The Savior

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Being a modern day super hero was never Abby's plan but that's where she is now. By day, she's a Child Protective Services agent. At night, she's in a much darker world where she's known as the Savior It's been a year since a string of murders started in Orange County, California. The serial killer seems to be intend on targeting young starlets who all have one things in common: they've been viewed as child abusers. The Child Protective Services Agency is starting to crack down on who the person may be, hoping to stop them before the next victim. Unknown to them though, the killer is no other than their own Abby. Known as a shy and quiet worker, Abby has been hiding this dark secret for a year now. Viewed by some as a hero and others as a villain, she's been doing her best to cross off every "mother" on her list to prove a point. She's not going to stop until she sees them all carved up by her own hand. Things get complicated though when the FBI gets involved. Handsome and young Agent Cory rolls into town and heads to Abby's office where he hopes to get a list of his own possible suspects. To Abby's dismay, they are assigned to work with each other. Not only does she have the FBI on her tail but a well known drug lord is also out for her blood. How is Abby going to finish her mission when her very life hangs in the balance each time she ties on her mask?

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Chapter 1

“Today marks the one-year anniversary of the third attack by the person now known as the Baby Savior. Alexandria Lavine was found dead in her bedroom last year and her four-month-old son was not found. Lavine is the third famous victim to be murdered and have their child kidnapped. To date, the Baby Savior has killed twelve women and has kidnapped four infant children and eight toddlers. None of the children have been found. The killer gets its name from its known record of killing teenage mothers who have been reported for abusing their children. Police are urging young mothers to lock all doors and windows before turning in. Anyone with information is asked to contact LAPD.”

A small smirk crossed my lips as the eleven o’clock news anchor read from the teleprompter. She was a young thing, probably got the job from screwing the hiring director. It went from her to an image that a sketch artist had made up. It showed a short hair blonde male with bright blue eyes. I let out a chuckle from my place at the coffee table. “Oh please. Like any man could handle something like this.” There was even a thin black piece of cloth that was supposed to be a mask around his eyes. “Wicked cartoony any way, don’t cha think?” I asked over my shoulder. A muffled answer responded. “Oh sorry. I keep forgetting about the gag.” I stood and flipped off the television. Turning, I rested my hands on my hips and sighed. “Well it’s getting late. I should probably get a move on if I want to be ready for work in the morning.”

“Mmmhmm.” Janessa Fiderilla said, her brown eyes glaring at me. The dirty blonde’s hands were bound to the wooden bed posts at the top of her bed. Her legs were also tied, together though and her mouth was crammed full of the similar black cloth that bonded her. The little skank was dressed in a sexy pink nighty. I guess she was expecting prince charming to pop in tonight. Sadly, she got me. I walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Ya know, if this job actually paid real money, I’d go full time. And it’s not like I would have to claim taxes on this.” I let out a small chuckle. Bending down, I reached into my bag and pulled out a surgical knife. Her eyes widened. “I really wish they would show the crime scene photos on the news. It could show all the stupid abusive whores what’s in store for them.” I turned and cut the pink teddy from her stomach. Just under where the underwire of a bra would be, I pressed the knife slightly. It was sharp enough to cut with only a slight touch. She let out a muffled scream as I cut a straight line from her bust down to her belly button. Tears streamed down her face. I smiled at her. “Awww. You think this is bad? This is going to be nothing compared to what you do to your daughter every time you hit her or leave her in a dangerous situation.” Standing, I walked over to her left arm. Gracefully, I carved into the tanned skin. LUCKY bled in cursive on her arm. I walked over to the other side and carved the word NUMBER in similar writing. “So sad that mommy and daddy were out tonight. You could have lived for a couple more days. But I understand what the life of a movie star is like.” I turned back to her stomach. On the left side of the line I carved a 1. On the other side, I carve a 3. Standing up straight, I smiled content with my craftsmanship. I knew that semester of drawing would do me some good. I put the blade back in my bag and leaned close to her face. “While carving your number, I made sure to cut in deep enough to nick the most important artery in your entire body. I didn’t hit it a lot but enough to where you will bleed out in about an hour. That’s just enough time for you to lay here in agony, thinking about how bad you could have ruined your daughter’s life. But don’t worry. A happy couple from Maine is going to take care of Emma just fine. But look at it this way; in four years when your crime scene photos are leaked, your pretty little face will remain uncut and perfect.”

I walked over to the crib on the other side of the room and picked up the puffy pink blanket that was draped over the sleeping one year old. I gently picked her up and she stirred slightly. Walking over, I picked my backpack up and swung in over my shoulder. I smiled and waved at Janessa before walking out of the bedroom. Just outside, the window leading to the fire escape was still open. Carefully, I stepped out and shut the window behind me. I made it down the cast iron frame steps and to the wet ground in no time. I knew no one would find the diva until morning. And I also knew that like the other murders, the police chief, Marshall, would be furious that there was no physical evidence to be found. That the suspect seemed to be able to kill a teenager without leaving any hair or prints. Not even a skin flake.

A black pickup truck was running idle at the end of the alley when I walked out of the shadows. The cherry of a cigarette glowed inside of the cab as I jogged towards it. Opening the door, I glared at him. “Put it out. It’s not good for the baby.” I whispered. He groaned, flicking it out the open window. Looking around, he pulled off.

“Where to tonight?” Samuel asked.

“Burger King to ditch the clothes.” I said, strapping Emma in the car seat behind me. She was awake now and surprisingly cheerful. Once she was in, I pulled the black gloves, black knit hat, black sweat and tank top off, leaving my white bra. I also maneuvered out of the black jeans I wore. He swore under his breath.

“Ya know, someday a cop is gonna stop me thinking I’ve picked up a night walker.”

“Oh please. You couldn’t afford me.” I joke.

“Ha ha.” He replied, smiling. “Why Burger King?”

“The family behind there has a fire pit. They never watch what they put in there. And they burn garbage. I’ll just toss these in there.” I yanked on a grey hoodie and a pair of jean shorts and bagged the black and bloody clothes. They weren’t all the bloody. I knew not to roll around in the red stuff. But I still didn’t want to transfer anything to Sam’s truck. It’s the last thing he needed. “Bill and Sue are meeting us in the alley next to the Food Center.”

The lighted Burger King sign came into view. He pulled into the parking lot and quickly, I climbed out and ran into the large backyard directly behind the lot. It was a large brown brick fireplace in the back yard. I pulled the iron gate off the front and shoved the bag in there, making sure it was out of site. I managed to stick it in right over the igniter. Once they flipped the gas and turned it on, the clothes would be ash in seconds. I closed the gate and jogged back to the truck where Sam was making funny faces at Emma. “Awww.” I said as he pulled out. “How is Ash?” He smiled.

“Perfect. Got a hundred on her first spelling test. So proud. She does miss you though.”

“I know. I miss her too. Been busy lately though.” We both smiled. “There’s the alley.” I pointed at the dark, shadow filled path coming up. He slowed to a stop. In the darkness, I could make out the form of a blue sedan, two people sitting in it. I pulled my baseball cap on, tight, covering my eyes. “Alright, kiddo. You know the rules. Ten minutes. If you aren’t back by then, I’m out of here and you better get a hold of me. If I see a cop, I’ll send the signal.” I nodded, bundling Emma in the blanket again. The blonde hair baby laughed as I stroked her hair.

“Ten minutes.” I said, opening the door. I closed it softly behind me and headed up the alley. The passenger side on the sedan opened and a figure of a woman stood up. Closer, I saw the bushy greying mop of curly hair and recognized Sue Harris from her picture. Tears brimmed her swollen eyes when she saw Emma. Walking over, I handed Emma to her out stretched arms. The baby smiled at the woman who was almost sobbing.

“How can we repay you?” she whispered.

“Make sure you treat her as your daughter. Give her happiness but also teach her the value of making a life without material things.” I answered. She nodded.

“Yes. I promised.” She bent down and put Emma in the back seat. I was gone before she looked up again though.

My name is Abby Leigh. I am twenty-one years old and I am ironically enough one of the best employees for the county Family Court Office. My duties involving filing papers, checking into complaints of child abuse and keep tabs on kids that go into the system. I’m currently going to school to become a children’s case worker. Amazingly, I hold a full-time job, am a full-time student and still find time to avenge abused kids.

My ‘night time’ jobs didn’t begin until two years ago. I had just been hired on full-time from a summer internship and the unfairness of these teenagers beating their kids and getting away with it was really getting to me. So, one night, I boarded a bus and found myself standing outside of the apartment building where starlet Francesca Bailey lived. Her case file had been on my desk all day and it was eating inside of me. Her two-year-old son Max had shown up at his daycare with softball size bruises all over his body. When asked, his mother said that he’d be better off if he wasn’t so clumsy. So, the nanny called us, and we performed an investigation. Goes to show though that out here in Hollywood, money can buy you any freedom. She didn’t get served with any charges and she was able to keep poor Max.

I had climbed into her window and fund her drugged out of her mind on cocaine. It was still on her night side table. It was easy to subdue and carve her. I bet she didn’t even feel half of it. I shoved an ice cube down her throat and blocked her air ways. It took 2 minutes to kill her. Once she was dead, I sort of freaked out. I was a murderer with a kid who would be forced into the system. That when the idea of looking for couple who couldn’t have children came to mind. Max is living in Florida with a wonderful gay couple. I still get pictures from them every year.

I vowed that night that I was going to help children in ways people wouldn’t. Whenever a starlet, diva, movie star, singer who is under 21, lands on my desk, I make sure that she’ll never be able to again. Now, I’m not against teens having kids. I get mistakes. If you have a child before you are 21, as long as you care for them, I give you a full blessing. But taking your child and blaming them for you sleeping around with abuse will land you a visit from me.


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