The Harsh Reality

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Chapter 3

I heard people ordering people around but my visions were filled with black spots and shortly after that, I passed out.The next thing I knew was the blinding hospital lights and a girl observing me.The surroundings were finally clear again after blinking profusely.I tried to move my arm, which was covered in all sorts of tubes that were also in other parts of my body.
I started to feel a surge of panic as I realised I was in a unknown room.The girl said
"Adam!You're finally awake!"This mystery girl said.I looked strangely at her.
"Who's Adam?No, more importantly, who are you."He asked with confusion.The girl looked at him with dread.
"Do you remember anything.Anything at all?"I was trying to remember but the more i tried to remember the more my brain hurt i put a finger at my temple and i remembered something.
"Where am I?
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