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The utopia of the soul

By Vidânia Macossa All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance


The story is based on the life of Agatha, a woman who was abandoned as a child, because of enviable beauty. The girl was found by a woman who created her and taught her everything about nature. Living in a beautiful villa. Her life begins to have conflicts when she found a photograph of her birth mother. The kidnapping of her foster mother and her almost '' fiance '' will force her into a search that will lead to a conflict of love, between the present and the past.

Chapter 1-Explaining a little about my past

The news found her completely unprepared . This had the same effect as a fall from the stairs, a bitter feeling in her heart : the maid in her house had just announced that she was pregnant with her husband. She had nowhere to fall into deception ; was difficult to understand as a woman who only one night with her husband could have a child in the womb , the dream that she most wanted to have in the 15 years of marriage . His discontent was only a matter of urgency . She was panting, pacing back and forth, biting her teeth and scratching her head . Behind her, his faithful servant, complaining, who offered the traitor the greatest confidence among all servants , breaking protocol and entering without manners . But the housewife gave her no value and went straight to the woman who said she was pregnant with her husband, who was actually 10 years younger than she was .

Lolita , the pregnant woman raises her head , ashamed, also without understanding how a mere joke cost her a child in her womb. Suddenly, the house lost all joy, chanting suspense in the short space of two days. But the tears that wet her face in front of her pregnancy were the fear of not being able to tell her boss’s husband that that simple sex game while he was drunk ended up in an unwanted pregnancy hated by his wife. If only they had given her the opportunity to justify herself and tell them how much she loved him, even though she knew he did not belong to her, and that two years ago he had encouraged her down the hall, full of promises to flee together far from the region.Yet his sincere words were seen as lies.

Voices in the distance awakened him from reverie. She realized that there was already some clarity. She from the little hole of the captivity where she was locked, watching her beloved coming on a journey singing, carrying a bright green bag on her right arm. The complaining maid brought her a plate of bread and a jug of water and some fruit.“I thought you were my friend,” Lolita said, staring at the food, hungry, clutching the bread very hard, chewing wildly. The complainer laughed, threw the jug of water on the floor and said, “ Two days of hunger were not enough for you, do you still have the audacity to talk to me ? ”

Lolita knelt down, with her hands took the water off the floor and drank with tears on her face.

The complainant closed the door of the captivity, put the key between her breasts and walked, singing a classical music.

″ Do not you think it’s odd to have a visitor at this time of night? ″ Said Jacob, loved of Lolita, looking at his wife, the housewife. She pauses long enough to give a convincing answer. ″ He is Lolita’s brother.″ Jacob, rushes to the windows of his bedroom, eager to see Lolita, since it’s been six hours since he got home and has not yet seen her walk down the aisles, wearing the uniform that fits perfectly into your beautiful body . ″ What does he do here? ″ She narrowed her eyes and studied Jacob’s face intently. Examining her traits of anxiety in wanting to see Lolita in the full black cloud of the night. At the gleam of light in his gaze, she could see her passion for the maid. Her heart was filled with hatred, her teeth were clenched, and her low, sweet voice pretended not to know of her husband’s betrayal, saying, ″Lolita is going back to her parents’ house.″ Jacob came back to bed, his face a little crumpled, trying to disguise how much this news had brought unconcern to his soul, took the pillow, turning his back to his wife, whispering under the sheets and talking to himself: “ Did we do something wrong for her to leave this place? Where did I fail her ? ″

At that moment, tears rolled over his wife’s face, not even Jacob noticing how unhappy she was ...

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