Tear In My Heart

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XII. My Prince

“Man, Noah, it was amazing,” Connor sighed as I walked through the halls with him toward his first hour since I still had time to kill before school actually started. “I know I’ve only known her for a few days but I really like her.”

“Awe, my boy has finally found a girl he likes,” I joked as I hooked my arm around his neck and dug my fist into his head in a playful noogie. It’d been a while since he’s actually liked a girl and knowing that the girl he’d hung out with at lunch for the past few days might be his saving grace.

“Ha ha ha, very funny, Noah,” he deadpanned as he lightly shoved me off. “But that’s enough about me. How about you? Anyone catching your eye?”

I found the corners of my lips slightly turn up as I looked down, the very thought of Madison bringing a smile to my face. “Kind of,” I admitted, not necessarily lying, just withholding parts of the truth. I had found someone….my boyfriend.

“Okay, first of all, when did this happen? And second off, tell me everything. He had me spill my guts, now it’s time for you to spill yours,” Connor pressed, causing me to casually adjust my collar in order to hide the hickies that were taking forever to fade. I was getting tired of wearing sweatshirts to school and turtlenecks to soccer.

“There’s not much to tell,” I said, though I wanted to tell him everything about Mads and I but I just wasn’t ready yet.
“Can you at least tell me a name?” Connor begged as we approached his class.

I thought about it, contemplating if telling him would be too revealing, but then I remembered the number of Madison’s that attended this school and I decided to throw caution to the wind. “Madison,” I said as we approached his classroom. He opened his mouth to say something else but I quickly cut him off. “Nope. No more questions for you for a while. I’ll see you at lunch, and bring your new lady friend. I want to meet her.” He didn’t have time to respond before I hurried back down the hall, not only to avoid any more questions but to also make it to Mr. Hill’s classroom before the bell.

He wasted no time giving us our assignments for the day and once he was finished, we got to work. I was about to start my assignment when I remembered that I had something for him. I quickly dug out the signed book I’d gotten on Wednesday, glad I’d actually remembered to bring it this time before I approached his desk. He was typing away at his computer but looked up when I approached. “Ah, Noah. I hope you’ve come to tell me that you’ve finished your final story for your portfolio,” he said, taking off the glasses that he had balanced on his nose, looking up at me expectantly.

“Sorry, Mr. H. I wish I could, but I’m still trying to find my story to tell, you know?”

A look of disappointment flashed across his eyes, but he gave me an understanding nod. “Fine, I won’t get on your case about it anymore, but just know that you need to hurry. You don’t have that much time and a college with this kind of reputation rarely gives out second chances.”

“I understand,” I nodded. “I just need to find the perfect angle for my story.”

He nodded once more. “What did you come over here to talk about then?”

“I brought you this,” I said, revealing the book and sliding it across his desk to him. “My friend took me to a book signing and I really liked the book and thought you would too. I mean, you better or you owe me fifteen bucks,” I chuckled.

He chuckled too, taking the book and reading the synopsis on the inside cover. “This seems interesting. I’ll get started on it when I find a break from all you annoying kids,” he said with a playful grin before he shooed me away. “Go now. I’m tired of you.” I merely laughed before I returned to my seat and worked on my assignment.

The rest of the day went by in a blur until I got to lunch, thankful to be away from all my annoying teachers that assign too much homework and classmates who talk too much. It was honestly exhausting. But I felt my annoyance quickly melt into excitement once I entered the cafeteria to see Connor sitting at the lunch table with his arm wrapped around a dark-haired girl’s shoulders, both laughing at something another one of the boy’s at the table had said.

As soon as I started making my way to the table, Connor grinned and mouthed “Isn’t she hot?” while his date wasn’t looking, causing me to give him the “so-so” gesture just to mess with him, prompting him to narrowed his eyes before he mouthed the angry version of “I love you” that started with an f. Here’s a hint, it’s not food.

“Oh look who finally decided to hang out with us,” I said as I approached the table, taking the only available seat at the table which happened to be next to Connor’s girl. “My name’s Noah, this idiot’s best friend,” I said, jabbing my thumb toward Connor.

“Shut up,” he grumbled, causing me and his date to laugh.

“Well, my name is Abbi and it’s nice to meet you, Noah. I’ve heard a lot about you.” The way she said “a lot” told me exactly what Connor’s been telling her about me.

“And by the way you said that I’m assuming it’s not all good?” I said more as a question than a statement as my gaze settled on Connor.

“Not in the slightest,” Connor said in a sing-song voice, causing the other boys at the table to laugh and for me to shrug as I leaned back in my seat.

“Can’t blame you.” We continued lunch as usual, some of the boys fake flirting with Abbi just to mess with Connor, and even though she played along, it was obvious that she was into Connor and I was happy for him. I just kind of wished that I could do the same.

Envy filled my chest, but I quickly pushed it away before it could settle deep enough to weigh me down for the rest of the day. It was Madison and I’s relationship and as long as we knew, who did or didn’t know didn’t matter. As if on cue, my phone vibrated in my pocket and I had the feeling that it was Madison. I casually looked up to make sure that no one was watching before I pulled my phone out to see a text from my one and only.

Madison (12:26): Hey babe. I just wanted to let u know I was thinking about u. These college classes are kicking my butt, but I’ll survive if I know u can come over before work ;) <3

I rolled my eyes and had to keep myself from smiling in order to avoid suspicion.

Me (12:28): Pick me up at my house at the end of the school day then I’ll see what I can do ;)

He instantly responded with the blushing emoji followed by the splashing water drops, causing my mind to go to all sorts of places trying to figure out what he meant, but before I could venture too deep I responded.

Me (12:31): Okay, babe. I’ll see you after school. Gtg.

As soon as I finished the text, the bell rang announcing the end of lunch and I slid my phone in my back pocket. Chaos instantly overtook the lunch room as students rapidly stood up and rushed toward the doors. “So, Noah,” Connor said as he slung his arm over my shoulders as we all began walking toward our next classes, his voice semi-hushed. “You’ve met mine,” he said, looking at Abbi as he spoke who was a few steps in front of us. “When can I meet yours.”

I shrugged. “It all comes in time,” I said, trying to sound as casual as possible, though I was yearning to unload my secret to at least one other person. But I just wasn’t ready. Not yet.

Connor chuckled and shook his head. “Okay, Noah. I’ll let you play this game but you’ll have to tell me eventually,” he said before he let me go and jogged to catch up with his girl, instantly wrapping his arm around her waist and holding her close before placing a tender kiss on his cheek.

The heavy feeling settled in my chest again.

“Babe, you don’t understand, this book is absolutely stupefacente,” Madison said, causing me to sigh and flop back on his bed. I’d gotten here as soon as I could after school, yet Madison hadn’t touched me once. Instead, he’d been too caught up in the book I’d gotten him from the book signing I went with Gracie. I had to admit that I was annoyed.

“Baby,” I groaned, weakly using my foot to nudge his shoulder. “If you don’t put that book down I’m leaving.”

“Noah,” he groaned, peering at me from the top of his book though he made no effort to put it down. In order to prove my point, I stood up, grabbed my shirt I’d removed and made a move toward the door. But before I could get too far, I felt a pull on one of my back belt loops before I was pulled back onto the bed, a curse escaping my lips as I clumsily landed in Madison’s lap, accidentally hitting him in the head in the process.

“I’m so sorry,” I laughed as he rubbed his head where I’d hit him, laughter escaping his lips as well. “You should’ve put the book down.”

“Fair enough,” he chuckled before his lips came into soft contact with my own. My tongue slid into his mouth, causing him to groan as he held me tighter. I smiled against his lips and buried my fingers in his hair, giving him a small tug. He groaned once more.

“Noah, best be careful,” he said, his voice breathy. “Sei su un ghiaccio sottile (You’re treading on thin ice.

“As you wish, mio principe (my prince),” I mumbled against his lips before I gave him one more soft kiss then pulled away. “You want your back rubbed? You said you had a stressful day.”

A smile stretched across his face as his thumb gently ran across his bottom lip. “I’d love that, il mio re (my king).” I smiled. I really loved it when he spoke Italian to me.

He stretched out on the bed so that he was laying on his stomach and I instantly straddled his hips, his bum offering some cushion. “Relax,” I softly said as I began to massage him, alternating between using my fingers and the heels of my hands. He sighed as I felt the tension leave him. “How was your day?”

“Better now that you’re here,” he honestly said, causing me to chuckle before I kissed the back of his neck right beneath his hairline.

“Same,” I said as I continued. His upper back. Mid back. By the time I made it to his lower back, I hesitated. I didn’t trust either one of us if my hands accidentally moved too low.

“Don’t stop,” Madison begged, his voice had no hint of having an underlying tone.

“Alright,” I said as I hesitantly began running him again. He sighed and closed his eyes and I couldn’t help but smile. He looked so peaceful and angelic. It made me realize how lucky I was to call him mine. My prince.

I continued massaging him until the sound of light snores escaped his lips. I chuckled as I slowly climbed off of him, careful not to wake him before I situated myself so that my head was resting on the curve of his back before I allowed my eyes to flutter closed.

The best part about being in a relationship is the ability to nap together and still have a good time.

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