The Savior

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Chapter 13

I called Sam as soon as I was out of Martha’s office to tell him that she knew I was the Savior. IT went to voicemail though. I had forgotten his breakfast date with Liza. I finished off my invoices and looked at the files Martha had put on my desk. After everyone started to trickle in, I made my exit. I was home by the time Cory tried calling my cell phone. I stared at it for a second, trying to decide on what to do. It stopped ringing before I could make my own choice. Had he finally given up? This is the best option. For him to just forget about. And after the last girl, he’d never see the Savior again. He could go back to New York City and never come back.

I was changing out of my work clothes when someone knocked on my door. Looking through the peephole, I saw Cory’s face. Groaning, I rest my head against the wooden door. I knew this wouldn’t work. Not cold turkey wise anyway. Unlocking and pulling the door open, I smiled. “Hey.” I said. What’s up?”

“Oh nothing. Did you just happen to fall off the surface of the planet since our trip to the beach?” He asked, walking in.

“No. Just been busy. Sorry I never returned your phone calls. It’s been hectic at work.” I closed the door and sat on the couch. “What’s new?”

“Well we haven’t had a Savior sighting in a while.” Ha. They just haven’t found her body yet. Or that thug I suppose. Unless one of his other thug friends removed the body so they can’t link the two of them together.

“I see. I bet you are upset about that.” He nodded.

“Mixed feelings I suppose. I mean I get to see her when she has a hit, but it means she needs to be caught. I just can’t bring myself to do it though.”

“Don’t then. Tell the FBI that you couldn’t catch her and go back to New York.” I stood. “I think it’d be for the best.”

“The best for whom?”

Cory left, a little pissed off. He made me promise to come over at some point tonight for a few beers. I knew I wouldn’t make it. I had a hit to make. Hopefully this one will go a little bit smoother.

The hit went off with no big bumps. No thugs showed up and no Cory. I took little baby Caylee to her new family and Sam dropped me off at home. We already had our plan for the next night all taken care of. Spirits were high with the end coming up shortly. It’s a good thing too. It’s getting to the point where looking in the mirror with the Savior get up makes me nausea.

The next day, I called Cory and told him I fell asleep early last night but I’d be there tonight for sure. I headed over to Sam’s shortly afterwards where we had a large BBQ dinner to celebrate. Ash and Liza’s kids had no clue what we were celebrating but that was a good thing. They probably wouldn’t take that news all too well.

After they were all in bed, Liza waved good-bye to us as we headed down the street toward the Gilbert Manor. It was the biggest property on this side of the county. The daughter of a rich real estate agent had been raising a son about 4 years old. Tonight, was different. She was found not guilty of killing her son because of DNA evidence not being enough. She walks a free person while her son is lying 6 feet deep under a headstone. Tonight, would be the only night there was no kid involved. So, when Sam pulled up to the large estate, I told him to leave. He was a little wary about it, but I managed to convince him I’d be fine. I had no real-time curfew except sun rise.

Kristen Gilbert’s bedroom was located on the top floor of the mansion. Her parents were gone, a vacation to one of their many casinos. She had the entire place to herself. I was shocked to see it not filled with young people drinking themselves to death. She was asleep in her bed, the TV droning on in the corner of the room. I used the light it gave off to tie her like my other victims. She awoke as I shoved the gag into her mouth. “Scream if you must.” I said, standing back. She screamed, pulling against the cloth that bound her. “Feel better?” I asked, smiling. Pulling my scalpel from my bag, I looked at it. “It’s funny. You are my last victim. Do you know why? Because you are the worst of all teen mothers. You killed your child, got away with it and feel no remorse whatsoever. Children are to be loved, especially by their mothers. That’s why you’re my last and most important lesson.”

Pulling off her nightgown, I began carving. I was careful of the blood, letting it drip off to the side as I went. Slowly the roots and base of a tree were forming. The trunk extended in length, climbing up the 3 feet of her slender frame. It went between her breasts where tree limbs and branches broke off, circling her arms and breasts. The limbs were bare of any living things. No leaves would ever grow on them. I left a bare spot under her chin that led to a small patch on her chest. Nestled amongst the dead tree branches, I carved a bird’s nest. Above that, I AM NOT A MOMMY bleed deeply and quickly. When I was finished, I stood back and wiped the blade clean on her bed spread. Tears fell from her eyes as she looked at me. The light in her eye was growing dimmer as I watched the life drain out of her with the blood that was staining her silk and satin sheets. Her eyes fluttered shut and her head slumped to her left side.

My last kill was complete. A rush of excitement mixed with relief flooded my chest. Reaching up, I grabbed the edge of my mask. Now the Savior can rest. Abby Lee can be herself. Maybe even start a relationship with Cory.

“Now look at what I got here.” A voice said from the doorway. My hand flew away from my mask as I looked up. A guy dressed in all black stood there. Doesn’t this sound familiar? He was big and bulky, holding a shotgun in both hands. I cursed myself for taking so long to watch her die. I could have been in and out of here by now if I didn’t take the moment to gloat. “You must have snuck in when I was on the shitter.”

“Lovely. You kiss your mother with that mouth?” I asked. He smiled.

“Nah. She kicked the bucket when I was about 17. Easier to kill people when you have no mommy to answer to. How do you live with yourself though?” I shrugged.

“TV and alcohol helps.”

“A comedian, eh? Well how about this for a joke? What did the Savior say to the guy who was going to shoot her face off?”

“I don’t know. What?”

“Well I thought you’d come up with something cleverer than that.” His finger wrapped around the trigger of the double barrel. There was no way out of this. No random bottle or weapon. No escape. At least my list was complete and there was no kid or Sam to worry about. Squeezing my eyes shut, I waited for the impact.

I nearly leapt out of my skin when the bang went off. The blast was extremely loud. I waited for the pain but after thirty seconds I realized that there was none. Opening my eyes, I saw the bad guy lying on the floor, a bullet hole in the back of his head. Over him, Cory stood his handgun out. How in the hell do these guys keep finding out where I am? Do I leave bread crumb trails behind me everywhere I go?

“Nice shot.” I said, looking at him. He nodded, locking eyes with me. He turned, looking at Kristen.

“Tree of life?” He asked. I shook my head.

“No. The tree of the past. She’s the last one.” I turned, heading for the window.

“Wait. Please.” I stopped and looked at him.

“Please forget about me. Find someone else to love.” Stepping closer, he shook his head.

“I can’t. And I know you feel the same way.”

“Another loves you, Cory. If you opened your eyes, you’d realize it.”

“I don’t care about anyone else. I only want to be with you. I don’t care who you are.”

“You say it now, but you never know.”

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