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The Harsh Reality

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Adam who was never loved is suddenly loved by a girl named Ashley.However some complications happen in their relationship due to Adam's abusive mother

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

I was getting kicked all over my body,and as it happened,there were a crowd of people that were watching me.I screamed in agony as i felt a knife slash at my body and the worst part of it all was that my" family" was watching it happen,and stayed oblivious about it.

"Adam,shut up i'm trying to sleep,"my mother yelled while walking to my doorstep.I obeyed as i didn't want to get punished again.My heart was beating furiously from fear.My mother was standing at my doorstep with a scalpel in her hand.Every single day she reminds me that I will never be loved by everyone.The only person who ever loved me was my late father.

All my mother did was abuse me and because of this I always used long sleeve shirts and long pants to cover my scars.Mother also didn't give food to me so father would sacrifice his small share of food and give it to me, so he was usually starving.However the worst thing for all is that Mother took all of his hard-earned cash.I usually hated the moment father left for work because the moment in which he left for work was usually early in the morning, i had to wake up and hurry to school,which was no different from home other than a group of friends who were there to support me the rest of the school population were harsh.
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