The Savior

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Chapter 17

As the guy went to squeeze the trigger, I stood and grabbed a knife from the tray next to me. Spinning, I threw it. The guy’s head snapped back as the knife sank deep into his right eyeball. The knife throwing lessons from Sam really paid off. The other thug’s eyes widened just seconds before the second knife connected with his throat. Both hit the ground at the same time. Bending down, I quickly picked the lock mechanism on the shackle. It popped open, freeing my ankle. Grabbing the other four knives, I glared up at Scorpio. A small smile curled across his face. Grabbing the thug’s gun, Cory appeared next to me. “I told you to get the hell out of here.” I said in a low tone, sizing up the thugs that still circled us. There was about six.

“And I said I wasn’t leaving you.”

“Now isn’t the greatest time for romantic heroics, Cory. Just get out of here and call the police. Monica needs medical help as soon as possible.”

“Then let’s finish the job and get out of here.” I glared at him.

“I’m not going to be able to talk you out of this, am I?” I asked. He grinned.


“Of course not.”

A guy stepped forward. Cory aimed and fired, a bullet piercing the guy’s chest. He flew backwards on to the ground. Another stepped forward, pointing his automatic weapon at us. I threw one of the knives at him. It made a loud splat noise as it pierced into his throat like the other thug. He fell like the first guy in a heap on the roof, blood pooling from them both. My attention turned to Scorpio who was trying to make a quiet escape.

“I can handle them. Go!” Cory called out, shooting a short thug in the face. I nodded, running in the direction Scorpio had disappeared.

I could still hear the popping from Cory’s and the thugs’ guns as I raced toward the lift. Scorpio and Goliath were by it, the giant trying to call it up. “Hey.” I said, stopping a few feet away. Both of the men turned, smiles on their faces. Am I really not that scary? They know I killed like fifty people. Doesn’t that put fear in ANY ONE? “Where do you think you are running off to in such a hurry, Mr. Scorpio?” I asked. He turned to face me fully.

“Don’t be foolish, Abby. You should leave now while you can. The police are probably on their way already. And your face is plastered all over that poor dead girl back there.”

“Don’t worry about me. She’s not dead. And besides, I think I’ve had enough of the secret life. Maybe it’s time for me to come clean. Honesty is the best policy after all.”

“Such a silly moral, really.” The older gentlemen said. Goliath stepped in front of him.

“Let’s finish this, cunt.” The enormous man said.

“Didn’t anyone ever teach you manners?” I said, flipping my wrist. The scalpel flew from my hand and sank into his throat. I knew it would kill him this time. It had cut the main artery in his neck. Blood poured from the wound as he dropped to his knees which were the size of dinner plates. Flopping onto his stomach, his eyes rolled back into his head. I grabbed the two knives I had left and took a fighting stance. For a second, a flash of worry hit the drug lord’s face. It disappeared quickly as he pulled his dagger from his pocket. The same one he had killed the faux Savior with.

“It’s more poetic this way.” He said, stepping toward me. Charging forward, I barely had time to dodge. The blade sliced into my arm, cutting my sleeve and the skin open. Blood ran down my arm as he pulled back. “I mean the epic fight scene at the end. The bad guy versus the good guy. Or in the case at hand, the bad guy versus the even worse bad guy. Movie writers couldn’t think or a better plot.” I launched forward, stabbing towards his chest. He dodged, jabbing his dagger into my shoulder. I pulled back, crying out in pain. I could hear the blade scrape across the bone in my shoulder. It went on like this for several minutes, Scorpio dodging each time. For an older guy he was fast.

“Abby!” Cory called out, running towards us. Scorpio picked up a brick that lay on the ground at his feet. The older man tossed it toward the FBI agent. He didn’t even see it coming as it landed on top of his head. Cory dropped to the ground, cradling his head in his hands.

“No.” I whispered. Taking the distraction, Scorpio tackled me to the ground. The knives skidded across the roof from me, stopping a few feet away. I tried my hardest to reach out and grab one. My fingertip grazed it slightly. He sat on top of me, holding the tip of his dagger against my throat. His hazel eyes glowed with madness as he panted and sweated from the fight.

“What a plot twist in our little movie here. The FBI agent, trying to figure out the Savior’s next move shows up after a kill. Worried of being caught, the Savior knocked him out with a brick which eventually killed him. Taken with grief, the Savior takes her own life. The police show up and discover that little orphan Abby is really the most sought-after serial killer in America and she will forever go down as being the FBI agent killer. I do still have a lot of questions for you though. How did you manage to not get caught all this time?”

“Careful training.” I said, glaring up at him.

“But why abusive mothers? Why not every bad person? Like me for an example.”

“Mothers are supposed to love their children. You can’t do that by inflicting pain on them. Love is special and pure, no matter who you are giving it to.” My eyes landed on Cory’s crumpled form. “Even if the feelings aren’t mutual.”

“Nothing is that powerful.” I looked up at him.

“Love is, has been and always will be what holds the world together.” Grabbing the knife with my fingertips, I wrapped my hand around the handle and swung. I closed my eyes as the blade sank into Scorpio’s abdomen. His blade fell from his hand onto the ground next to my ear. I heard him let out a deep breath. Opening my eyes, I looked up at him. His wide eyes looked down at me. Twisting my wrist, the knife turned. A gasp and a gurgle mixed in his throat as he slumped off of me and onto the ground. Getting to my feet, I looked down at him. “You broke up the families of the children I saved. You should have been my first and only victim.” Picking up my booted foot, I stomped down on the hilt of the knife three times, driving the blade deeper each time. He was dead by the third blow.

Running over to Cory, I fell to my knees next to him. Blood caked in his hair and ran down his face. I didn’t dare move his head. Gently, I pressed two fingers against his neck. Relief hit me as I felt a pulse.

“This is the LAPD. Put your hands up.” A voice called from above as a bright light from a helicopter shone down on the roof. I slipped into the darkness of the fire escape, grabbing my mask and knives as I passed.

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