The Savior

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Chapter 8

“Welcome to my lovely abode.” Cory said, unlocking his hotel room. The door swung open, revealing a slightly messy and dingy room. There was a queen size bed on one side. The quilt on it reminded me of a couch you would find in a funeral home. Next to it was a shaky looking bedside table made of wood with a lamp that flickered on top of it. Across from the bed, there was a matching dresser with a fuzzy television and a desk next to that with a broken chair. All across the room was papers, folders and pictures of the girls I had killed.

“It’s nice.” I lied. He smiled.

“I know. It’s horrible. But the FBI is cheap.” He said, shutting the door behind us. Walking into the bathroom next to the bed, he made some noise before coming back out, two beers in hand. “Here.” He said, handing me one. I took it, twisting the cap off the long neck bottle and taking a big swig. After the night I’ve had so far, alcohol sounds good. “So,” he said sitting on the bed. “What’s new?” I shrugged, carefully sitting on the broken chair.

“Not much. School. Life story.” He smiled, nodded.

“That sucks. You almost done?”

“Yeah. I graduate at the end of the month. Did you go to school?” He leaned back against the headboard and shook his head.

“I tried the whole community college thing during my year at a precinct, but it really wasn’t for me. Then the FBI hired me. I really don’t have time for much else.” I nodded.

“I hear you there. So why did they put you on the Savior’s case?” He shrugged.

“No clue. I guess I was the only agent without a case that day or something. I’m not sure but I have a feeling I can catch her.”

“How so?” He shrugged again.

“We’ll know when the time comes.” On the bedside table, the phone rang loudly. Groaning, he reached across the bed and answered it. “Agent Bowen.” Looking down, I saw the list I had made for him on the bed. Some names had been scribbled out. “What’s the address?” he asked, grabbing a pen and paper. “Alright. I’ll be there in five minutes. Don’t touch anything!” He slammed the phone down and stood.

“What’s the matter?” I asked, standing.

“The Savior struck again. Some idiot walked through the whole crime scene though. All our evidence is gone though.” HA! I mentally cheered. “I have to get over there. I hope we catch this bitch soon.”

“Have you ever thought that maybe it would be better to just let her finish and see what happens? There’s only so many mom’s left.” I said. He looked at me.

“She’s a cold-blooded killer, Abby. She deserves to go to jail. C’mon. I’ll give you a ride home.”

The office was buzzing the next morning when I got the work. The latest murder was a huge topic and Martha had to practically scream to get everyone’s attention. “PEOPLE! PLEASE! SHUT UP!” she screamed. Eventually, everyone calmed and sat at their desks, looking at her. “Another girl has been killed. I know you all know. Now, I am not pointing any fingers but if you know anyone who is giving the information in this office to anyone not employed here, please turn them into me immediately. We may be able to track down the Savior if we can find out where she is getting her information.” She waved as she walked out. Lisa rolled her chair over into my area.

“So, I stopped by your house last night to hang out. You weren’t there though. Where were you at midnight?” she asked. I knew what she was hinting at.

“I was at Agent Bowen’s hotel room helping him with the case.” I replied. She smiled, leaning in closer. “But nothing happened. Don’t even ask.” She frowned.

“Awww. Well it could. May be some day in the near future.” I shrugged.

“I’m thinking no. But if you want, you can come over tonight.” She nodded.

“Sure.” She wheeled back to her desk.

Like Sam had said, I had decided not to be the Savior for the rest of the week. I’ll probably pick it back up on Sunday night. That way, everyone will have something to talk about in the office on Monday. The whole Scorpio thing was still on my mind. What was I going to do? I can’t steal from the girls. That would be wrong. I know that sounds weird coming from a murderer, but these girls received everything they own from other people, not themselves. It would be stealing from the families, not the girls.

There was no Cory today. Martha came in and told me that he was interviewing the victim’s parents today and that if I needed him, his cell is always on. By the time the office closed, I was practically ready to run home for a nap. I’d take a quick one before Lisa came over.

Opening my door, I dropped my bag on the chair and collapsed on the couch. Blindly, I searched for the remote to the TV with my hand. I found it and turned it on. The news was just coming on, the blonde anchor girl talking about upcoming elections. Rolling my eyes, I kicked my heels off and rolled over, facing the back of the couch.

“…a new lead in the Savior case may be the answer police need in catching the notorious killer.” The anchor said. I rolled over so fast I almost fell off the couch. Sitting up, I turned the volume up. “Police say a single blonde hair has been found at the crime scene of last night’s brutal murder of starlet Yetta Godling. None of the people living at the Godling residence has that shade of hair. Anyone with any information is to contact the LAPD immediately.” I shook my head. Blonde? They are getting desperate to find me.

Standing, I stretched and disappeared into the bathroom. The water was nice as the heat hit my back in the shower. I could feel all the tightness in my back just disappear with the water down the drain. I thought as I washed my hair. Sam was right. Being the Savior was getting risky. Well more than usual. I would have to be more careful of what I touch and take. Usually, all I ever take is the kids and the blankets in the crib, so they can’t get cold. I’ve never taken anything else. Not even money. And I could use it. Believe me.

Climbing out of the shower, I pulled on my bathrobe and brushed out my hair as I walked out of the room. A noise in the living room caught my attention though. It sounded like scratching. Grabbing the baseball bat I keep by my bedroom, I quietly crept towards the living room. From the doorway, I saw someone standing there, looking through my Savior bag. “HEY!” I exclaimed. The person turned. It was Liza. I knew I should have put that away last night. She held the scalpel in her hand. It dropped as she looked at me. “You’re the Savior?” she whispered, backing away from me.

“Liza, listen to me.” I said, stepping towards her. Turning, she started to run for the front door. Jumping, I tackled her to the floor. I covered her mouth before she could scream. “STOP!” I exclaimed, pinning her to the floor. “I’m not gonna hurt you. If I let go of your mouth, are you going to scream?” She shook her head. I let go of her mouth.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because the more people who know, the more likely it is to get out.” I stood up, helping her stand.

“So, you killed all these girls? The same Abby who was afraid of the frog in Biology class in high school.” I laughed.

“Hard to believe, right? Sit down. I’ll order a pizza and I’ll explain everything.”

“So, you find the girls on our system, wait ’til they get deleted and then kill them. Where are all the kids then?”

“Well most of them are living in different parts of the country. I know there is one still in California by way upstate.” I replied, biting my pizza.

“What about their papers and stuff? Birth certificates, social security numbers?”

“I fake them. I usually use babies who have died. I ask the parents’ permission first of course. All of them are living under fake names.” She finished her slice and leaned into the couch.

“So, what do you wear when you are playing superhero?” I shrugged.

“Usually jeans and a t-shirt.”

“What? No! You are a superhero! You need a costume for it.” Typical Liza.

“That’s not the point though, Liza. Besides, I’m almost done with my list. After that, I’m retiring.”

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