The Monsters In Us

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Chapter 4 : Bait

Blissful sleep never came easily for beings like her, it was always ridden with nightmares of blood and pain, un-spilled tears and death.

Over and over again until she started to question her own sanity and the reason why beings like her would not die.

Her existence was painfully long.

There were times when all of her emotions dissolved to nothing. Times when every ingrained memory of the past started to loose its focus and dwindle. Times where Grayson’s face started fading to the point that she was beginning to forget what he looked like, what he felt like.

And it only took her five hundred years.

Ai chuckled dryly at the last thought.

To mortals, five hundred years is a long time but to her, everything passed by in a dreary blur.

She couldn’t remember the last time she had slept soundly without nightmares of her ex-mate, without dreams of what she could have had.

And then she remembered. She had ruined it with her bare hands.

Grayson was the only tangent in her life, the only focal point until she lost purpose like a star performing one last show in a magnanimous explosion only to become an encompassing black hole in the end.

Sadly, she had ended up becoming that mindless black hole that destroyed everything in its wake.

She had destroyed Grayson Smith.

That love that she had cherished in the beginning had morphed into an uncontrollable obsession until she took his life with her own fangs, as gruesome as that sounded. But he destroyed her as much as she had destroyed him.

He left her virtually hopeless and desolate when she lost him and their mate bond.

The empty void inside of her couldn’t be patched no matter how long the time passed or the distance between them. He took away her only chance at redemption and stomped on her heart before digging his heels into her bleeding flesh, because he wanted her to suffer.

And...she did.

She realized her mistakes shortly and had wanted to atone but sometimes, there wasn’t such a thing as forgiveness. Not in Grayson Smith’s books anyway.

She had created a monster in the midst of the chaos and the beast that formed was her doing.

Ai took full blame for it. She reaped what she had sown no matter how painful or unyielding it could be.

Ai heaved a sigh before her steady footsteps finally descended the spiraling stair steps, the sound seemingly hollow inside of the empty villa that was her current home. Everything was in pristine condition and properly organized, contrary to the fact that there was not one soul inside of this villa except for her.

It looks to be more deserted and lonely than it appeared in all of it’s magnificent glory. The entire living area was desolate and cold, holding no warmth that showed its occupancy.

“You’ve finally come out of hiding, Ai!” Hera, a woman with beautiful curly blond hair and light blue eyes, exclaimed rather playfully when the group of three woman entered into the quiet and cold home.

Their otherworldly beauty seemed to brighten the morose and vacant atmosphere almost immediately.

“I received a Calling from the Elders,” Ai replied, waving her hand towards the living room before leading the way into the villa. All three woman glanced at each other from the corner of their eyes before sitting down on the stiff and seemingly new couch, in wonder at how she could live so tediously like this.

“We did too. But by the looks of it, we all disregarded the elders Calling... again.” Damera, another woman with fire red hair commented with a wave of a black envelope that was quickly tossed onto the coffee table in smooth lazy motions. She pushed back a slender curl of red hair before crossing her legs and rhythmically tapping her red heels onto the expensive tile.

“Did you hear what it was about?” Ai was slightly curious as this was the first Calling in over 6 centuries.

“You really don’t know what it’s about, Ai?” Hera asked rather mysteriously with a knowing look glinting in her pretty blue eyes. The blonde beauty glanced through thick lashes at Ai’s still form.

“Should I?” Ai narrowed her eyes at Hera’s indication.

“Of course you should! This war started because of you!” Riri, the third woman with straight caramel hair and blood red lips, snorted out with a rather mocking glance.

“What do you mean ‘because of me’?” Ai said, slightly startled at the sudden turn of events. She wasn’t quite positive if her gut feeling was right but hearing Riri’s words, she could tell that her guess wasn’t too far off.

“Your mate---” Damera started.

“Ex-mate.” Riri interjected.

“---Your ex-mate is raising a whole army of un-dead werewolves---” Damera couldn’t help the flashing of irritation in her eyes at her friends second attempt to sabotage her.

"Blood hounds,” Riri piped in again.

“Damn it, Riri! Can I not say something without you interrupting?” The red haired woman tossed an empty tea cup at Riri’s smirking face only to have the other woman easily catch the porcelain between two fingers with her fast reflexes.

“Can’t help it. I just love watching your frustrated face.” Riri shrugged her shoulders with a lazy grin on her lips before walking off into the immaculate kitchen in search of something to do.

“Ai! Don’t you have anything in this fridge other than blood? What’s wrong with you?” Riri shouted from the other room and the sounds of things being moved around could be heard.

“I’m a vampire not a hormonal necromancer,” Ai called back with a quirk of her lips.

“As I was saying, Grayson is building an army of what is believed to be called Hell Hounds. Their sole mission is to find and destroy you. And he’s exterminating the whole vampire race because of your actions. The greedy bastard wants more than just your death. He wants all of our kind dead and he’s doing everything he can to ensure that,” Damera continued with a flex of her fingers at the thought of how many of their kind has already died because of Grayson.

“The bastard wanted us to tell him your location but we didn’t and because of that he killed April. She turned to dust before our eyes.” Hera glanced seriously at Ai’s slightly changing facial expressions. Ai couldn’t help the startled intake of air, the gasp barely leaving her lips when her hands curled tightly into fists.

“I’ve never seen crazy shit like that before,” Riri hollered across the room, bringing a bottle of opened red wine to the table, and leisurely pouring everyone a cup. Although, it was only 9 in the morning.

“Crazy bastard concocted some sort of deadly bullet. Far worse than holy water. Once the bullet penetrates our flesh, we disintegrate into thin air. Some evil priest is helping him produce this shit, Ai.” Hera shivered at the memory.

“And guess what? The only ones not affected by this bullet are werewolves.” Damera scoffed and took a small sip of the red wine, letting the alcohol roll along her tongue and cheek before swallowing down the bitterness.

“I’m so surprised.” Riri drawled out, voice dripping with sarcasm.

“The Elders don’t know the real reason why Grayson is after you, they only know he is demolishing this race because of some insane obsession he has with you,” Damera said with a slight snort.

“The rumors are opposite of what is true,” Ai stated calmly. She had heard far too many untrue rumors about herself to mind anymore. There was just too many to go around justifying.

“When has rumors ever spoke any truth, Ai?” Damera laughed.

“No one knows the true story because he has killed all of his pack members a couple centuries back. Anything related to you has been eradicated and erased these last centuries or so. The last thing to do now is kill you,” Riri said, finishing her 2nd cup of wine before going for another cup.

“He even killed off all his family and friends that witnessed his fall from grace when he met you.” Hera continued.

“If you’re wondering, we didn’t rat you out. Nobody did. Well, nobody alive anyways.” Riri sent a sly smirk Ai’s way, eyes slightly narrowed with a curl of her vibrant red lips.

“Since you did such a good job hiding, no one was able to find you to let you know about the mandatory requirement of your presence at that Calling. And since we all rebelled and didn’t go to the Meeting of Pure Bloods either, we missed out on the chance to object the Elder’s verdict.”

“I was busy getting it on with Dray and his twin brothers. Two in the front and one in the back,” Riri interjected with information that most of the females there were not very interested in knowing with a wide smirk on her sensually seductive face, “And girl I’m telling you, I had a blast!”

“Riri...” Damera growled out lowly, tempted to toss her wine glass at the woman while Ai pursed her lips at the sudden imagery that made her slightly grossed out.


“Whatever, Di. I know you were probably busy sucking off your older brother to even bother going so don’t you get on my case. Congrats, by the way.” Riri ignored the pointed glare that everyone sent her way, laughing at the uncomfortable look on Damera’s usually confident face.

“No one cares what you were busy doing, Riri. Anyways, can someone fill me in on what the verdict was?” Ai asked, trying to change the subject for Damera’s sake.

Defying the natural laws of physics with a forbidden relationship that was basically taboo was something that made someone confident and uptight like Damera slightly apprehensive and uneasy.

“Those old senile fools want to put you under the protection of a werewolf! Some Alpha!” Hera laughed out just at the thought of something so ridiculous gave her giggles.

If hundreds of years ago someone were to tell her that there would be a day where a vampire would be protected by a werewolf she would have laughed in their face. But ever since that Vampire-Werewolf treaty 300 years ago, they had to be friendly with each other now so killing them is no longer an option.

What a bummer.

“I heard from Jeremy, who was a model vampire that went to the Calling, that the Elders ruled you under the protection of the Cardinal Alpha Cain Aro until they take down Grayson.”

“Cain Aro?” Ai’s brows wrinkled slightly in question.

“The Western Cardinal Alpha.” Hera raised an eyebrow at Ai’s seemingly clueless look.

Who is that?

She had never even heard the name before and she has been alive for way too long now.

“For a vampire that has--had a werewolf mate, you know nothing about their kind.” Hera pointed out, rather exasperated at Ai’s lack of information on what was going on in their world.

“Yea, well, Ai was too busy obsessing over Grayson to see anybody else.” Damera patted Hera on the back, shaking her head as if to tell the blonde beauty that Ai was a lost case.

“I’m telling you Ai, Cain Aro is one hot mutha-fucka. If I could crawl into his bed, I would do it in a heart beat. Only thing is he would probably snap my neck first before I can even take off my thong, and you know how rude it is to interrupt a girl when she’s trying to take off her thong. That man is a straight shovel that will not bend. It’s like he’s had an icicle stuck up his ass for two centuries.” Riri pursed her red lips at the thought, shrugging her shoulders as if it was his loss and not hers.

“I wouldn’t doubt it.” Ai shook her head in question of her friendship to this Necromancer.

Why were they friends again?

“Yea, well, since you managed to receive the letter, albeit a little late, I’m sure that they have been able to track you down now,” Hera said.

“I wouldn’t doubt that they’ve sent out a team to collect you. For protection." Damera placed heavy emphasis on the last two words with a dark smirk on her pretty lips and everyone knew the hidden meaning.


Yeah right.

More like bait.

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