to dry Marjorie’s hair again, rubbing briskly, despite the young girls complaints as she took an even firmer hold on Robert’s shirt, and as Angela’s nightdress rode ever higher upon her legs. It was up to her waist now, resting upon her bent leg.

Robert had never been so excited before or with such a hard-on, as he had now, and it was no longer being held as tightly as it should be in his clothing, but was somehow feeling liberated. The top of his trousers had also relaxed and opened. How had that happened?

Robert had to close his eyes. If Angela were not careful, her nightdress might not continue to cover her for long at either the top or the bottom. She might as well not have had one on at all. He wanted to help her with that, but the first thing he would need to do would be to remove it altogether and then get himself undressed, and he must not do that.

Angela threw the towel aside and indicated that she would lie along the settee on the inside, with him on the outside, with Marjorie lying across them both. This would help Marjorie relax, able to feel them both with her. She didn't bother to pull her nightdress down or adjust it in any way. It could stay up near her waist for all she cared, or even be raised more so that it would not tear.

Robert would not relax, and Angela intended that he would not. This was rolling along in a most interesting way.

If Marjorie slept, it would help to get her to relinquish her grip on Robert, and to transfer to Angela’s embrace, and then she could do something with her, but she was not sure she wanted it to be that clear cut.

“You will need to lie down with me and hold me close to you again, Robert, if we are to succeed in this.” She blushed up at him and felt his arm go under her and around her again as she leaned into him in this recumbent position, with her own head resting against his shoulder and touching up into his neck as he adjusted his own position.

"There is no point in being shy with each other if we need to help her properly." He heard what she was saying. Just as well she could say that, with his hand resting upon her bare cheek.

He brought Marjorie’s legs over Angela’s again, once more able to see as much of Angela as he might ever have wanted to see, as Angela opened that space up for Marjorie to put her legs onto her again to stay warm. He could see that Angela had omitted pulling her nightdress down to cover herself, and there was nothing he could do about it. Or wanted to do about it, either.

He could see even more of her now, down in the front of her nightdress, as well as farther down there. He had to close his eyes again, but he could do nothing about his body and its own heightened responses.

Angela smiled. She could see; recognizing what was happening to him. Marjorie’s legs were warm upon her, and so were his, against hers, but she still brought the blanket over them all.

Interesting things were more likely to happen under a blanket as hands moved around to adjust things. They would be her hands of course, moving upon him, snuggling under or into his shirt, opened up his shorts in passing, or as she adjusted her position, moving her nightdress even more strategically out of the way, or by touching him for purchase to get closer to him; pulling him closer to her, encouraging him to turn more to face her. His hand was still on her cheek. She could feel it trembling and could also hear the catch in his breathing over how she was getting through to him.

Everything could be made to seem accidental. She put her leg across him.

"You can put that flashlight off now, Robert." Even if it was damned near impossible to get at!

Now that the damage had been done to him!

The light was trapped under her body, and she knew it. He fumbled slowly for it, encountering softness, as Angela tried to change her position, but not by much, and then he discovered some personal hair too, and warm skin, at about the same time as he found the flashlight.

"I can help." He felt her guide his hand deeper under her between her legs, slowly, moving along a softer, moister area with hair, as he slowly pushed farther under her to withdraw the flashlight from where it was resting, with her weight fully upon it.

"Oh, Robert!" He felt her grasp at him and hold him still for a moment in a very delicate place on her that he could sense. "One moment, there is something caught on it." She was caught!

He knew what that must be. A hair in a tender and very personal place. They both paused, then struggled, using both hands, to cooperate to free that one awkward hair, leaving him with nothing to guess at about her body down there, or how moist or warm it was.

They managed to free it after a few delicate moments, allowing him to remove the flashlight and turn it off, but only after he'd seen absolutely everything he would ever want to see, as well as touching most of it too.

He lay there, his mind and his feelings completely shot, his nerves jangling! He had just about burst out of his trousers.

He had! But he didn't seem to know that yet, though Angela did, and she had seen him poised there, standing to attention just for her, before the flashlight had been turned off.

Robert was not sure he wanted Angela to succeed in detaching Marjorie from him too soon, not with this level of excitement.

This, happening between them, and to him, was unnerving, but was also intriguing. He did not usually feel this way about any older girl in the school, but then, she wasn’t trying to entrap him in the obvious way the others tried to do. Though he would not have minded if she had been. This was different. He had approached her and then had let her take over the situation from her, and she was certainly doing that.

Angela was different. This was gentle and indirect, though even more obvious in many ways. He felt differently about this woman, confused even, and perhaps now was the time to tell her how he had noticed her from the very beginning of her coming into the school, and how she had always had his attention, and how she had affected him.

Fortunately, she could not know how his body was responding to everything she was doing or what it meant. Though maybe she was aware of it, the way they were touching along most of their bodies, and what her hand sometimes encountered of him as she checked Marjorie’s clothing to see how damp it was, feeling him gasp and flinch.

But his hand also encountered her sometimes too, as it already had when that hair had got trapped in his light.

She must surely know about his condition by now, the way he was blushing and perspiring. It didn’t seem to bother her if she did.

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