Tear In My Heart

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Thank You!! + Spin Off

Hey y'all! I wanted to just say thank you so much to all of you beautiful people for reading this book and (hopefully) liking it! I can't tell you how much it warms my heart when people tell me how much they enjoyed the story and the characters and how it touched them. Comments like that are what makes the hours of writing and frustration worth it. I love creating for y'all.

Anyways, I've decided to write a spin off of this book following Addison and his decent into madness. So yeah, I have the major plot points planned out and I feel like y'all will like it. Don't worry. The story won't be too similar to this one, and it'll be WAY messier conflict-wise. I'm so excited. It'll be about the same length as this one and...yeah. I'm excited. Right now I'm liking the title "Break In My Heart" suggested by @Dj24live but if you have any more suggestions let me know! I'd prefer it follows the theme of "*blank* In My Heart". So yeah. Thank you guys so much again and I'll see you in the spin off! I think it'll be posted sometime in the next two weeks or so. Look out for updates on my board so you can know as soon as it's out!

Love y'all- Jordan

PS what's been your favorite bonus chapter? I think that my favorite it either "Welcome Home" or "Bloody Noses and Ice Cream" because it really showed Noah and Madison's family dynamic. Let me know your thoughts and what you're most excited about for the spin off!

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