The Savior

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Chapter 14

It’s easy to break into motel and hotel rooms. Especially if they have the sliding card key on the door. All you need is a very large magnet and any kind of card the same size. You slip the card in, press the magnet against the door handle and the light will turn green. It might take a few tries, but it will work every time. That’s how I managed to end up perched on the dresser of Cory’s room.

Back at the crime scene, I had kissed Cory quickly before jumping out the window and into the pool in the back door. Now not only was I confused, hurt and angry but I was also wet and freezing. The movies make superheroes look so great and never fearful. Well I am sorry to burst ever comic book nerd’s bubble but that is so bull shit!

After leaving the Gilberts’, I was just going to go back to Sam’s. But something told me to drag my butt over here. So, I broke in and here I am. I have no clue where he is though. Knowing my luck, he is sitting in a bar somewhere or heading to my house. I have no clue why I even came here. If I was smart, I’d high tail it right now before he does decide to come home.

As I stood up, the door opened, and he walked in. His head snapped up when he saw me standing there. The only noise was the swoosh of the door closing and slamming shut behind him and the pitter patter of the rain on the roof above us. No one moved or said a word, silence filling the small dingy motel room. Our eyes locked together, his hazel eyes with my emerald ones. My heart was pounding so hard and fast, I thought for sure it was going to pop out of my chest.

The next thing I knew, our lips were locked in a heated kiss. As our lips melted together, our hands clawed at the clothing that separated our skin. He quickly had my tops off completely whilst I unbuttoned the white shirt he wore. It was wet to the touch from the rain and made a slight noise as it fell to the carpet. We unlocked from our kiss only long enough to pull his white tank top off his torso. Once we were back together, I unbuttoned his slacks. The belt slapped against the dresser as it fell with his pants. Hastily, he yanked my skirt off as I kicked my boots off. His shoes disappeared, and he scooped me up in his arms as he headed to the bed.

This is wrong, I thought as we landed on the bed, his body pressing against mine. My bare chest against his made my mind spin. His right hand slid down my body with my panties around his thumb. His other hand unleashed his ‘family jewels.’ I felt the hot and hard member hit my thigh. My skin felt like it was on fire from the simple touch. My nails sank into his back as he placed himself in position. Sliding in, we both moaned together. Eagerly, he pumped away, gripping my hands for leverage. In my mind, I apologized to whoever had the room next door as wild cries escaped my mouth. The only thing that was between us was the black mask that hid my identity. He didn’t even try to remove it as we made love.

“Cory.” I whispered, clinging tightly to Cory’s body. I could feel the convulsions begin deep inside of me. Something I haven’t felt in a really LONNNNNNNG time. He must have been growing closer too because his tempo sped up. My entire body was spinning, burning; getting ever so closer to the edge. I tried with everything I had to remember who I was at the moment. Who Cory couldn’t know I really wasn’t.

“Oh God.”

“Shit. Oh, Jesus Christ.” Cory muttered as he went harder and faster. His lips met mine again in a heated and deep kiss as we both climaxed together. I let out a muffled cry as fireworks exploded in front of my eyes as they rolled to the back of my head. Cory rolled over and sprawled out next to me, trying to catch his breath. Sitting up, I pulled my wet clothes on again. He sat up as I stood. “Where are you going?” I looked at him, tying my shirt in the front.

“This is what you wanted, right? Well you got it. You were with me. This is what a relationship with me is like. There is no love. No cuddling. I have no use for it. I hold no love for anything but children.” Tears stung the corner of my eyes. He stood up.

“Then what the hell was this about? Nothing?” He exclaimed. I pulled my boots on, not looking at him.

“It was to show you what it would be like if I was normal. But I’m not. You don’t love me. You know that. You love someone else, but you are just thinking it’s me because I remind you of her so much.” The words escaped from my lips without my mind even filtering it. Standing, I looked at him. I walked over to the door and opened it. “Forget me and make your whole world her.”

Walking out the door, I moved in the shadows quickly as tears streamed down my face. I was a good four blocks away by the time I stopped. Sobs racked my entire body as I stood under a tree, hugging myself. Rain still poured from the sky, soaking me all the way to the bone. What had I just done? I could have been honest right then and there. I could have taken off my mask and shown him who I really was. But no. I couldn’t. It wouldn’t be right to use who I was and the fact he didn’t know to get him to sleep with me.

At least he could forget all about the Savior and move on. Probably with that girl he was thinking about the other night when I was watching him. This was the best thing for the both of us. Even though it felt like someone was ripping my heart out and smashing it with an ice pick. This might seem like a win-lose situation at the moment but tomorrow when I wake up, I will realize that we both won tonight. Maybe not right now but in the future.

At home, I changed out of my Savior outfit and took a quick shower. Once I was cleaned and changed into a pair of comfy pajama bottoms, I texted Martha and told her I wouldn’t be in tomorrow. It was late, but I knew in the morning when she got it, she’d understand. Crawling under the covers of my bed, I closed my eyes. This is what a normal life was going to feel like again. Going to sleep in a bed, alone.

I was almost asleep when my cell phone went off. Groaning, I reached over and grabbed it from the bedside table. “Hello?” I said, not even looking at the name.

“Hey.” A very low voice said. “Are you home?” It took me a second to realize it was Cory talking. I sprang up and out of bed.

“Yeah. Why? What’s up?” I asked, walking out into my kitchen. A light knock came on the door. Running over, I looked through the peephole. Cory stood there, drenched from the rain. I hung up the phone and undid the chain and dead bolt lock. Opening the door, I looked at him. He was out of breath and looked like a lost puppy dog. “It was the Savior, wasn’t it?” He nodded. Walking in, he wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug. I felt my eyes widen as my head rested against his cold, wet chest. I wrapped my arms around him in return.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered. Pulling away slightly, I looked up at him confused.

“For what?” A slight smile crossed his lips. He just got dumped and he is SMILING? Oh no. He has lost his mind and he is going to kill me and himself. It’s weird how that is the first thing I think of, isn’t it?

“For not letting me see anything or anyone else passed the Savior for the past 4 months. Including you. You are the only thing in my life I have going right for me and in my stupidity, I looked right over you. I’m sorry.”

“Cory, what are you saying?” I whispered. He grinned, shaking his head.

“I’m tired. Let’s get some sleep and talk about it in the morning.” Nodding, I grabbed him a pair of boy shorts I had that would fit him. He changed in the bathroom and met me in the bedroom. I walked out into the kitchen to lock the door and make sure all the lights were off. By the time I was back, he had already drifted off to sleep. Smiling, I slipped in under the covers next to him. He moved when he felt me next to him, his arm wrapping around my waist. “I love you, Abz.” He whispered in his sleep. A smiled crossed my lips. I knew he was sleeping but at least I knew who he was thinking about as he slept.

I woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon and eggs. Confusion hit me. I never cook. Was I having a stroke? Opening my eyes and rolling over, I looked at the clock. It read 1:49 PM. Fuck. I haven’t slept this late since I was a teenager. Sitting up, I stretched, popping coming from my joints and bones. Hopefully, that would go away now that I wasn’t climbing fire escapes and running from FBI agents.

Reality hit me as I thought about that. Cory was gone from the bed. Standing, I wrapped a robe around me and poked my head into the kitchen. He was standing at the stove, humming along with the radio that was playing softly on top of the fridge. A plate was on the counter next to the stove, scrambled eggs and toast on it. Bacon was sizzling in the pan in his hand. He looked up when he saw me. “I take it you don’t cook much.” He said, smiling. I shook my head.

“General Soul down the street knows me on a first name basis.” I leaned against the door frame of the doorway and smiled at him. “And you are a master chef I presume?” I asked. He shrugged.

“Two years of culinary classes in high school. My grandmother taught me how to cook when I was younger. When she wasn’t pill popping or selling.” He placed some bacon on the plate and handed it to me. Pulling a fork from the drawer, he placed it on the plate. “Go sit. I’ll join you in a minute.” I did as I was told, disappearing into the living room. He had cleared my coffee table off and had placed a small table cloth and two glasses of orange juice. In the middle was a vase with fresh flowers. He entered the room and sat on the couch next to me.

“Are those Miss French’s daisies from next door?” I asked, taking a bite of eggs.

“Don’t worry about it.” He said, grinning as he bit into his toast. I rolled my eyes, eating my breakfast. It was delicious. Usually breakfast was a donut and water from the breakroom at work. Never let Martha see you doing that though. She hates food in the office. “So, I apologize for showing up at your doorstep at four AM.” He said, breaking the silence for us. I shrugged.

“I’m used to it at this point. Sleep isn’t my biggest hobby these days. So, what happened last night?” Cory set his plate on the table and leaned back against the couch.

“Well, I saved the Savior’s life last night. This guy was gonna blow her brains out all over her last victim’s wall. I shot him before he could though. Then she left telling me she was going to be gone forever or something like that. I went back to my motel room and low and behold, there she was. We slept together and after we were done, she climbs out of bed and tells me that none of it mattered to her. Then she tells me that I was projecting my love for someone else on to her because it was easier than living up to it.” I did?

“She did?”

“Well not in so many words. So, after she left, I came here because I realized that the real person I cared about was you.”

“And it took sleeping with someone else to figure this out?” I asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Hey, I didn’t say it was perfect. But Abz, I know that you have feelings for me. I’ve known for a while. Liza doesn’t drop the subtlest hints.” Mental note; last victim is now Liza.

“That’s Liza for you.” I stood. “It’s true, Cory. I do have very strong feelings for you. But I don’t want to rush into something. Especially since you just got dumped last night by someone you thought you were in love with.”

“Are you rejecting me?” he asked, standing.

“No. I am just saying we should take this very, VERY slowly. Okay?” He nodded. “Why me, anyway?” He smiled, leaning closer to me.

“Because you are smart and sassy and sexy. And the way you stand up for what you believe in is something that everyone should look up. I know a lot of people that just say something instead of doing something. And that’s the kind of person you are. You don’t let your past control your life and you have the biggest heart of any person I know.”

“Wow. Can you even reach the pedestal you just put me on?” I asked, smirking.

“I’ll grab a ladder.” He replied, pressing his lips to mine. Is this real? Am I, Abby Lee, really kissing FBI Agent Cory Bowen without wearing my Savior costume? God, if I am dreaming let me sleep forever. If I am dead, this must be heaven. The corny romantic things could go on and on if you wanted me to.

The ringing of my cell phone in my bedroom made me curse. “Just let it go.” Cory whispered against my lips, his soft cherry colored ones tickling mine. I shook my head.

“It’s Sam. He wouldn’t be calling unless it’s an emergency.” Pulling away, I jogged into the bedroom. I picked up the cell before it was about to go to voicemail. “Hello?” I said.

“Abz, Scorpio knows!” Sam’s voice frantically said.

“What? Slow down, Sam. What’s going on?”

“I’ve been trying to call Liza all morning. She won’t answer her cell or her house phone. Then I went outside and found a note on my front door. Scorpio knows that she and I have something to do with the Savior. I think they have Liza.”

“Where are you?” I asked, quickly changing into a pair of jeans.

“I brought Ash up to her babysitter’s house. I am heading to Liza’s right now.”

“Listen to me, Sam. Don’t go in her house until I get there. I am heading out right now. If you get ahold of her before I do, get her and the kids and leave town.”

“Abz—. ” He started objecting.

“God damn it, Sam. Just please do what I tell you.”

“Alright. I will see you in a minute.” The phone hung up and I changed my shirt really quickly. I jogged out into the kitchen. Cory walked out with our plates.

“Everything okay?” He asked. I shook my head.

“Liza is having some ex-husband trouble. He won’t leave her or the kids alone. I just gotta run over and set the guy straight.” I grabbed a chair and pulled it over to the fridge. Climbing on top of it, I grabbed my Savior bag from the cabinet. It was a different bag than the one I usually used on my hits. I had one outfit and a set of knives it in. My favorite set.

“Let me change and I’ll go with you.” He said, putting our dishes in the sink. I shook my head.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ve done it before.” I climbed off the chair and threw the pack onto my shoulder.

“Abz, if this guy is dangerous, you girls shouldn’t do this alone.” I kissed his cheek.

“It’s cool. Sam is heading over there now. I just have to make sure she is okay. You can stay here if ya want. I shouldn’t be too long. He’s easy to scare away.”

“Okay. Call me though. I just want to make sure you are safe.” He kissed me sweetly on the lips. You have such HORRIBLE timing, Scorpio.

“Please, this is the most dangerous thing I’ve ever done.” I joked. Well, to him it was a joke. I spoke the truth. I waved as I walked out the door.

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