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Take a While

\ “Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.“-Cormac Mcarthy

With the proper healing, Raven was finally able to heal. Visits from the pack doctor became less and less frequent, as her wounds finally began to close.

She spent her days watching the pack from above, remembering when she was part of it. Over time she had gotten mobility, to a small extent, back.

“Shit.” Raven exclaimed, noting the blood that had just seeped through her shirt. One of the wounds had probably opened again from moving too much. An angry sigh left her as she walked over into the bathroom, removing her shirt to see which one had opened.

Angry blood-red lines decorated the skin of her back, scabs only just starting to form over them. A particularly deep whip lash had opened, mid center of her back.

Cursing, she rummaged through the drawers in the bathroom, looking for bandages and medical wipes. Her supply had been running low, but she didn’t want to ask for more. It would have shown that she wasn’t healed yet.

The last thing she wanted was to appear weak to them.

A sudden sweep of anger took hold of her, thinking over all of her choices over the past two months. She growled and punched the counter several times until the skin broke and blood trickled out.

It took her a few minutes to recover from the anger, inhaling deeply. She cracked her knuckles, ignoring the searing pain it caused the hand she punched the counter with.

Turning on the sink, she stuck her hand underneath the warm water. It stung the flesh, but she was too angry to acknowledge the pain. Her hazel eyes met her own in the mirror above the sink.

She hated what she saw. Hated what she had been forced to become, hated that she missed her. But she would do it all over again.

It was what Abigale deserved.

She found two bandages at the bottom of a bunch of bathroom utensils. She quickly opened them and leaned over, stretching her arm back enough to place them over the open wound. She hissed at the contact.

Discarding the ruined shirt, she sought out a black shirt to put on. Although Raven didn’t want to, she was going to have to leave the room to go and get food.

Her door was pure silver, and she wasn’t exactly sure if it was to keep people out or keep her in. Either way, it wouldn’t stop her from touching it. Over the past month she had built a small tolerance to silver.

The silver gave a small burn to her fingertips at first, slowly building into a melting-flesh sensation. To any one else, the feeling would have been much more intense.

She pushed the door open, quickly removing her skin from the silver. The weight of the door caused it to automatically close on its own.

Freezing outside the door, her eyes caught movement in Ezekiel’s room. His door was cracked open, and from the crack she could see a little bit inside.

Someone sat on his bed, and Raven could faintly hear a whisper-shout coming from said person. As they spoke they moved, demonstrating words with hand movements. Deciding she didn’t want to get caught spying, she kept moving toward the stairs.

As her bare foot touched the first step, she heard the door open entirely.

Grace stepped out of the door, which was held open by Ezekiel. Grace looked flustered, her blond hair a mess, brown eyes lowering to a scrutinizing squint at Raven. Ezekiel looked handsome as always, but a little disheveled.

A lump formed in Raven’s throat, unable to form any words. Thoughts ran through her mind, staring at the two of them while they stared back at her.

Ezekiel gave a nod of acknowledgement to Raven, his eyes sweeping over her form. Grace’s flustered look quickly turned sour at Ezekiel noticing her.

Unsure what to do, she continued her descent down the stairs, stumbling a little bit. Her legs suddenly felt weak, and she was positive it wasn’t just because of the silver she had touched.

“Alpha don’t.” Raven faintly heard Grace whisper to Ezekiel. He mumbled something in reply, and Raven heard footsteps coming down the stairs behind her.

She quickened her pace, finally reaching the last step. She bounded off in search for the pack doctor, in a hurry to get away from Ezekiel. She had no intention of finding out what the two of them were doing in that room.

“Raven.” Ezekiel didn’t sound far behind her, desperation clear in his voice. She waved her hand as a sign that she understood and didn’t want to be bothered, not even glancing behind her to look at him.

Raven heard him sigh, finally giving up on following her. However, it didn’t change her pace. She could feel the bandages on her back becoming soaked. She had been moving too much, putting too much pressure on it.

She found the pack doctor in his office, scanning through someone’s medical file. He glanced up at her as she entered, his reading glasses at the end of his noise.

He closed the file, pushing his glasses up to the bridge of his nose. “Good morning, Raven. How can I help you? How’s your back?”

Raven forced herself to swallow down the tears that were about to escape. “I uh. I need some more bandages and medical wipes. One opened again.”

The doctor nodded, removing his glasses and setting them on the counter. “Why don’t you take your shirt off and lay down? It’s about time I checked up on them anyways.”

Raven nodded and began to tug her shirt off. She grimaced at moving her right hand, but forced herself to move it anyways. She didn’t need another thing to be wrong with her.

The grimace didn’t escape his eye, and he quickly noted the already black and blue knuckles, still leaking blood. Instead of commenting, he busied himself with rummaging through his supplies to find what she needed.

She climbed up on the table and lay face down on it, waiting. It only took him a minute to find what was needed. He came over to her and removed the blood soaked bandages, clicking his tongue at the sight.

She couldn’t see it, but she could just tell that he was shaking his head.

“You know, I have never seen whip wounds as bad as these. You really did yourself in.” He spoke over her.

She had to bite her tongue from responding that most people who get whipped die afterward anyways. But she didn’t say it.

The cold air of his office bit at her open wound, chilling the blood and flesh. She ground her teeth together as a means for distraction.

He placed a hand on the back of her neck to hold her there, knowing she would jump with what was about to happen. Raven felt cold liquid being poured onto her back just before the burning began.

Her mouth opened, yet no sounds came out. She wanted to groan and scream, but knew it would serve no purpose. The medical alcohol was just cleaning the wound, but it hurt like a bitch.

“So what did you do to your hand?” He asked her, hoping to distract her.

The burning was still happening, bringing unshed tears to her eyes. She choked back a whimper. “I punched the counter a lot.”

“What did the counter do to you?”

“It was just there.” The pain was beginning to subside, mostly due to her being distracted.

“Well, then I hope the counter looks worse than your hand does.” Raven could detect a bit of amusement in his voice.

She didn’t respond, unsure what to say. She no longer felt pain, meaning the worst part was over. His hands felt warm on her cold skin, placing fresh bandages over the wounds.

“You need to stop moving around so much. They need to heal. In fact, they would be healed by now if you would just stop reopening them.” He tossed her shirt back to her, landing on her back.

She heard the sounds of him sitting back into his chair, waiting for her to get back up. Raven sat up and pulled the shirt back over her head. She felt no shame in being semi naked around pack members. It was something you just got used to.

“How much longer until I can start being active again? Like training?” She asked him while pulling her hair out from inside her shirt.

“Let me look at your hand.” He avoided her question, scooting his rolling chair over to the side of the table. Without letting her respond, he grasped her hand between the two of his.

His thumbs rubbed over her knuckles, smearing the blood so he could get a clearer view. She winced as his thumbs swept over the last two knuckles. He hummed, noting the response he got.

Without warning her, he pressed harshly onto the last two knuckles. He gripped them between his fingers, putting immense pressure on them. A small cry left her parted lips, trying to rip her hand out of his.

But his hands gripped hers tightly, not allowing the movement. He looked up at her, disapproval shining in his eyes.

“You broke two knuckles. As for an answer as to when you can be active again, I’d say two weeks. Maybe three, thanks to these knuckles.” He paused, considering her again. “But knowing you, you won’t stick to that. In a week you will have all basic motion back again, but please be careful. They’ll be scabbed over, but don’t think they won’t open again.”

Raven nodded, because it seemed like he was waiting for her to. He patted her knuckles. “Now, as for these. . .” He added. “You’re a wolf. They’ll heal in a couple of days. Come check up with me in a month.” The last part wasn’t a suggestion, it was more so a command.

Pack doctors could out rule any Alpha’s word, as long as it regarded medical needs. With the command he had just given Raven, there was no way she could escape it.

“Thank you, Dr. Silverston.”

He smiled at her. “Dmitri.”

Meeting his green eyes, she suddenly realized how similar he looked to his older brother. The same dark brown hair and sharp jaw. Dmitri had a softer look to him. Though younger, his eyes spoke a different level of understanding.

Raven stumbled out of his office, suddenly feeling a lot weaker than she had before. She’d spent all of her energy punching things and getting burned.

She was surprised, however, to find Ezekiel sitting outside Dmitri’s office, like he had been waiting for her. Immediately upon seeing her, he stood up.

His frame towered over hers, and she had an overwhelming sensation in that moment to just melt into him. Heat radiated from his body, and all she wanted to do was envelop herself into that warmth.

She shook her head, shaking out the temptation of the mate call. Raven took a step away from him, tilting her head back to meet his eyes.

In most cases, it was disrespectful to look your Alpha in the eyes. It was like saying you were equal to him. The only one equal to him was his Luna.

She wasn’t his Luna yet, but she’d be damned if she let him think he was more than her. So there she stood, looking her Alpha straight into his eyes.

Ezekiel quickly looked over her, making sure she was okay. “Why were you in there?” His voice was oh-so deep, making her heart flutter for a moment.

Raven opened her mouth to tell him, but quickly shut it again. For a while she had forgotten about Grace coming out of his room, but she was suddenly reminded by it.

Raven took another step back, holding her injured hand. “It doesn’t matter.”

Ezekiel quickly reached out and held her hand, worried eyes looking over it. “What did you do, Raven?”

Anger filled her and she snatched her hand back from him. She wasn’t about to let him pity her.

The worried look on his face was quickly replaced by his natural glower. “Okay then. How long until you are healed?”

“It’s going to take a while, Ezekiel.” Venom was laced in her tone, recalling the moment he let Colton whip her more than what was due, along with him leaving her wounded in an omega house. “Excuse me, but I’m hungry. Your majesty.” She fake bowed to him before stomping off.

Ezekiel watched her go, a sadness he hadn’t felt before suddenly making itself known in his chest. He had an overwhelming feeling in that moment that he had dearly messed up.

Raven didn’t glance back at him, just as he hadn’t when he left her in that room.

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