Everybody Loves a Happy Ending

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As the sparks still fly between Kate and Clark, will life get in the way of their own fairy tale ending? After Kate had given up on ever proving her relationship theory was true, along came Clark. Handsome, honest, and just a bit outspoken, Clark taught Kate a little about what it meant to be true to herself. Now that they're together, it seems like they'll have their own happy ending. Or, will they? A surprise announcement by Clark's father, as well as one from Kate's boss, forces Kate and Clark onto two different continents. As Kate learns how to navigate their long-distance relationship, friends from all walks of life come knocking on Kate's door as they, too, experience the hard knocks of life in the quest for their own happy endings. As things start to spiral out of control, will the chaos and distance finally force the end of Clark and Kate's relationship? Or, will Kate's own personal fairy godmother swoop in and help save the day?

Romance / Other
Michelle Chichester
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The thing about fairy tales is that most people expect a happy ending. Cinderella ends up with her Prince Charming, Snow White is woken up from her endless sleep with the kiss from her prince, Belle’s Beast turns into a handsome prince, Ariel from the Little Mermaid ends up with her prince.

What people never really focus on is all of the things the characters have to go through to get their happy ending. Cinderella is forced to be a slave to her stepmother and stepsisters, Snow White is cursed by an evil queen, Belle has to leave her family and live alone in a castle with a beast, Ariel loses her voice and ability to sing or speak.

Do you see the pattern here? You basically have to go through a lot of crap before you can have your happy ending.

So, why do we do it? Why do we put ourselves through the trouble and heartache in that quest for a fairy tale ending?

Some don’t, sad souls. They drift through life, closing themselves off, living a half-life but telling themselves that it’s enough to come home every day to an empty house, no bright future in site. So, they stop looking. Others take another path, always searching, always looking, but never really noticing the good when it’s right in front of them.

Then, there are those who do end up with the happy ending. Some are lucky enough to have help – their own fairy godmother, you might say – and some end up figuring it out on their own.

But, once you find what you are looking for – like that first bloom of love when everything feels all bright and new and shiny -- it is sort of easy to forget everything you had to go through in your life to get there. All of the doubt, searching, wondering. All of it. All people see is that happy ending.

I’m here today to remind you that it’s real, people. The good and the bad. Not to say that I wouldn’t do it all again. It’s just when I looked into the future and saw a happy ending, I didn’t exactly expect what all I’d have to go through to get there. Then again, not everyone’s happy ending would turn out like mine.

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