A Truly Wonderful Night

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Romance / Adventure
Laraine Smith
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Chapter 1

When Marissa and Edwin entered Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier, they could not get over how the Christmas trees they saw looked like appetizing pizzas. This made the two of them hungry. They ended up stopping to share a pizza with everything on it.

They had the time of their lives holding hands while both slipping down the slide and skating. The couple also enjoyed going on the carnival rides, including the Ferris wheel. But none of that compared to dancing and kissing in time to Christmas music.

While they were walking out of the building, they could not help but catch sight of the pictures of Jesus with nuns in stained-glass windows. There was also a group of singers with voices from the heavens. These voices brought Edwin and Marissa to tears. In addition, the voices of these singers awakened the hearts of this couple. Marissa and Edwin were dancing once again. They both knew that this was going to be a truly wonderful night.
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