The Savior

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Chapter 15

My car did about 70 as I drove the familiar route to Liza’s house. Sam was pulling up at the same time as I put my vehicle in park. I had changed into the Savior’s outfit on the way, just in case I did run into any of Scorpio’s minions. I hopped out as soon as I saw the front door of her apartment open a few inches. Sam was at my heels as I kicked the door all the way in.

The living room was in shambles. Toys, books and other things were thrown about. This wasn’t like Liza. She is medically diagnosed OCD. Cleaning is her life. Desk drawers from the computer desk in the corner were dumped and overturned in the middle of the room, the television screen smashed in. I signaled to Sam to follow me up the stairs. We did three at a time and split up at the top landing. Sam took the boys, Parker and Porter, room as I checked little Tina’s room. All were wrecked and messed up. Sam made it back to the hallway as I walked toward Liza’s room at the end of the hall. I could see her cell phone sitting on the dresser just inside the door.

I jumped as a hand reached out and grabbed the phone from the wooden surface. Looking over my shoulder, I pointed at the room. Sam nodded, pulling his gun from his back. Taking a deep breath, I kicked the door in, revealing an enormous sized man standing in the middle of her bedroom.

Wrestlers on that stupid show had nothing on this guy. He had to be at least 7 feet tall and four hundred pounds of pure muscle. I felt my mouth gape open slightly at his size. He was bald with a black goatee. When he noticed me in the doorway, he smiled. “Abby Lee.” He said, throwing the dresser drawer he had in hand on the flipped bed.

“Where are Liza and the kids?” I asked, standing my ground. He chuckled.

“What? Can’t the great Savior protect those she loves most?” My eyes narrowed in a glare at the large man. “Did I strike a nerve?”

“Where are they?”

“Fight me and win. I will tell you then.” Oh, come on, I thought but still took a fighting stance. He cracked his knuckles in his large hands, a huge grin with yellow teeth plastering his face. “Come on, little girl. I don’t have all day.”

“Gotta run back to be Scorpio’s butt-bitch?” I asked, smiling. His face took an expression of anger.

Letting out a loud cry, he charged for me. I barely had time to duck as his large fist came swinging towards my face. Dodging, I ducked under his arm and jumped on to Liza’s bed spring. Sliding one of my knives, I leapt into the air and onto his back, digging the knife into the area between his shoulder and neck. He howled in pain as Sam appeared in the doorway. Sam raised his pistol and fired, bullets piercing the large man’s chest. He still stood though and reached up, grabbing me by the neck. Flipping me off of him, I landed with a loud and painful thud on the ground. I quickly clambered back to my feet, knife in hand. Blood was dripping off of him and all over the floor. How was he not going down?

“Bitch.” He said, fumbling forward again. I sank the knife into the same area on the other side of his body. This time, he dropped to his knees. Falling backwards, he leaned against the bedpost. I must have hit his lung. “Kill me all ya want. That doesn’t stop Scorpio from knowing who you really are.” He wheezed before dying, blood dripping from his lips. My back felt like it was broken as I leaned against the door frame.

“Where the hell is Liza then?” I asked, looking at Sam.

“Right here.” Liza’s voice said behind us. Turning we saw her standing there wearing her jogging suit. “What the hell did you guys do to my house?” She asked, smiling. Her smile faded when she saw the bloody knife in my hand. Pushing past Sam, she saw the dead thug lying on her floor. “What the fuck is going on?” She asked, looking at me.

“Scorpio found out who I was. Listen, you and Sam need to take the kids far away until this is over. Go to your grandfather’s cabin until the weekend. Just don’t come back until I let you know if it’s safe, okay?” Liza nodded.

“Did that guy say anything, Abby?” Sam asked. I nodded.

“Not much. Just that he knew who I was and that I can’t protect the ones I love the most—.” I stopped mid-sentence.


I sprinted down the stairs and jumped the last four steps off Liza’s porch. The two of them followed behind me. “Be careful!” Sam called after me as I jumped into my car. My tires squealed as I raced back to my apartment. Frantically, I dialed Cory’s cell. It went straight to voicemail. Swearing, I tossed my phone into the passenger seat.

His truck was gone from my driveway as I pulled up out front. I left the car running as I sprinted inside. My front door was locked, and everything seemed in order as I entered. On the fridge, I saw a piece of paper taped to it. Went to the motel to get my things and check out. I figured I wouldn’t need it any more. See you in a few. Love, Cory. I was willing to bet all my money that if any of Scorpio’s men had been here, they saw the note and headed to the motel.

Back in the car, I sped toward the motel. I hit a little bit of traffic as people were beginning to get out of work and heading home to their families. Completely normal lives that they were living. Lucky people. I managed to get to Cory’s motel in twenty minutes. The car was barely parked as I climbed out. I was running around the corner of the building when I saw him. He wasn’t alone though.

Cory was standing in front of his motel room, box of belongings in hand. In front of him stood a girl. She had shoulder length red hair and a black lacy mask that wrapped around her face. She had a similar outfit to the one I was wearing now. The only difference was that she wore heels instead of boots. Reaching up, she stroked Cory’s cheek with her thumb. She even had gloves like mine.

I went to step forward but was grabbed from behind by a very strong pair of arms. A hand clasped on my face as I realized it was the large thug I thought I had killed at Liza’s. Apparently, Goliath can withstand being stabbed twice and shot twice. He made action movie bad guys look like chumps then. A pair of handcuffs were slapped on my wrists as another lackey joined our little party.

Turning my head, I watched as the girl stood on her tippy toes and placed a kiss on Cory’s lips. I screamed into the giant’s hand as tears began to stream down my face. When they pulled apart, she took his hand in hers and led him out of sight.

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