The Harsh Reality

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Chapter 2

I was trembling in fear as she came closer with a sadistic smile and whispered
"YOU WILL NEVER BE MY CHILD YOU REPROBATE,"I was in pain to register what she had meant.At that exact moment she pushed the scalpel deep into my arm and dragged it all the way to my shoulder leaving the blood oozing out of my wound.I was screaming in agony as the pain receptors were being simulated.She did an evil cackle as she left.I remembered about my phone and pressed the emergency button and tried to speak.
"Hello Alex from the Emergency department here how may I help you."Alex's voice was clearly through the phone.I responded with
"Hand.Bleeding.Huge.Mother.Abuse.Please."I was panting and wincing at the same time.

Waiting every single second for the EDPT(emergency department) was hell.When the team finally came,they came in every single room to find me.
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