The Savior

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Chapter 2

“Morning!” Liza Harper said when I walked into the office the next day. Liza and I went to high school together, but we never became friends until we started working here. She has gorgeous blonde hair and blazing green eyes that make people look twice when they see them.

“Morning.” Behind her, my other co-workers were sitting under the television in the corner of the room. A news anchor was talking into the camera on scene. “What’s going on?”

“The Baby Savior struck again!” she smiled. Turning around, she cleared her throat. “Hey Paul! Can you turn it up?” The older guy standing next to the TV nodded and pushed the volume up button a few times.

“Law officials announced this morning that the body of Janessa Fiderilla was found in her bed. Her daughter, Emma is missing. Fiderilla is now the 13th victim of the notoriously known Baby Savior. If anyone knows anything involving the whereabouts of Emma Fiderilla or the Baby Savior, LAPD is asking for you to call and step forward.” Paul turned the TV down.

“He struck again!” He said, smiling. Our co-workers walked to their desk.

“Who says it’s a he?” Kelly, our receptionist asked. “I think it’s a woman. Mother’s intuition.” “Whoever it is deserves to rot in hell.” The office Christian, Cynthia said. “She is murdering children and stealing children.”

“She’s saving them!” Liza exclaimed. “She’s taking abusive mothers out of the system and keeps their children out of it too. She’s a hero.”

“Oh yeah? Then where are the kids?” Florida, Mississippi, Maine, New Mexico, Alaska, New York, Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Utah and D.C., I thought. All of their pictures hang on fridge at home too.

“They are safe and sound somewhere. I know it. Maybe she’s raising them.” HA! No! She turned to face me. “What do you think?” I shrugged, sitting at my desk.

“I think she’s just trying to help the kids.”

“Exactly!” The door opened and our boss, Martha, walked in. Martha is a big beautiful black woman who can have a heart of gold and the charm of the serpent from the Garden of Eden. She can also be a dangerous spit fire if you get her going. The look on her face suggested she was having a spit fire day.

“Okay, people. I’m sure you’ve seen the news already. Another starlet is dead.” Several people clapped. “Calm down. Now I just received word that the police are going to be looking through our files, looking for the next targets. That means that everyone here has to be on their toes. I don’t need one of you knuckle heads to get charged with killing those girls when you didn’t by praising the Savior. Now I need someone to help look through the folders and pinpoint famous abuse cases.” She looked at me. Oh shit. “Abby, I think this just screams your name. The FBI agent will be here this afternoon. So, I need you to go through and find targets who you think will be next.” I nodded. “I e-mailed you a list of girls to remove from our files also. Seems like mommies and daddies are getting scared about digging up their princess’s dirt. Everyone else, I need you to act like this is a normal office.” People laughed. She waved as she walked out.

“Lucky!” Liza said, turning her computer on. I followed suit.

“I’ll trade.” I replied. The list Martha sent me popped up. On top, the name Kathy Rogers popped out at me. I slammed my fist on my desk. Liza looked at me.

“You okay?”

“They are erasing Kathy Rogers from the system!” I exclaimed. Her eyes popped.

“What? How the hell can they do that?”

“Lawyers.” Paul replied. I nodded.

“Doesn’t matter if you almost kill your kids by giving them cooling fluid.” Grabbing a post-it note and a pen, I opened an icon of a heart on my screen. The National Adoption Agency site popped up. A picture of a smiling Asian couple looked at me. Kevin and Connie Xiang. I jotted down their names and information quickly and closed the page.

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