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A Legacy Of Love

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chloe Lockwood is a powerful 17-year-old girl but once she lays her eyes on you she is a drug. She has never fallen in love before until she started falling for Camren and things take a different turn Book 1 of the Legacy series. Love is a game and you need to learn how to play.Falling in love is a dangerous game but my heart will stay the same.-Nya Chandler Wants you fall you are never the same that's until you get your first heartbreak. chloe Lockwood is a powerful 17-year-old girl but once she lays her eyes on you she is a drug. She has never fallen in love before until she started falling for Camren and things take a different turn when you start to fall for him. But some say boys with secrets can't always keep it. Follow the like of Chole is struggling with family, friends, and school, she doesn't expect or wants to be swept off her feet. This book has lies, deep dark secrets, betrayal, love, lust, manipulation, Friends, and the truth. This life is a game and love is name

Romance / Drama
Nya Chandler
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Love is very powerful in my case love is not even issues. I hate everything about love especially those cute little walks around the parks that make me want to barf. I have never fallen in love before because I was always ten steps ahead of other boys which means you won’t get anything until you put a ring on this finger. But the real reason I hate to love is that you can’t promise anyone to stay together for eternity. Love dies. That’s why I always say that love is a game. You can win, or you can lose it depends on how you choose them. You see not everyone can fall in love with the one they truly love because that person could have some real problems. That’s why it always starts with a lovely warning that your heart is telling you. Then it ends with a very big heartache called heartbroken. That’s how I see it and that’s what I believe.

When I was 10, Dad told me something true: everyone has a to-do list. It took me another six years to make one, but thanks to a certain asshole in my life, it’s finished:

1. Don’t talk about love.

2. Don’t think about love.

3. Thinking and talking about love leads to Love, which is the enemy. Do not consort with the enemy. That would be my biggest weakness. But it’s a real weakness because there’s a lot of things that happen that made me start doing it. My life is mean less my mom and dad. I always use to think love is a powerful weapon it can make you stronger or it can make you weaker. I’m not sure about any of these things

I started crying my little heart out while watching my dad and mom argue from the stairs. They have been arguing since I woke up and I’m too sad to even have the stairs to get some food before I go to school. This happens every morning when I wake up its always about something so small and silly there arguing about who will drop me off and pick me up drop me off and pick me after school. This is a reason I don’t believe in love.

I went down the stairs and started walking to school. I hate walking to school because there is this one boy name George who walks to school and every time he sees me he wants to walk with me. I’m a cheerleader at school so he thinks he will become cool if he walks with me that’s so phatic.

“Hi, Chole” George waved from across the street.

“Oh NO,” I said out loud. He came running across the street. I began to walk faster but it was useless because he was in front of me.

“Chole I wasn’t expecting you today.” He said while rubbing his nose which means he was lying because every time he lies he always rubs his nose which means he is so predictable.

“Okay,” I said in an awkward tone. A horn honked, and it was my best friends Vicki, Katy, and Leo.

“Get in loser!!!” Katy yelled from the car window. I walk to the car and then I turned to George and gave him a little wink then I went in the car. Then we took off.

“Girl you got to start calling us,” Leo said while giving me a satisfied look.

“Shut up I could have been at school but then my parents had to argue about how I’m getting to school and how I’m getting home.”

“Wow, your parents and getting crazy by the minute,” Katy said.

“Well we are going to a party tonight and we are going to get drunk out of our minds!!!” Katy started shouting. We live in Manhattan, so we live by all the clubs and exclusive parties and we are from rich families, so we get invited to every party. My mom is a powerful lawyer and my Dad owns the richest and company in the world.

“Let me think about it Mmmmm....”

“How about NO!!!” I shouted.

“Come on your Mom and Dad is going out of town for the weekend and today is Friday we use to go to parties every week until. You now.” She said while putting her hair back.

“Ugg I will think about it at school.”

“Yesses!!!” Leo tied to whisper, but he clearly failed.

Ms. Hampton, we are here.” Vicki’s driver said he got out of the car and open the door to let us out.

“We are back in hell,” Leo shouted while looking at the school.

“Shut up and let’s get to class before someone finds out we are not in class and we will get detention.” We all started walking to our classes I had a class with Leo which is why I get in trouble a lot especially he likes to flirt with guys and girls which gets him to a whole lot of trouble.

Me and Leo went inside our class. “HI Miss Beloit.” I waved, and she looked at us with a disappointed look.

“Miss Lightwood and Mr. roman, it’s so nice to have you here.” Miss Beloit said.

“Detention?” I asked


“Wait Miss Beloit how old are you?” Leo asked looking a bit sneaky.

“That’s none of your business.”

“Well, I guess we all know why you don’t have a man!!!”

“BECAUSE YOU ARE SO DAMN CRAZY LIKE NO MEN LIKES A WOMEN WHO IS TOO ANNOYING!!!” He shouted, and everybody started laughing their pants off And Leo started dancing across the room.

“Mr. Roman detention for a whole month!!!”

“Sorry but I don’t follow the rules because rules are made to be broken.” He got on top of the table and then he took his shirt off and started dancing on the table and everybody started filming him.

“Miss Lightwood I don’t know why you are friends with him.” Miss.Beloit said while shaking her head.

“I don’t know either,” I said while biting my nails.

“Leo get off the table now!!!” I shouted.


“I guess we can just do anything we want because I can’t do anything about this.” She said, and I nodded. After 10 minutes of watching Leo dancing like a damn stripper. He walked in.

He walked in Slowly, he removed his jacket, exposing a tight black t-shirt that molded his impressive chest. The girls in front of me were giggling non-stop. He looked up and winked at them, his blue eyes twinkling with mischief as he ran a hand through his black hair. Then he sat in a chair that’s Camren Black. Then I came back to reality and looked away. The familiar sound of the school bell pierced my ears as I picked up Leo’s shirt and throwed it to him. He grabbed his shirt and then he put it on. He got off the table then he put his arms around my neck and he hold his jacket in his left hand and then we left class.

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

I kept staring at the clock, blocking out my teacher’s lecture.

I tapped my nails impatiently on the desk, waiting for the bell to ring. Some of the students

gave me annoyed looks, but I ignored them. I felt the strong urge to tap louder but refrained

from it.

It’s not like they knew me anyway.


After 4 classes of being in class with Leo and Katy being the crazy annoying person they are, it was finally lunch time. I gladly left them after class and I headed to the cafeteria where Vicki was waiting for us at. I walked to the table and I the chair out and I place my bag on the back of the chair when I sat down.

“So, let me guess they annoyed you since 2 periods.” She smiled big.

“In 2nd period they decided to prank the teacher by putting glue on the teacher’s chair and when he sat in the chair the glue dried and when he sat up his pants ripped off. Now we got detention for a month starting tomorrow.” I said then he eyes lowered which means she felt bad.

“Dang that must have been rough.”

“It was.” I looked over and saw Jessica and her scooby doo friends flirting with Camren which maybe annoyed me a little when I saw him moved his hair which made me start biting my lip.

“Chloe stop staring you said you don’t believe in love so chill out.”

“Umm Sorry.” Leo and Katy walked into the cafeteria and started walking to the table.

“Here they come in Five...Four...Three...Two...One”

“Hey, you left us in class,” Leo said when I looked at him his arms were crossed tightly.

“Sorry not sorry.” They took a seat next to me.

“So, the plan is tonight being we tell our parents we are staying at my penthouse tonight.” Katy looking at us like we were a bag of meat.

“Do you remember what happen last time we went to your penthouse.”

“Shut up.”

*After school*

After school, I asked my mom if I could “stay” at Vick’s penthouse and she said which I knew it would work. We went shopping which was at Katy house because her mother is a fashion god she makes clothes for celebrities which were cool because we had access to the whole wardrobe there. Then after that, we got dressed and started heading for the party.

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