Tear In My Heart

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Character Q and A

Hey y'all. So this is gonna be a character Q and A for the characters by the characters. I've seen some other books do it and I thought it was really cute so I wanted to do one too. I took these questions from comments for both here, Inkitt, and questions that have been asked in past chapters. So without further a do, let's get into it!

*pulls Noah onto the stage*

Q: How did you know that you wanted to marry Madison one day?

A: *strokes his chin in thought* I don't know. I guess when you fall in love with someone, they're end game for you, you know? As cheesy as it sounds, I feel in love with him within moments of first meeting him, if that makes sense. I always just knew I wanted him in my life forever.

Q: You and Madison mentioned wanting kids. Do you have any names picked out.

A: Yeah, we're actually going to the adoption center next week after our wedding I think-

*Madison off to the side*: Yep

A: *Noah chuckles*, but yeah we do have some names picked out. My favorites right now are Addison Michael for a boy, his middle name was my dad's name, and Danielle Hope, her middle name was my mom's middle name. But if we see the babies and the names don't fit, we can come up with different names.

Q: What's your favorite feature about Madison

A: *cheesily smiles* easy, his smile. It's beautiful and always cheers me up when I'm down.

Q: What's your favorite color?

A: I don't really have a favorite. I have color phases that I go through but I never have one overall favorite color. Right now I'm really into burgundy. Like really into it. Like "decorate our whole bedroom burgundy" into it. Madison thinks I'm kinda crazy, but I don't care.

Q: Cats or dogs

A: I'm trying to convince Madison to let me get a dog, but I don't know, he's kind of suborn.

Q: how has balancing your religion and your queerness gone for you so far.

A: after I came out, things were never the same again at my church. I mean, they weren't flat out disrespectful, but I could always sense a shift when I entered the room. But now that I live in a different state, I don't have to worry about that any more. I watch online sermons now and am perfectly okay with it. Sometimes Madison watches with me.

Q: what's your main goal with writing?

A: to reach as many people as I can. To make people feel something, want to do something, whether it's something small like make a new friend, or give them the courage to come out through my writing. I just want to help people. That's the ultimate goal.

Q: have you heard from the team since the trial?

A: I’ve gotten a few letters, but I don’t read them and never plan on it. I never want to see them again.

Q: how’s your relationship with your Nona and Gracie?

A: good. We don’t see each other much since I live in a different state but we talk in the phone every day. As for Gracie, we still keep in contact every now and then. She’s looking out for my Nona which I’m grateful for.

Q: what's your ideal honeymoon with your man?

A: *chuckles* well my ideal honeymoon with "my man" would be to travel back to Italy and get a nice little villa. It's been such a long time since I've been back, and what a better time than starting a new chapter in my life? But honestly, as long as I got to spend it with Madison, I don't care where it is.

Madison *enters from the side of the stage and hugs Noah*: Aw babe, that's sweet. But for real, Italy would be kinda nice.

Noah *rolls his eyes and kisses Madison*

Madison *smiles*: is it my turn now? I wanna answer questions from these people who've creepily been watching out lives.

Me (the author): Madison, we've been over this-

Madison: yeah, yeah, I know. Fictional, not real, blah blah blah. Is it my turn or not.

Me *sighs*: yes, Madison. It is your turn.

Madison *sits in the chair next to Noah*: I'm ready

Q: Where can I find a Madison because I want one!

A *wraps Noah's arms around him*: In Italy in my fiancée's arms. You do know you can't buy me, right? Well maybe you can...on eBae.

Noah *hits Madison on the arm for making such a bad joke*

Madison: author, why do you let him hit me so much? This is abuse-

Q: When did you know you were in love with Noah?

A: there was never a defined moment where I was like "I guess I'll love him now", it all happened gradually. I knew I really liked him that night at the club and the morning after and as I kept getting to know him, I was able to get to know exactly how amazing he is and through getting to know him, I fell in love. His butt also helped too though.

Q: Have you had any contact with your father since the trial?

A: Nope, and I'm planning on keeping it that way. Next question.

Q: what's your favorite feature about Noah?

A: his laugh. It's beautiful. His eyes are too. And his smile. And his everything.

Noah: you're not too shabby either, babe.

Q: Who's your favorite singer?

A: I really like Queen and Panic! At the Disco. It also helps that their front men are queer.

Q: Have you guys had any further homophobic experiences?

A: Nothing much besides a few looks every now and then. Well, actually, one time we were in the park and this woman told us that we shouldn't be exposing her children to "this" or whatever. I politely told her that we were doing nothing wrong, because civil always comes out first, and then she started cursing us out. So then argumentative Madison was about to come out, but Noah calmed me down which I'm grateful for because it was about to get real ugly real quick.

Q: So...are you two versatile or what because I'm confused.

A: Yeah, pretty much. Noah's definitely a power top though.

Noah *blushes intensely and buried his face in Madison's neck*: Madison...

Madison: I'm kidding, babe. *turns to readers* I'm really not.

Noah *nuzzles into Madison*: Babe, stooooppp

Q: what's your favorite food?

A: anything Noah makes *runs his fingers through Noah's hair*

Q: was it scary proposing to Noah?

A: extremely. But I'm glad I did it.

Q: when you two have children, what will they call you?

A: probably dad and daddy until they're older then we'll figure something else out.

Me: okay, Mads, your time is up.

Madison: but this is fun! One more?

Me *cruel and heartless*: no. Connor, get your butt out here!

Connor *awkwardly walks on and sits on the other side of Noah*: I found out somethings today that I never really wanted to know.

Noah *face still buried in Madison's neck*: sorry, Con. Madison's...explicit.

Me: Con, you ready?

Connor: sure

Q: you were so supportive of Noah when he came out. Were you freaking out even a little on the inside when he told you?

A *shrugs*: not really. He’s my best friend, so as long as he’s happy and not in danger or doing anything illegal, it’s fine by me. Plus, Madison is pretty cool and good for him.

Madison: thanks, Con.

Q: Did you have anything to do with the attack on Noah at the soccer fields? Were you jealous?

A: it irritates me how people actually think I would do that. Like I said, Noah’s my best friend and I would never put him in danger on purpose. I was with Abbi because she needed me-

Abbi *off stage*: I can confirm that!

A: Yeah. Anyway, no I had nothing to do with that and it still makes me mad that I wasn’t there. As for being jealous, I’m straight and I’m in a really great relationship so...that’s that on that.

Me: quick author’s note, I almost did make Connor be involved in the attack somehow just to add drama or whatever, but I ultimately decided against it.

All: you what?!

Connor: man, that’s a low blow. I could’ve been a real dick.

Me: relax. I didn’t do it, did I? Nope. No need to get in your feelings. Next question!

Q: Are you and Abbi getting married one day?

A: that’s the plan. She’s my endgame. Speaking of endgame, we saw Endgame last weekend and let me say-

Noah: no spoilers! We haven’t seen it yet!

Connor *hands up in defense*: alright, alright. Sorry. But yeah, I’m going to marry her once I’m financially secure and can provide for her.

Q: do you and Abbi go to the same school?

A: yep. I got in on an athletic scholarship and she got in on a full ride. My baby girl’s smart.

Me: alright. That’s all the questions. It’s a wrap.

Madison: alright, Noah. Let’s go home and make a little Italian dinner.

Abbi *rushing in from off stage*: oh, can we join?

Madison *looks at Noah*

Noah: why not? It’s not everyday that we all get together.

Me: wait, isn’t there anything you’d like to say to the readers?

Madison: yeah! Stop asking for smut, you animals. That’s between Noah and I, and that’s kinda weird and-

Noah: babe, calm down. It’s not that deep. Plus, it’s not that bad, it’s just that the author doesn’t want to write it

Me: correct. We don’t shame here. But for real, what do you guys wanna say. *whispers* come on we’ve rehearsed this

Noah: thank you for reading!

Madison: we’re glad that we can represent the LGBTQ+ community and use our story to help others

Connor: remember that you are loved no matter what. And if you don’t feel love, the author (Jordan) loves you.

Abbi: though this was a story, this is a problem that many LGBTQ+ youth unfortunately deal with on a daily basis.

Noah: So, if you or someone you know needs help related to the LGBTQ+ community, call the Trevor project at 212-695-8650 or any other hotline.

Madison: and remember, that love always wins! *kisses Noah*

Noah: and make sure to stick around for the bonuses! You may or may not get invited to our wedding and meet our kids and other things!

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