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Every Breath You Take

“Why again did you attack Bobby?” I asked Ronnie as I sipped my Pina colada. It was the most refreshing drink I have ever tasted at a hotel.

“He was trying to feel me up on the road. Specifically my VAGINA! What the hell is wrong with your friends? Are they all this horny ALL the time?”

My laughter rang loud through the air. I couldn’t help it, if she only saw her facial expressions when she was talking this animatedly. Her eyes bug out and her mouth articulated every word.

“Are you even listening to me? Because I cannot deal with Bobby’s groping any longer. I AM GOING TO KILL HIM and you are going to be my accomplice,” she fumed.

I laughed and laughed and laughed.

“Sorry I didn’t even know that they were in the area. I’m as shocked as you are,” I told her honestly.

“So what happened between you and Wong? You guys were getting a little handsy in the store,” she asked. I didn’t think she noticed.

“What do you mean by handsy,” I asked her coyly, glancing at her from the corners of my eyes.

“You know what I mean, bitch. Wong had your ass in his hand and you weren’t doing anything to deter him. He was copping many feels,” she enlightened.

“While you had his best friend’s face wiping the outer glass window of the store. Did you break his arm?”

“No, but it’s probably bruised... tell me!” She urged.

“Okay it is as it seems. I was freaking wet and I think I may have agreed to go home with him, but you saved me. Thank God. He was too tempting in his leather jacket, tight burgundy shirt and ripped jeans. Why do bi-racial babies always become so damn sexy when they’re adults?”

“You’re talking as if you and I aren’t even in that category,” she said flatly.

“Anyhow I’m glad I can be of some assistance. The pleasure is mine. Don’t fall in his trap ...or his eyes. He’s just an Adonis that can NEVER be satisfied no matter how many orgasms you give him,” her eyes bulged as she said this sending me into a fit of laughter once more. This draws the attention of the other guests lounging beside the pool with us.

When the week ended I felt relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. Roman Heinrich was still at the back of my mind especially after the fact that I fucked him out.

I don’t think I could have survived another week thinking so deeply about him. I know I can’t bring myself to ever tell Ronn about this. She’d definitely flip and I couldn’t deal with the guilt.

Today was a brand new day I had an interview and I was ready for this. The new firm had called me while I was vacationing with Ronnie. It felt like I could pick up where I left off- engrossing myself with work.

I made sure I left my flat early, after leaving Wong’s around 5 (I had to rush out in his hoodie after he damaged my blouse) to grab a bite to eat so I had two hours to myself and the café was around the corner from the new firm I had the interview for.

While walking images of last night and this morning (in the shower) played in my mind. I had called Wong last night and asked him where he was residing these days. To my surprise he wasn’t that far from where I lived and I found it suspicious.

As soon as I arrived he grabbed me into his apartment and ripped my blouse in the process. Thank God it wasn’t anything I treasured, then again I wasn’t going to dress up to visit him just in case I bumped into Ronnie or someone I knew on the way.

He closed the door with a slam and locked it. Wong was on me in a heartbeat after turning around from the door. I didn’t mind I was as hungry as he was, but I knew it was not for him. I just wanted a decent distraction and he was very good at distracting me.

His lips crashed against mine. His hands were roaming everywhere on my body.

I felt my nipples harden as he slipped his hand down my jeans.

He finished tearing the rest of my top off, exposing my hardened nipples. I decided I didn’t need underwear for this trip; no panty and no bra.

A moan escaped my lips as he pushed his finger inside me.

“Babe you’re so wet,” he breathed huskily into my mouth. He didn’t detach his lips not once from mine.

He started to move his lips leaving hot kissing down my neck and cleavage. My core started to clench around his finger as he moved it in and out of me leisurely.

Closing my eyes I bit down on my bottom lip and moaned again.

He then pushed a second finger inside and pulled out of me completely. My eyes flew opened in fright and just as I was about to cuss him out he started to yank my jeans off.

The movement was swift and had me on the ground, flat on my back. Wong was on top of me in seconds. Kneeling between my legs he used his knees to spread my legs as far as he wanted and he pulled his own jeans off, then his white t-shirt, discarding them on the floor beside us.

He was an eye full with a lean muscular built, my hands roamed his torso before he grabbed them and twisted them around his throbbing cock. He was wasting no time at all.

“Play with me, baby,” was his only command. I gratefully did as I was told. My strokes were wild and deliberate as he liked.

He groaned deep in his throat until his head fell back. I saw pre-cum seep through the tip of his cock and I used my thumb to lubricate the tip.

I pulled hard this time at his cock and he grunted, knowing exactly wanted I needed.

He descended upon me, positioning his cock at my wet entrance, and then driving it deep within me in mere seconds.

“Uhhhhh!” I screamed.

It was a delicious painful pleasure. I clung to his back, digging deeply into his flesh. I could smell the tangy, metallic evidence that I drew blood. I pulled my legs up and wrapped them around him giving him more access.

“Fuck,” was all I heard him whisper.

His movements were hard. Pulling out of me then ramming into me the next minute. Burying himself within my fleshy folds.

He was groaning, while I was moaning. He was hitting my clit whenever he pulled back and slammed into me.

In and out, in and out, in and out. It was driving me crazy, especially when he found my hardened nipples with his mouth to tug on one then the other.

He traced the space between my breasts with his tongue. He was playing with my nerves and he knew it.

“Ohh,” was all I could say then, “fuck me hard,” I begged into his ear.

He pulled out and thrusted in. Pulling out then thrusting into me, hitting my clit as well, pulling out then slamming in. Again and again and again.

“Don’t stop!” I screamed again.

My release was near, I could feel it. Wong buried his right hand in my dark locks and pulled. I screamed again while my back arched, driving him deeper inside me as my pussy muscles tightened even more around him.Sucking onto him hungrily. His left hand slide between us and found my clit and he began to rub it in circles. Adding more sweet pleasure to my high strung nerves. He never once let up on his hard strokes.

Repeatedly thrusting into me and finding my mouth this time to appease me with his tongue down my throat. I sucked at it and with my left hand cupping the back of his head and my right hand on his ass trying to pull him deeper inside me.

I began to shake as my orgasm took over, screaming my release loudly and unashamedly.

Wong still didn’t let up as my pussy muscles clenched and unclenched around him, tightening with every movement he made.

He grunted, then bit down onto my neck and I felt his cock grow a little inside me until he released, bathing my cervix with his hot cum.

His movement slowed until it stopped completely.

He laid limp on top of me, my hands still around his body. I could feel how sweaty he was and I was sticky myself when I tried moving my head to the left to catch my breath.

He pulled his head up and looked me deep in the eyes and we began laughing, then he kissed me deeply and said, “You’re still as tight as the day I met you.”

His dick began to grow inside me at the same time...

I laughed to myself at the memory, shaking my head to get round two’s thought out of my mind. I was biting my thumb while looking down to escape the memory when I realized that I was still walking, probably with a goofy ass smile on my face.

I looked up to see where I had reached and realized I came to a pedestrian to which I had to cross. As I looked both ways to see if my path was clear I did a double take shocked at the sight across the road.

Horror filled me as the person I saw started walking across the road in my direction, after pushing off his black GMC. I began to panic to the point where I felt my face heat up and I was frozen in place.

The person came right up to me. He held my hand taking it directly to his full lips placing a soft kiss at the back of it, as he withdrew my hand from his lips I saw that damn cocky smirk, which made him that much sexier. He had a damn gall to greet me with a deep throated, “Guten Morgen Sage. It’s been too long, Engel.”

“You bitch!”

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