The Savior

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Chapter 4

“The FBI?” Sam asked as I changed little Chad Rogers’ diaper in the front seat. He giggled as I blew on his tummy.

“Yeah. And Martha is making me work with him.” He grinned.

“Him?” I glared at him, reaching in the back and grabbing Craig Rogers. He was sleeping soundly.

“It’s not what you think.” Behind us, I saw the flash of headlights as a small car pulled up. Tucking my hair in, I placed my baseball cap on and walked towards the car. Chad walked next to me, squeezing my hand tightly. Craig was still sleeping. Connie Xiang climbed out of the car and looked at me over the car door. She reminded me of a math teacher I had in high school, just nicer. She had a grey jacket hugged around her, blocking out the wind that was picking up. I handed her Craig and quickly scooped up Chad. I made sure to keep my cap down, so she couldn’t see my eyes. I heard her sniffle as she placed Craig in the car. Turning back to me, she took Chad and put him next to his twin brother.

“You have no idea how much this means to us. We’ve been trying for so long to have children.” She choked out. I nodded.

“You’re welcome. My one request is to please treat them as your own children and do not spoil them. It’s all they’ve known since birth. Knowing that material things don’t matter as much as life itself is important.”

“We’ll raise them to be good people. I promise.” Nodding, I turned to walk away. “I knew you were a woman.” She whispered to herself. I smiled as I jogged back to the truck. She climbed into the car and I watched from the cab as they pulled away.

“What does it feel like to watch them pull off?” Sam asked me.

“Life I just saved a life.” He smiled, driving again.

“So, tell me about this FBI guy. Is he like all those TV shows make them out to be?” I glared at him as he drove.

“He’s a normal guy who I am easily pushing away from my victims. Martha made me pull all possible victims from our system for him. Then she asked me to delete 12 high profile offenders. I just kept that list and gave him one without any of them on it. It was almost as if Martha handed me the top ten abuse moms and said go for it.” He chuckled.

“Ya know, I wonder sometimes if your boss knows.”

“You and me both.” I sighed, leaning back into my seat. The dashboard clock read 2 am. I still had a chapter test to do before I had to be into work at 8. It would take me at least an hour to do. Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself. But then I look at the kids I save and see why.

“Coffee?” Sam asked. I shook my head.

“Tomorrow after work. I still have shit to do tonight. Urgh.” He pulled up in front of my house and stopped.

“See ya tomorrow?” I nodded, slipping out of the car.

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