The Savior

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Chapter 7

“If you keep struggling like that, it’ll only hurt more.” I called over my shoulder, fiddling with my scalpel. I looked at Yetta Godling, an Asian beauty from some teenage sitcom as she tugged against the restraints around her wrists and ankles. 6-month-old Renna smiled up at me as I glanced into her play pen. “Hi baby. Aren’t you adorable.” Looking back at her mother, I sighed.

“Mhhhphm!” Yetta said into her mouth gag.

“Why even bother?” I asked. A vibrating in my pocket made me freeze. Was someone outside that Sam didn’t like? Reaching into my pocket, I pulled my phone out and looked at it. Cory’s number was blinking on the screen. “Excuse me.” I said before answering it. “Hello?”

“Hey. What’s up?” His voice asked. I looked at Yetta who glared at me.

“Oh nothing. You?”

“Kind of bored. I was wondering if you’d want to come over and look at some of our potentials. I have beer.”

“Can you give me like an hour? I have some homework to finish.”

“Sure. Just give me a call and I will come pick you up.”

“Alright.” I heard the phone click off, a small smile crossing my face. Reality of where I was hit me suddenly. “Oh! Sorry. That was this guy I work with.” I shoved the phone back in my pocket. “So, I need to make this quick.” Walking over to her, I sat down and quickly began working on her carvings. This time, I decided on a coy fish with a water fountain around it. She let out muffled gasps as I worked. I ignored her, careful of the pool of blood that was forming. Standing, I looked at my work. It was quite good. Almost like a deadly tattoo. I looked at the clock on the wall then her. “Well this was fun. You have about twenty minutes before you die though. So, make sure you pray a whole lot or else hell will be expecting you.” Turning, I scooped up baby Renna and headed out the door like I had entered. Standing there, however, was a person. I nearly screamed in shock.

“Hello there. You must be the Savior.” The person said. He was an older male in his late fifties with greying hair and a dark suit. I grabbed for my scalpel, ready for action. “Now now. No need for weapons. I am not any danger for you or that baby. My name is Scorpio.”

“The drug dealer.” I said, holding Renna close.

“Ahh. So, you’ve heard of me.” I nodded.

“You could say that.”

“Then you realize why you can trust that I will not turn you in.” I looked at him.

“What do you want?”

“Well it seems that you are killing off a large percent of my high buyers. I can’t make a living off of them if they are dead. So, I have a business proposition for you.”

“Oh yeah? What’s that?”

“Every time you kill a girl, I receive $200,000 in money, drugs or stolen items.” I nearly laughed.

“Are you mad? I am not becoming a thief just because you are losing business. Find another group of people to sell to.” I turned to leave.

“I am trying to play nicely, dear. If you don’t agree, I will have to play by a different set of rules. Ones of which many people don’t live to reply.” I stopped and turned back to look at him. “I will give you a few days to think about it. Until then, I bid you a fond farewell.” He walked off into the night. Glancing at Renna, I sighed.

“Let’s get you to your new mom, kiddo.”

“What happened?” Sam asked as I climbed into the truck. I had nearly sprinted from the alley to his truck.

“Scorpio.” He raised an eyebrow at me. Renna wiggled in my chest as he drove.

“The drug dealer?” I nodded. “What the hell was he doing here?”

“I’m killing off his clients. He said if I don’t start paying him $200,000 a victim, I’ll be regretting it.”

“Fuck.” He whispered under his breath. He pulled into the parking lot of Sears where I agreed to meet Maggie Smith, a young woman who was unable to bare children. Her little jeep was parked in the far corner of the lot. “Listen kid. Drop her off and book it back here. I get a bad feeling.” I nodded.

“I hear ya.” Climbing out, I jogged toward the jeep. The door opened, and Maggie stood. She had to be close to my age with straight blonde hair. She reminded me of a friend I had in high school who turned into a whore once we graduated.

“She’s beautiful.” She whispered as I handed her Renna. As always, I kept my head down.

“Treat her as a normal girl and you’ll fine.” I said before turning. I sprinted back to the truck and Sam squealed out of the lot again.

“Alright. We should wait a couple weeks before your next hit. This is getting too risky. You don’t want the FBI and a drug cartel searching for your ass.”

“We’re almost done with the list, Sam! We only need to get the last five girls then I’ll retire.” I exclaimed, changing my clothes. I would have to burn this myself this weekend. Until then, I keep them in a bag under a hidden panel in my apartment.

“Abby, there will always be teen girls who can’t handle their kids. It won’t just stop because you are killing off the popular ones.”

“The report of child abuse by teens has gone down 75% since last month. That’s the best since I’ve started working there. It’s because of the Savior. She is saving the kids in Cali.” He pulled up in front of my house.

“Fine. Just do me a favor and don’t do the whole Savior thing until next week again. Let Scorpio cool down a little before we strike again.” I nodded. “And you should start carrying a gun.”

“Sam-.” He held his hand up.

“Abby, this guy means business. He wouldn’t think twice about popping your head off. For my sake, just listen.” I looked at him for a minute before nodded.

“I’ll call you in the morning. Kiss Ash for me.” I stood from the truck. He waved as he pulled off. My phone went off in my pocket as his tail lights vanished. Pulling it out of my pocket, I saw Cory was calling me again. It had been close to two hours since I talked to him last. Crap. “Hello?” I said.

“Forget about me?” he asked a light air in his voice. It brought a smile to my lips as I entered my apartment.

“Nope. Finishing up right now. I was about to call you.”

“Great. I’m like a block away from your place. I’ll see ya in a minute.” He hung up.

I quickly changed into a pair of jeans, a tank top and a hoodie, flinging the bag of Savior clothes in the hiding place. I locked my door and jogged down the steps as Cory’s jeep pulled up. The warm air was being chilled by a slight breeze that was beating the fuck out of my hair as I jogged. He smiled at me as I climbed into the seat next to him. “Hey.”

“Hi. So, this is what you look like out of a suit.” I smiled. For the first time since we met, he wasn’t wearing a suit. Instead, he wore a black t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. He shook his head, grinning.

“Hey, I could say the same to you.” He pulled off.

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