The Savior

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Chapter 3

Around 12:15, I had finished removing the files Martha wanted purged and I had selected all of the famous teenage mothers in our system and pulled their files. The 174 cases littered the table in our conference room. I stood stretching my arms. “Break?” Liza asked. I nodded.

“Yeah. Figured I take a quick walk around before I get locked in a room with an FBI agent.” She laughed.

“Want some company?” I shook my head.

“Nah. I’ll be right back.” Bending down, I grabbed the disposable cell phone I had in my desk. With a short wave, I walked out and out of the building. Outside, I walked towards the parking lot. Lunch doesn’t start for another half hour and it was fairly vacant out here. Pulling the Xiang’s info from my pocket, I dialed her number. It rang three times before someone answered.

“Hello?” Connie Xiang said.

“Connie, I have an offer for you and your husband.” I said sternly.

“Who is this?”

“That is not the issue. Are you still interested in adopting children?”

“Well yes-”

“I have a pair of twin boys who need a loving home. I think you are the people for the job.” She gasped.

“Is this the Savior?”

“If titles are important for you then yes. I need you to answer now.”

“Oh yes. We’d love to have twins.”

“Alright. I will be calling you in exactly three hours for our meeting information. If you decide by then you are not willing to go through with this, ignore the call and forget I even exist.”

“Yes.” She sounded tearful.

“You and your husband must board a plane for California within the hour in order to make it.”

“Yes! Yes of course.” I hung up and shoved the phone in my pocket. I knew they would take the babies. And even if they change their minds and report me to the police, the number is untraceable. It was a little trick that Sam taught me. Sam spent 13 years in prison for killing a man who killed his daughter. He was released after I had killed Alexandria and he came to Cali seeking my help. I found him one night after killing my fourth mother, a singer with a famous daddy. He begged me to help him get his niece away from the abusive control of his sister. I was reluctant at first but the look in his eyes told me that it was a case in need of my help. I didn’t kill his sister though. I snuck into her apartment and poisoned her in her sleep. She lost all mental capacity and because Sam was the only living relative, he received his niece, Ashley. He vowed to help me ever since. It’s great too since he knows a lot about different escape techniques and cleaning crime scenes. He says that jail helped him learn those things. Turning, I started heading back towards the front doors. Inside the front door, I pressed the elevator button and waited. Next to me, a man around my age walked up, dressed in a black suit. He wore a pair of sunglasses on his eyes and his hair was blonde and kept short. He might have been a few years older than me. I was unsure. The silver doors of the elevator opened, and we entered. “Floor?” I asked.

“Family Court.” he mumbled. I pressed the third-floor button. It was awkwardly silent as the doors closed again the carriage climbed up the floors. By the time it reached our floor, I was ready to scream. With a ding, the doors opened, and I quickly climbed out. He took a left, walking into Martha’s office. Thankful to be rid of the jerk, I walked into the office section and sat at my desk.

“Abby?” Martha called from the door I had just come in. I looked up. “That FBI agent is here. Show him around and then help him with the files.” I nodded, standing. Walking into the hall, dread hit me as I saw the non-talkative blonde man standing there. He now wore a badge that read FBI across it. Greattttttttt.

“Abigail Leigh?” He asked when I approached him. He removed his sunglasses.

“Yes. You can call me Abby though.”

“Cory Bowen, FBI.” he shook my hand and gave a smile. His eyes were a remarkable shade of hazel that held my green ones for a moment. “Pleasure to meet you.”

“You too.” I pointed at the door leading to the conference room. “I have almost two hundred celebrity mothers in the area that may be targets. I see a long night ahead of us.”

The clock on the wall read 9 PM by the time we managed to narrow the files down to three piles: High Risk, Low Risk and No Risk. I had a kick putting these into piles, knowing that I knew who the next targets would be. I knew thought that if I didn’t call Sam soon, Kathy Rogers would live to see sunlight again. Cory rubbed his eyes and leaned back in his chair. He had ditched his jacket and had been pouring himself into each folder. In the dimly lit room, he looked younger than he was. I had a hard time believing he was old enough to be with the FBI. “So, we have 5 high risk cases. I am going to contact them and tell them to be on their toes for the next couple days.”

“Sounds good.” I stood, grabbing my jacket.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“Home. I’m already pulling over-time.” I pulled my coat on.

“Oh. Sorry. Little tired I guess. Haven’t slept since yesterday.”

“Really? Long flight?” He nodded. “How long have you been with the FBI?”

“Six months. I know I seem young. I hear it all the time.” I smiled.

“You do.” I turned to leave.

“Will you be here all week?” he asked. I turned back.


“Would you still work with me on this case?” I bit my lip. “It’s only until we solve this and have the Savior in custody.”

“The Savior? Isn’t it the Baby Savior?” I asked.

“Some people call her that.”

“Her? You believe it’s a girl too?” He nodded.

“Yes. It’s too neat and tidy and caring to not be. It’s just hard because you don’t deal with woman serial killers these days.” You have no clue, man.

“What do you think happened to those kids?” He stood, grabbing his jacket.

“Well, I believe they are safe somewhere. I just wish I could find them. Their families miss them terrible. Especially the Fiderillas.” We walked out of the room.

“Oh please. They only care because it makes the father look good. Shallow people on the side of the state.” The night air was warm when we walked outside.

“You really think so?” I nodded. “Well I’m sorry I kept you for so long. I will see you in the morning. What do you like in your coffee?”

“Nothing. I hate coffee.”

“Hot cocoa it is then.” He said with a smirk before walking off. That’s when my normal cell went off. Sam’s name popped up and I quickly answered it. I watched as Cory crossed the parking lot and climbed into a black Corvette. Once he was gone, I brought the phone to my ear. Sam was calling my name.

“What the hell, kid?” he asked.

“Sorry. You won’t believe the day I had.”

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