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He had me by the hair, body taut in his other arm. I was so wet and even though the desk grazed my lower back. He looked me dead in the eyes and spun me without a word. The only language recognizable. Is it that easy to get lost in someone? Even for a moment? Desire has that effect on you and what Sage couldn't shake was the spell she was under when it came to this savage. "...Where there is desire, there is going to be a flame. Where there is a flame someone's bound to get burn.." -"Try" by P!nk

Romance / Erotica
Kristen Mullings
4.5 251 reviews
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The Meeting

He had me by the hair, body taut in his other arm.

I was so wet and even though the desk grazed my lower back. He looked me dead in the eyes and spun me without a word. The only language recognizable between us was our bodies.

He bent me over the desk almost aggressively, but that peaked my libido even more. I could feel him massaging his hard length on the apex of my ass.

I sighed sweetly and loudly...

Then his hardened length lowered to my moist entrance and sank oh so deliciously inside me. Every inch slowly pushing me over the edge little by little, before he started a steady pace. My toes began to curl and I gripped the edges of the desk for dear life as I exhaled a tormented and ragged breath.

A loud moan escaped me and then as if a spell was broken, I toppled off him and was thrown over the side of his desk. I fell with loud thud!

“Sage! Wake up! This isn’t the time to be ogling the boss in your dreams!”

I was on the floor sprawled out in front of Ronnie, my cubicle mate (sometimes) and best friend. She sank back in her chair and it dipped swiftly as she laughed at me.

I couldn’t help but laugh at myself, but the memories of the brief reverie were so vivid that I barely got out a chuckle.

Goose bumps swept across my skin and I shivered a little at the thought... I sighed, pushing myself up onto my knees and slowly got to my feet, dusting off the debris.

I sat in my chair giving Ronnie a pat on the shoulders to calm her infectious laughter.

I tried to get myself together for the meeting we were going to have with him... I slightly drooled over the thought.

A sigh escaped me and Ronnie got a whiff that I was still lost in my mind.

“Ouch!” she smacked me on the back of the head with the clipboard that had the notes for the presentation.

I punched her shoulders half expecting it to hurt.

We rustled up the rest of our notes and strode to the end of the row of white cubicles that tiled the entire area. The office that our managers and supervisors usually kept the meetings was on the 19th floor of the 20 storey building.

At the end of our cubicles was the hall to the 4 elevators, Ronnie and I moved from blue carpeting to tiled marbled flooring that echoed our footsteps of our 4 inch heels. When we got to the lift I punched the arrow pointing up and waited for lift to arrive at the 11th floor where we were on.

Trepidation and a bit of excitement washed over me as we stepped into the lift.

We punched the number 19 that lit up in red under my index finger.

I checked myself cautiously in the reflective walls; pushing my long black hair behind my ears, straightening my baby pink blouse and opening the second button from my neck to expose a tiny peep hole for some cleavage (that I barely had).

My hands smoothed the creases in the close- fitted, knee length, pastel green skirt that I wore and I positioned the slit at the back to be centered. The thigh-high panty hose were a perfect pitch black with nothing bunching or torn (I guess the garter helps). They matched my black 4 inch heels, Swatch leather watch and thin belt around my waist.

The elevator ride seemed to last forever, I began pacing the 44" x 60" floor space -with 96" interior cab height(at least that’s what the tiny piece of paper in the corner said)- with incredulous black eyes watching me. Click. Click. Click. Smack!

Oouuch! “What was that for?” I asked.

“You’re doing it again!” Ronnie shouted. “Damn girl you’ve got it bad. I only wished he felt the same way.”

I made a face.

The elevators then came to a screeching halt, which had my heart racing again. The glass doors swung open and there he was, our boss, in a charcoal black suit, fitted to hug every inch of his bulging muscles, his hands were in his pockets, tightening the cloth around his manhood smartly. He had on black, leather dress shoes that shun to perfection, his jacket swung open and his hair was... well wasn’t there anymore. He had cut it! He had cut his untamable brown hair off!

This was a new look that I loved. It fit him well by highlighting his features greatly.

He was definitely all man, with that chiseled face, square jaw and hooded, almond-shaped eyes. His lips were full and even.

I was definitely dumb-struck and hell-bound, crushing immensely on my boss. But who wouldn’t?

He was a Greek god and I loved it.

I went completely still and, “fuck!” was all I could say.

An elbow connected wickedly to my ribs bringing me back to reality and the fact that I just bellowed an expletive in front of my BOSS! Shit!

My cheeks reddened, my palms began to sweat, as he arched an inquiring eyebrow my way and the slightest flicker of a smile ran across his lips, but disappeared in a flash.

My entire body went weak at the sexy sight. I went completely red and hot. I felt damp between my legs, then quickly looked down on my hands that were fumbling in front of me.

Gosh I was embarrassed and all he could say was, “Miss Beauchamp, Miss Sauvignon” In the most lascivious, deep voice I’ve ever heard. I began drooling once more and between my legs could be classed as a deep swimming pool. I could feel the fluids running a bit down my inner thighs and the stockings trying to absorb as much of the feelings as possible.

This got me wondering though, if I reacted this much to his voice, what would happen if he had actually touched me?

I took a deep, shaky breath to clear my mind of these raging pheromones and thoughts.

It seemed to help, but there was just one problem I inhaled his delicious scent. He smelt of wine and some expensively exotic cologne.

I opened my chestnut coloured eyes to see him watching me tentatively, until he stepped in the elevator to one side and said, “The meeting will be held on the 20th floor and Miss Sauvignon I would like a word with you after.”

My stomach dropped immediately, but somehow I found my composure to hold my head up and with a confident “yes sir.” I braced myself for the worst.

The Meeting

The meeting droned on for what I could call an eternity and I began to doze a little, which was interrupted by an elbow or two.

The only enlightenment that I got was when Mister Roman Heinrich, went straight into his report and immediately all the fatigue just evaporated from my form.

Surprisingly, I was more alert, easily grasping the knowledge of the financial status of the company and the solutions put in place to elevate us to a better standing for the future.

Eventually it was Ronnie’s turn to present the creative brief, she was sharp and to the point, as the head of the Graphics department should be, in that simple polite manner that she has.

I was elated to accompany her as one of the graphic designers under her belt.

She was on top of her game like a certain Mister Heinrich, who I could not get out of my mind.

Panic flooded me instantly remembering his last words, eyes bulging once again.

I tried desperately to slow the words of the presenters in my head, so that I couldn’t face my boss at the end of the meeting, but I was torn between wanting to see him, and the fear of seeing him.

At war with myself I didn’t realize the meeting had ended, everyone had filed out of the room and Mr. Heinrich was waiting patiently with his hands in his pants pocket for me to join him at the door.

Oh my gosh, “I’m screwed!” I whispered in a high-pitched, timidly tortured voice.

Thankfully, he didn’t hear me this time because I was half way to the door.

His scent greeted me again. Closing my eyes while drawing in a deep breath I became lightheaded and by the time I got to Mr. Heinrich I had dreamy, bright eyes staring at him, which was happily met by a half smile, on a squarely chiseled face. Maybe this was not going to be so bad, I thought to myself.

He pushed up the door to his office which was across from the boardroom we were in.

His office was quaint. All beige walls, a simple hardwood desk that was at the center, but close to the back of the room in front of a gigantic glass window. His laptop and printer were sprawled on the top of the dark brown hardwood.

We walked until he rounded his desk and sat down to immediately immerse himself in paperwork.

I simply sat down in a rather large comfortable chair that was in front of his desk... in front of him.

I heard strange music in the background radiating around the room. It sounded erotic and in another language.

Everyone at the office was accustomed to Mr. Heinrich speaking German all the time so I knew it wasn’t German. It sounded more like, like ...Russian.

We were around his large, what looked like mahogany desk. I scratched nervously at the surface of the desk, staring at his gold filled name plate while he scanned through paperwork strewn in front of him.

The tension was building in the room and I haven’t a slightest idea if he felt it as well, until I heard the soft creak in the wheels of his chair move.

He looked up from his paperwork at last.

There in his icy blue eyes I saw something flicker for a moment as he rose from his chair.

“Miss Sauvignon could you step around the desk for me please?”

He asked as he outstretched one large hand in front of me. I was stunned for a few seconds before my brain decided to function again.

My reflection was in the foggy glass that took up majority of the wall behind Roman and a breathtaking picture of the wet city during a light rainfall was our view.

I reluctantly took his hand and lavished in the feeling because I felt tingles run up my hand. He escorted me around the desk and had me facing the massive bullet proof glass.

I was beginning to feel a bit anxious because I was unsure of his motives.

Then he began to speak...

“Do you know why you’re here?” He pressed. A tiny lilt in his question, accentuating his Germanic background.

I shook my head up and down like a child being scolded.

“Good. I am to understand that you take your job as a joke?”

My eyes bulged at his question or maybe it was the sternest of his voice.

He could see me in the glass’ refection so he wouldn’t miss my reactions as he continued to exercise his right as C.E.O.

“I find that hard to believe due to your outrageous behaviour earlier. Am I to believe that you are incapable of behaving in a professional manner or are you just this ill-mannered and the Recruiting department is lacking in their ability to do their job to let a foul mouth like yourself get loose in my company?”

I was fuming at the end of his rant.

Anger oozed out of my pores as the temperature in the room went from cool to scorching hot.

I could see my ears turn red.

I swung around only to feel a stinging sensation in the palm of my hand.

I knew it was red from the hit and I would have to ice it later at home.

I had smacked him across the face and my breathing was shallow and ragged from my temperament.

I just saw his head whip to the side, his eyes closed and reopened with that earlier glint in them.

He was livid and the slight crease between his eyebrows gave it away.

He stepped forward.

Then something strange happened. He swung me back around and backed me up against the cold glass suddenly.

He pressed up against me.

I felt hot all over but my cheek and the front of my body were cold from the glass close it.

It was as if the cool surface of the glass on my face melted a part of the heat circulating in my brain. I could somewhat think clearly now and I could feel him!

He was hard against the small of my back... just like in my dream. I was frightened. Until he whispered ever so leisurely in my ear,

“Dich mein kätzchen, werde ich zahmen.”

Then I felt something - his tongue on the edge of ear. It startled me, until he began to nip at my ear. I shivered and moaned a bit loudly and absentmindedly gyrated my hips against his immense hard on that was resting on my ass.

It twitched. I closed my eyes for a second before he exclaimed, “look at me Kätzchen!”

And so I did in the glass in front of me.

My breath hitched as he began to rotate his hips into me.

It is slow and my treacherous body began to liquefy.

He moved his left hand around my body as if to memorize every curve that belonged to me; starting from my left breast he squeezed and pulled at the sensitive nipple.

“Du gehörst zu mir, kätzchen,” he whispered again in my ear.

I could almost scream in pleasure but I just moaned again.

My head fell back unto his broad chest. His hand began to slowly roam down my body as he kissed and nipped at my neck.

I was gone. Shivers ran up and down my spine.

I felt my skirt begin to lift gently and a rough hand slip beneath it.

His hand was very warm as it slid up my thigh, nearing my delicate core.

I gasped as he finally touched me.

He continued to mutter incoherent German unto my neck.

He shifted my soaked thong with his skilled fingers and found my delicate bundle of nerves which he commenced rubbing.

I almost went over the edge immediately.

My back bowed and my knees gave way slightly, but he caught me with his right hand.

Chuckling lightly, he continued to pressure my core with his finger. Thumb rubbing deliberate circles into my clit and his middle finger pushed against my flesh until it was buried inside me.

Tears filled my eyes as I came with a loud cry.

He withdraw his hand quickly and stepped back from me with a wicked smirk on his face that I could see in the glass.

I could have died from embarrassment.

I swiftly straightened my skirt and hair and when I turned to face my boss he was still smirking at me, but this time he was sucking the tips of his fingers off individually. Middle finger first, then thumb.

“So sweet,” he whispered. I was beet red.

I couldn’t think straight, much less comprehend what just happened.

My world crashed around me when I realized what had just happened a moment ago.

Then I heard him say, “You’re fired.”

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