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Shanrae is a half elf, orphaned and forced to work as a whore, her hope is for someone to save her, but when her savior does come he is no knight in shiny armour, rather the opposite of just that...

Romance / Erotica
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The wise speak of love
as the deepest of mysteries
and most elusive of dreams
Nobody may fathom the reason
Why souls meet and find
that they are as one
and always has been.

The girl stood hidden behind a door, held her breath although her heart was pounding in her chest. Her mouth was dry and her body shivered, she could feel cold sweat running down her back. The two men standing there in the hall were well known to her and she feared them. She had hoped that they never would come this way again but now they had and she knew that they would ask for her this night. And she had to obey or the punishment would be even worse than the torment these two loved to inflict upon their unfortunate victims.
The last time they bought her she had barely survived and had she not been so expensive they probably would have killed her. But her value was too great; they could not afford to pay the compensation. Her master would certainly demand more than even these two rich brothers could afford since she still was young with many good years ahead of her. And he only sold her to the really rich customers so there had not been too many using her either. There were a couple of other girls at the Inn, who were in the same situation as herself, but they were ordinary and they had had more men between their thighs than they could count.
She was spared that destiny, at least for now. As long as she was exotic enough she was a priced possession too good to be sold to commoners. No, only the rich were allowed to touch her and she thought that she should be grateful but she wasn’t.
She hated it, every day of it. Every time her master told her that someone had bought a night with her it felt like dying and she hated them all. Even the ones who were gentle to her and tried to pretend like they cared. The truth was always that they only cared about themselves. All they really wanted was to fuck her and be done with it, and all she ever cared about was to escape. But there were no escape and there never would be one, she was property and if she ran she knew that he would find her and probably cut her hamstrings or something like that.
She stared at the wood in front of her eyes, tried to find a way out of this. She could hope that they would buy one of the other girls but they weren’t as pretty as her, or as special. He often told her that, that she was special. Her master was married to a terrible old hag of a woman with a face like a horse and a body like a pile of boards. In some ways he had some moral because he never fucked his girls, he just made them please him in other ways and she made a grimace. She wished she had the courage to bite down hard when he shoved that thing of his down her throat but she did not dare. He would kill her, he surely would.
She had not always been a whore at this Inn, earlier she had been an ordinary servant girl but that was before her body changed into that of a woman. She had ended up at the Inn when her mother died and she had though that she was in luck to end up in a place where she had food and shelter. But that luck changed and she longed back to those days. They had been hard too, there had been lots of hard work and they had even hit her if she did not work fast enough but it had been heaven compared with her current situation.
She had grown slowly, and ended up being very tall and slender. And her master’s attitude had changed gradually. First she was told that the others could do the washing, her hands would be too rough from all the water and scrubbing. And then she was released from one shore upon another and she didn’t understand. Why did the others have to work when she suddenly was told to do almost nothing?
The master called her his treasure and gave her better clothes than the others and yet she saw pity in the eyes of the others there and could not understand. All she knew was that it somehow felt wrong and that she felt uncomfortable whenever he was around. He was looking at her the same way as one would look at a horse one is thinking about buying and she tried to avoid him.
And then one day a rich man arrived and bought a room for the night and she was told to go to the room and help the gentleman with something. She had been so very innocent and stupid and so she went to the room. And the man raped her and her terrified screams only made him more eager. It was the worst night of her life, a night where she had lost everything except life itself and often she had wished that she had died. She had fainted several times but every time he waited until she woke up again before he started at it again and he took her in every possible way. She was so in shock afterward that she could barely talk for days and she couldn’t stop crying. And five gold coins had been the price on her maidenhood, the price of her innocence.
Later she had been sold again, several times. And she hated him, hated them all. Hated those leering eyes and the greasy fingers that touched her like she was a piece of meat. Hated being held down and mounted like a beast, hated the feeling of their seed within her. She would never be pure again, never be clean. No matter how much she washed she still felt them on her and in her. The filth they left behind on her, she was forever marked by their lust and money.
She was not courageous enough to kill herself; if she had been she would have done it back then. There was no doubt in her mind about it. She had felt so betrayed and so alone, like there were nobody there in the world that cared about her. All her master cared about was her beauty, that it wasn’t in any way spoiled. She was a source of good income and he was watching her like a hawk. The two men moved away from the hall and she ran out another door, entered one of the servant’s quarters. She could hide there but not for long. Desperation clawed its way into her; she knew the torture these two had in mind. It was bad enough to be fucked but they did so much more than just that. They were sick, that was the truth. She had learned a lot about men these last couple of years, knew how to judge their character rather well.
There had to be a way of avoiding these men? She could not claim that she was bleeding because she never had; somehow she didn’t follow the rhythm of the moon as other women did. So she had no excuse there and her mind raced. Could she hide somewhere? No, he knew the buildings better than her, they would find her and he had sworn that if she tried to trick him in any way he would give her away for free to any and every man who wanted her.
How could she avoid this, had the gods only been filled with mercy but they never seemed to care about her. She was just a whore, an expensive one but never the less just a whore. She cursed her mother who had brought her to this world, and she cursed the father she had never known for having bred a daughter with his features. Her mother had been rather short and stocky with dark hair and uneven features. But she had grown tall and elegant and she had inherited her father’s golden hair and fair skin and beauty. Her neck was long and made her a little swan like and she had big almond shaped eyes as blue as good sapphires. She had a tiny waist and rounded hips and her breasts were perfect, at least everybody said that they were.
She would have preferred to be ugly as a mule if it could have saved her from this destiny. The customers praised her master for his wisdom, said that it kept her nice and tight that he didn’t sell her that often. They did not see her as a human being at all, even though she was at least half human. Why had her mother slept with an elf in the first place, and why had she been born? Half elves were rare, she knew it.
She stared out of the window; it was not very good and changed every shape out there into something strange. She had one hope left, if someone arrived who would pay more than those two she could be saved. Then she would let that person have her that night but everything was better than having to go with those two beasts. She prayed silently that someone would come, someone who could save her. The prayer would probably be ignored but she prayed nonetheless, she had to do something.
The evening fell and she dreaded it, waited to hear her master calling for her soon. If the Gods could only strike her dead there and then. How she feared the pain and the humiliation she knew waited. She was leaning toward the window again when she saw a shape moving through the gate. Her heart raced for a second or two but she felt disappointed at once. A lone rider, no rich person would travel like that. But still she felt curious and she ran down the corridor and peaked out the window close to the entrance.
It was a lone rider in deed, and the person was covered with a heavy cloak and seemed to be very tall. The steed he rode was no horse but a huge mule of the breed that was being bred along the coast. She felt hope again, those animals were very expensive and well known for their docile temperament and their great strength. The rider handed the reins over to a stable boy and walked towards the entrance and she wanted to go over to the door to see who this was but was stopped by a heavy hand on her shoulder. She turned around and yelped, it was one of the brothers and he was grinning. His eyes were shining with malicious anticipation. “Hello there pretty one, remember me?”
He tried to get his hand up underneath her skirt and she squirmed and tried to get loose from his grip.
“Oh I bet you do little wench, and we’ll get that intimate again tonight. I can’t wait to hear you scream again, and that cunt of yours is really the best!”
She tried to scream but who would care if she called out for help? There was a thud and the grip around her arm loosened, she looked up and saw that the rider had entered the room but she had not heard him opening the doors. And he was indeed tall, almost seven feet and although his face was hidden within the shadows of his hood she could see the glimpse of two piercing eyes that appeared to be almost red in color.
The stranger had grasped the man’s arm and just stared at him and the guy gasped and pulled himself free and ran. Like he had seen the devil himself. She could almost believe that, that this was the devil. There was something very terrifying about him but he had saved her, but only for now. She tried to swallow and he nodded toward the fleeing man. “Was he harassing you girl?”
She nodded and he stared at her, she could not see his face and it felt disturbing, had she jumped from the ashes and straight into the fire itself? He sighed and went over to the counter. He rang the bell and turned towards her again. “I think I want to talk a little with you young lady, there is something rather special about you. If you don’t mind?”
She shook her head, felt her legs shiver and her heart was thundering again. She felt terrified of him but somehow she knew that he meant her no harm. She had to make him buy her for the night, she had to!
The master came to the counter and immediately looked a bit apprehensive by the sight of this huge guy. He looked as if he really wanted to ask him to leave but she knew that he was a coward at heart. He would never dare. Her master swallowed and his voice was thin. “Yes, how may I be of assistance Sir?”
The rider reached into a pocket somewhere, pulled out a pouch and got some coins from it threw them on the counter. She could see the deep rich color of good gold coins, this man was rich. “I want a room for the night, and this girl her can help me get cleaned up. I need some help with my hair.”
Her master hesitated for a second of two, and then he considered the gold coins and nodded. “Of course my lord, as you wish!”
He found a key and called for one of the servants to get a tub and some water. “Show him to room 202!”
He turned toward the man again. “What name should I put in the book?”
The rider just stood there like he was made from stone. “Ghuad, that’s all. Just Ghuad. I’ll be waiting here for some friends of mine who will be joining me tomorrow I guess.”
The master smiled, he seemed like he anticipated more money soon. “Of course my lord, there will be a bathtub and water brought to your room. Would you require some food too? “
The rider nodded. “Some good meat and ale, and perhaps some stew too, and a piece of good cheese if you have any. “
He reached into his pouch again and took out a couple more coins.
“And make it fast my good man” He grabbed the key and the master turned toward her and threw a warning glance at her, leaned over and whispered to her. “This guy is rich girl, make him ask for you or else I will let the two have you tonight!”
She felt her throat go dry with fear and just nodded before she ran past the rider and showed him the way toward the room. It was one of the biggest and most luxurious there and she had been there several times and she had no good memories of any of them.
The rider walked into the room and sighed, he looked pleased with it.
He undid the lacing on his cloak and let it fell and she had to gasp when she saw his face. He was rather dark with black hair that seemed to have a sort of red shine to it and those eyes were in deed almost red like good amber in color. And his features were so beautiful and alien she had to stare. He had the ears of an elf almost and she thought he’d might be a half breed like herself. But there was something else there too and she did not understand who or what he was.
He had been carrying a sword and some daggers too, laid the weapons down and removed his heavy jacket. He looked a bit tired and she could see stains on his clothes that had to be blood. Was he a soldier of some kind? A mercenary perhaps? She felt scared again, he was huge and there was an almost palpable aura around him of something dangerous and terrible. But she did not think he was evil, at least he did not seem to be evil.
She stared at him and did not know what to think or say, but she had to stay there with him this night. She had to make him want her enough to pay for her and she felt how the idea of offering herself to someone made her almost sick but she had to. He sat down in a chair, looked at her. His eyes were calm and very beautiful and he smiled too. She did not trust him because she trusted no man but she somehow felt that he was better than the two brothers. He lifted his arm, gestured at her to make her come closer.
“Can you help me with my boots?”
She nodded with a dry mouth and stared at his boots, they were covered with mud and blood and they stank. She took a deep breath and grabbed one of his feet and started pulling at the boot that came of very slowly and reluctantly. He smiled. “Good work, but don’t sniff now. I guess my feet stink just as bad as the boot.“
She had to smile but the smile was a swift one. She pulled of the other boot too and it was just as stuck as the other one. He sighed in relief and smiled at her again but there were questions within that smile and she did not want to answer them. Somehow she did not want him to know what she was but she knew that there was no way out. She had to tell him that she was for sale, that he could buy her for the night just like he would buy himself a meal.
There was a knock on the door and the servants came in with the huge tub and several buckets of hot water. A girl brought some towels and soap and other things they might need and he just sat there and had that peculiar little smile around his mouth until they were done and left the room. He started to undress and she felt herself blush, turned around. She had seen naked men before, too many of them, but somehow this felt different. He stripped down to his briefs and she had to make a small peep. He was gorgeous; no other word could describe him. Powerful and elegant like a tiger and just perfect. He was no human that was for certain. He looked at her. “Do I make you embarrassed if I get completely naked?”
She tried to appear calm and cool but her voice trembled, she looked down. “No... No...I am used to seeing men naked!”
He tilted his head, his eyes were so strange. It felt like they peered into her very soul and she feared what they saw in there.
“You are a half breed and a very beautiful one too. And you are working here at this inn. There is something here I find weird, and I don’t like mysteries. That man who harassed you downstairs acted like he had a right to be rude. Is it as I suspect? “
She gasped, felt trapped and at the same time strangely relieved. The cat was out of the bag and she had nothing more to hide. She shivered, dared not look at him, and felt dirtier than ever before. “Yes, yes it is. I... I am for sale.. And that man and his brother wants to buy me for the night”

He looked at her again and there was pity in his eyes. “And you do not want them to have you am I not right?”
She nodded, felt herself shiver. “You are right, they are sadistic. The last time they bought me I almost died...”
She felt the fear rush through her again, threw herself at his feet and grabbed on to his hand. “Oh please, let...Let me stay with you tonight, I’ll do anything you want me to. I am really good, I swear!”
He lifted her onto her feet. Those eyes, how the compassion within them almost burned her, how unworthy of it she felt.
He took her hand. “I suspected something like that; you are being forced to go with these men are you not? Forced to let them take you no matter how you feel about it? “
She could only nod and he sighed. “The evil of mankind, how it never stops to surprise me. “
He caressed her hand gently. “ So, how much must a man pay to enjoy your company for one night? I’d guess that you are expensive? “
She told him and he whistled. “ I’d guess you are worth that much yes, you are absolutely gorgeous. But do not fear, I will not pay for you and demand that you do these things. I want to help you. I have friends who arrive tomorrow and they are very powerful in deed. They can end this and make sure that you face a better future than what your master has in mind for you”
It sounded better than anything she had ever heard before but she did not know if she could believe it.
“How? How can my future be better? I am a whore, nobody! Nobody would offer me work or a home, I am lower than low”
She felt so incredibly sad there and then and he got a stern look upon his face. “To my friends it doesn’t matter what you have been doing, they’ll help you no matter what”
She sighed. “I wish I could believe you...!”
He smiled. “You can, I give you my word. You are being kept as a slave and slavery is strictly illegal in this country. My friends are the raised fist of the law and the Gods; they will strike down upon your master.”
He got up from the chair again and touched her head gently. “Wait here, I’ll go to that son of a bitch and tell him that I am going to have you this night, and I’ll pay him double price too. Then we can talk in peace.”
She tried to smile but the smile became a stiff one. Somehow she feared that suggestion more than the idea of being fucked by him.
Ghuad put on his cloak again and left the room, went to the counter and put up his most uninviting face. He had the clear impression that this man would dislike the idea of someone getting too friendly with the girl. The man behind the counter gave him a slick smile and Ghuad placed a good size stack of coins on the counter. “For the girl, this night and the next if I stay that long. And I do not want to be disturbed, so no knocking even if you hear noises understood? “
His voice was deep and raw and the man got a bit pale. «It is understood sir, but I must please ask you to not damage her too much. “
Ghuad almost growled. “Do not worry, I won’t leave a mark on her, I swear”
He just turned around and left and knew that the man would find some excuse to tell the other two guys. And he could not face the man any longer because his rage was too hot to keep hidden. The fireplace was suddenly lit up like never before and every candle burned with heightened intensity.
This beast was forcing this lovely creature to do unthinkable things and Ghuad wanted to kill the man with his bare hands but he would have to wait until the others arrived. He had felt really surprised when he saw her, saw the signs of her mixed heritage and her beauty. And he felt that something within her touched his very soul. She looked like a wounded deer trapped before the hunter and his compassion and pity threatened to overwhelm him.
She was so lovely, prettier than most elven girls and more exotic too, and those eyes... so scared and so lovely. He wanted to save her, to keep her safe forever. She should never have had to suffer like this, she was a gem, a rare creature more precious than any earthly treasure and he would do whatever he could to make sure that her future was secured.
This bastard of a pimp would feel the true force of the law the next day but until then he would have to make her trust him and see if he could guess how damaged she was. There were people among his friends who were able to heal just about anything, both physically and mentally and they had the experience and wisdom needed to help her become the person she was meant to be.
He blushed as he walked back to the room, he was not used to being naked with others but being naked is sometimes equal to being honest. And he would not hide anything from her. She would feel like she was in control and that was what he wanted.
And did he want her? He searched his feelings and had to admit to himself that yes, he wanted her. He wanted to please her, to show her pleasure because he suspected that she never had found any joy in a man’s embrace. The question was if she dared to trust him enough. He would have to see what happened later.
She sat there in the chair when he returned and he smiled at her and took of his cloak again. He felt the water and nodded. “Warm but not too warm, that’s nice.”
He turned toward her. “I am Ghuad, what’s your name? I don’t want to spend the night just calling you girl”
She blushed; they rarely ever bothered asking for her name. “I am Shanrae, my mother gave me that name but I do not know what it means.”
Ghuad sat down next to her. “I know what it means, it is elvish you know. It’s what the mountain elves call the huge white cats that hunts up high in the mountains.”
She looked at him, marveled by the information.
“Really? Is it true?”
He nodded. “It is, I have seen one of those once and it was beautiful but not as beautiful as you.”
She looked away; there was shame in her face. “You can’t say that, I’m not worthy of such praise. I am only a ...”
He stopped her; there was something strict within his eyes. “Don’t say the word Shanrae, it is not true and you know it. This has been done to you, not by you. There is a difference.”
He stroked a finger along her cheek and she stiffened, looked scared and he was swearing to himself. He would torch the bastard responsible for her misery.
“You are not only anything Shanrae; you are of better blood than them. I do not care what you have done or been forced to do. It is the past now! Tomorrow a new world will awaken for you and everything will change, I will see to that”

She tried to smile. “I wish I could believe that.”
He looked sad. “You have learned that all men are bastards right? That all they want is that lovely body of yours, or worse, to hurt you. But I am different and within your heart you know this. You can feel it; I can see it in your eyes. “

She swallowed, how could he know?
She looked down. “I... I feel like I have seen you before, somehow..”
He smiled and touched her hand. “See? I am right; I feel the same way too. Like I have known you forever. And now, let’s enjoy this warm bath before the water gets cold.”
He stood up and let his briefs fall with his back to her. She had to blush, he had such a lovely muscled back and his butt was nice too. And that long hair of his looked as soft as satin although it was tangled and filled with sweat and filth. He sat down into the tub and sighed with relief.
“Ahh, that felt good, better than chopping down orcs!”
She felt curious. “Is that what you do? “
He smiled with his eyes closed in bliss. “Yes, among other things. I try to do what I can to rid this world of evil. Even if it means beheading one orc at a time. “
She had never seen an orc but knew how dangerous they were; she swallowed and moved over toward the tub. She grabbed a jug and started pouring water over him and he just smiled and allowed her to do it. She tried not to look at him but she couldn’t help herself. He was so perfect, so different from the men she had been with in the past. She got his hair wet and grabbed the soap, washed it carefully and he just sat there and enjoyed the procedure.
It was weird but she felt safe with him, it was true what she had said. She rinsed his hair and found a comb and he relaxed and let her do whatever she wanted to. It felt good to be able to be good to someone in such a way. When his hair was clean and combed she started to wash his shoulders and back and he turned his head and smiled at her. “You have such good hands Shanrae.”
She blushed and bit her lower lip. “Would it please you if I too went in the water? “
He looked at her and there was something very sincere within those strange eyes. “Only if it pleases you Shanrae. I do not want anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.”
She knew he spoke the truth and that made her feel very strange indeed. Nobody had cared about what she wanted before.

“I think I would like a bath too. “
She got on her feet and undid the buttons on her blouse and skirt, let the garments fall to the floor and he stared at her with pure admiration. There was nothing of the lustful leering she was used to and it felt good. He liked her she could tell but in a different way than the others. He saw her, he saw Shanrae and not just a body with which to still his lust. And she suddenly felt very brave.
She stepped into the water and it was indeed warm but it felt great too and she slowly sat down next to him. She grabbed the soap and started to wash him and he just sat there and let her run her hands over his skin. He was firm and warm and so good to touch and she started to feel curious about him. He was no human and probably no half elf either but somehow it did not matter what he was. She felt like she knew his soul. He was powerful and ancient and probably not only good but he was kind to her and would always be.
Ghuad grasped a sponge and started to wash her in return and it felt good. It felt different. She allowed herself to enjoy the feeling of being touched and relaxed. Ghuad continued to let the sponge glide over her skin and soon he replaced it with his bare hand. And he pulled her a little closer to him and let his lips touch her neck ever so gently. She shivered and then she moved over so he could better reach her. She felt weird; there was strange warmth within her and her body felt heavy.
She let her hands slide over him in return and she gathered her courage and put them on a course towards the area she had only bad experiences with from before. Ghuad caught her eyes with his own. His voice was very soft and he was honest. “You know you don’t have to do that Shanrae?”
She nodded. “I know, but I ... I would like to know what it’s like when... When I choose it.”
He nodded and leaned back against the back of the tub and she continued. He gasped and shut his eyes when she reached his manhood and she felt him grow against her hand.
She had to gasp too, she suddenly felt the heat intensify even more and she got an empty feeling within. And she got a bit nervous too, he was so hard and big and she started to fear that this could be a really bad idea. But then again, for once she really wanted to feel what it was about, without being forced to do it.
She started to caress him and he moaned and let his hand slide gently over her backside. It felt good, it was so lovingly done and he stared at her with his eyes glazed over in pleasure. And he let her be in control, he never did anything to control her.
The warm feeling got stronger and he shut his eyes again and moaned softly. “I like that, you have a real talent. Would you like me to touch you in return?”
She swallowed. Felt a little unsure but his gaze was calm. “I’ll be careful, I swear. “
She nodded and he let his hand slide up between her thighs and the feeling was beyond anything she had ever experienced. It felt like she suddenly hungered for something she yet did not know but the feeling was so strong and pure and his fingers were so tender and gentle and found places she never had known she had and every touch gave her more and more pleasure. She gasped for air and shivered and had to let go of him, she had to place her hands on the side of the tub and on his shoulder not to lose her balance.
He grabbed her gently, lifted her so she sat across his thighs, facing him. He continued what he had been doing with one hand while he stroked himself with the other hand and his eyes had gotten dark and he was breathing hard. She had never experienced something like this before. She had been held down and taken with force, this was new to her. She now knew why someone claimed that they actually liked this, because she liked it and liked it a lot. But she hungered for more and started rubbing herself against his hand. He smiled at her and it was a happy smile, like he was happy she liked it. Then he was leaning forward a bit and kissed one of her nipples.
And Shanrae gasped again, she could feel something within her contracting and she was shivering all over. He did not let go, continued to suck and lick at her breasts and she felt like every nerve in her body suddenly caught fire.
And what a wonderful fire it was. And she needed him; she realized that now, that she needed to feel him inside her. Her body was ready and she tried to slide herself closer to him, Ghuad stroked a finger along her cheek, tried to sound calm but it was getting harder and harder both literally and metaphorical. “You do not have to do it, not for me!”
She nodded, gasped and blushed. ”I...I have to. I must have... Something. Can’t wait...”
Ghuad nodded and placed his hands on her hips to offer her some support as she slid closer to his body and lifted herself a bit. She used one hand to guide him right and did not even feel a bit nervous any longer. She could not control this desperate desire and she didn’t want to either cause nothing she had ever done had seemed more right. She belonged there with him, no doubt about that.
Ghuad groaned softly when he slid into place and Shanrae gasped and wanted to scream in pure surrender but could not. She felt whole, for the first time in her life she was complete and filled and everything was perfect just like him.
Ghuad embraced her, pulled her closer to him and kissed her and she let him do it even if she never had let anyone kiss her before. And that kiss made the heat swell in her again and she started to move against him on pure instinct. She gasped and whimpered as this new sensation filled every sense in her. It had always felt like she was being run through with a spear shaft but not this time. It felt right, like he was made just for her and the feeling of him sliding back and forth within her was beyond description. It felt so good she could cry but all she could do was moaning his name and keep the rhythm.
Ghuad kissed her again, he was panting and his eyes were black and burned with desire. He placed his hands on her butt again and caught her eyes. He sent her a little naughty smile that made her shiver but she trusted him completely. He whispered to her. “I am going to thrust three times and then you are going to come, I can feel it so get ready. “

She was confused because she had not heard that word used in such a setting and she had not even known that women could reach such a level of pleasure. And she was a bit scared again because she could not imagine any feeling more intense than the one she had right now.
She could feel every detail of him and she felt stretched to her very limit but it was just wonderful, not painful at all. And he stared straight into her eyes and then he began to move.
He thrust against her movements hard and with determination and Shanrae’s eyes got wide with shock. She gasped for air. “One!”
He moaned and repeated and she started to shiver. He could read her like an open book now. “Two!” Shanrae dug her fingernails into his shoulder, her body was on fire, something was about to happen and it would be overwhelming. She was scared but there was no way back now. Ghuad made a deep groan from his chest and changed his angle a bit before moving again.
“Three!” And Shanrae screamed as sparks flew in front of her eyes and her body was shaking and something within her was contracting with pleasure on the border of being agony. Ghuad was gasping and his face contorted as he too crossed the border and came. He roared and shook all over and

Shanrae could feel it deep within her, how his seed

filled her. She shuddered again and moaned and it did not seem to stop.
Ghuad was leaning his forehead against her shoulder, panting and gasping and she shivered still. She could not even say anything cause there was nothing to say. Ghuad got a grip of himself, gathered his strength and looked at her lovingly. “Now, was this different?”
She nodded and sighed, had never felt better in her life. Ghuad smiled and kissed her and she answered that kiss. He let his hands glide through her long golden hair. “You have only been taken the’eri. Never been made love to. Now you know the difference. “
She giggled and embraced him, weird how familiar he suddenly felt. “Yes I know the difference. But what did that mean? The’eri?”
He looked down and when he stared into her eyes there was something very tender within that glance. He took her hand and squeezed it. “I do not know how, or why. But our souls are somehow connected and have always been. I have been waiting for you and I haven’t known that I have until now. It means «beloved” Shanrae. I hope it doesn’t scare you?”
She swallowed, knew that his words were true.
“No, it doesn’t scare me, not a bit. “
He smiled and it was a new glimpse in his eyes. “I am glad to hear that, because I have come here to rest and instead I have had my heart stolen”
She giggled again and he kissed her gently.
“The water is getting cold, the bed?”
She nodded and he lifted her, carried her to the bed and laid her down very gently. “You have learned a little new now, but there is yet much to learn. And I’d be honored to be your teacher”
She bit her lower lip; there was anticipation in her eyes. «And I am very glad to be your student.”
He lay down beside her and kissed her again. “Good, here is lesson number two!”
Ghuad started to kiss her all over but they were interrupted by a knock on the door. Ghuad swore and threw some blankets over her. “Try to lie still, and pretend like your crying or something. “
He grabbed another blanket and wrapped it around his waist before answering the door. A servant came in with a huge tray filled with food and he placed it at the table. He had a jug of ale in the other hand and left it at the table too and he threw a quick glance at the pile of blankets that was moving like the person underneath them was sobbing.
Ghuad just stared at the man with cold eyes and he hurried out the door with a feeling that he had come face to face with death himself. When the servant had left Ghuad filled a cup with ale and when Shanrae got out of the blankets he sat down beside her and poured some drops of the thick brown fluid onto her skin. She twitched since it was cold but she soon realized what he was planning when he started to lick the drops from her skin. He held her gently and before long his face was buried between her thighs and she was squirming and gasping in the grasp of another approaching ecstasy.
When the morning light came creeping over the hills both Shanrae and Ghuad were sleeping, exhausted and satisfied. Shanrae had not even known that there were so many ways in which one could do it, and that there was this much pleasure in it. She had learned a lot and knew that his words were true. They did indeed belong together. She trusted him now, knew that he would keep his words and see to it that she got her freedom back.
They had eaten and then they had gone back to this joyful activity again and she had felt like she never could have too much of it. She was curious and eager and he enjoyed it, loved to see her true personality emerge from the shell of shame and fear she had been caught within. They slept close together with arms and legs tangled and did barely move at all during the short night.
The sunlight through the narrow window awakened them both and Ghuad stretched and yawned. His teeth were sharp and long but she had accepted the unusual things about him now, and she knew the truth about him too. And she somehow felt that there was a deeper truth hidden within her own past too, a truth that had to be uncovered somehow. But that would have to wait. Neither of them wanted to get up and leave the warm bed but they had to. And Ghuad kissed her and promised her that his friends would like her and she blushed and felt a little nervous still. But his words did sooth her nerves; if they really were so wise then they would hopefully see past her previous life and accept her.
Ghuad told her to stay within his room, he got dressed and went and ordered some more food and went to the stable to check in on his mule. And Shanrae knew that she would have to stay there until his friends arrived because she could see that her new happiness was visible within her face. And her master would get suspicious in deed if he saw that shine within her eyes. Ghuad returned and appeared to be pleased, he sat down and caressed her hand.
“They’ll be here soon I guess. We’d might as well eat while we wait” She nodded and they waited a few minutes before one of the servants brought some bread and cheese and more ale. Shanrae hid her face within her hair when the servant was there, tried to appear subdued and sighed with relief when he left.
Shanrae had never been known for having a huge appetite but she felt famished and couldn’t eat fast enough.
Ghuad stared at her with a wry smile upon his face and she just stared back. “You seem to need it, so just enjoy the food.”
She tried to speak while chewing and the result was rather weird, Ghuad did not understand a single syllable and grinned at her. He gave her a cup of ale and she drank it and coughed. She had never felt like that before and she had never met a person with whom she felt so safe. She could laugh with him or just be plain silly if she wanted to and that felt so incredibly good. It was a freedom she had never tasted before.
There were things on her mind still though, things that bothered her and she wanted to ask him those questions but she did not dare. Ghuad chewed on a piece of cheese and made a goofy looking grimace. “This cheese is old, and so was the goat too I’d recon”
Shanrae had to laugh and suddenly she found the courage to ask him cause she did not fear the answer, not any more. Ghuad let his fingers run through her hair, kissed her forehead. “No, I do not think you are dirty or tainted or stained or anything. You know that! I don’t care at all who’s had you or how many cause they did not mean anything to you, other than being something you feared. In my eyes you are pure, your soul is stronger than those who has held you captive and tortured you”
He kissed her again and he lifted his head and smiled. “And now I think my friends are approaching this place. I can hear them!”
He went over to the window and stared out of it. Shanrae followed and looked out over his shoulder. She could see several horses and had to almost rub her eyes. Those were the biggest animals she had ever seen; she had not even believed that a horse could be that tall. The stable boys were scattering around like a group of confused chickens and she saw that the riders were tall people too. And there were several of them.
Ghuad smiled at her and kissed her gently. “Do not worry my dearest, you’ll like them. And they will love you as soon as they get to know you!”
She made a faint smile, did really anyone truly know her? And yet he seemed to do exactly that.
He opened the window and shouted something and then he closed it and turned toward her. “Today your master’s reign of terror ends. And I can promise you that his end will be a spectacular one!”
There were the sound of many feet through the corridor and a knock on the door.

Ghuad opened the door and a huge man entered the room. Shanrae gasped and had to fight her sudden feeling of fear. The man was almost as tall as Ghuad and had the same dark skin but his ears told her that he was an elf and he had black eyes and black hair with a single white stripe in it. And she felt that this being was potentially even more dangerous than Ghuad.

If Ghuad was fire then this elf was darkness itself. The kind of darkness you have feared since childhood and waits within nightmares. He stopped and stared at her with surprise in his eyes and Ghuad smiled, the smile seemed a bit nervous. “I’ll explain soon enough.”
Two more men entered the room, a human who could have been the elf’s twin had it not been for his ears and rougher facial structure and a strange man with a deep tan, white hair and the eyes of an eagle or huge cat. Shanrae wanted to hide; she was shivering and stared at these three with fear in her face. They were dangerous, more dangerous than anything she could have imagined and he said that they were his friends? There were voices from the corridor, female voices and Shanrae felt a little better. Women were not that dangerous.
She believed that only until the first woman entered the room, she was almost as tall as the men and was dressed in a light armor and her hair was black and long and unbraided. She looked like a warrior and wore a huge sword across her back and some long daggers in her belt. She stared at Ghuad and Shanrae and lifted one eyebrow in a curious grimace. The elf smiled. “He’ll explain!”
Two more women entered and the room began to feel crowded. They were both elves and one was tall and incredibly beautiful with hair like flames and emerald green eyes. The other was rather short with silvery white hair and greenish blue eyes that shimmered and changed color with the light. A fourth girl came rushing through the door, she grinned and looked like an unpolished gem compared to the others. She was slim and elegant and somewhat a bit rough but at the same time very feminine and delicate. She shook her head. “The stable master refuses to let Chyun stay in the stable. Khir is trying to convince him that he won’t eat the horses”
Everybody stared at Ghuad and Shanrae and he went towards her and grabbed her hand. She shivered and dared not look up. There were so many strong people there now and she did not doubt for a second that these men could teach her master a lesson or two.
The elf looked at Ghuad. ”All right, we are here now so please explain?”
The women stared at Shanrae and she wanted to pull one of the blankets over her. They were so very lovely and the first lady with the long black hair and the swords seemed to examine her closely.
Ghuad sighed. “This is Shanrae people, she is my true mate, the other half of me”
The others stared at him in disbelief and confusion until the flame haired girl made a small shriek with joy and raced over and hugged Shanrae. “Oh wonderful, we have feared that he would remain alone! Welcome to our group!”
Shanrae felt a bit overwhelmed and swallowed hard.
The black haired woman tilted her head, stared at her. “The Goddess is strong within this one, such an exquisite young lady. Ghuad, you know how to pick the best ones. But I sense fear in her? And grief?”
Ghuad looked down and pressed her hand, she could feel that his huge hand was shivering ever so slightly. Then he started to tell about how they had met and what she had been forced to do and the young girl who entered last looked at her with complete understanding in her eyes.
“Shanrae, my name is Enez. I am Rheyneks mate; he’s the guy with the white hair and the eyes by the way. And I know exactly how you feel dear, I grew up at a brothel and worked there as a thief until I was at an age when the madam though she could sell me. But Rheynek saved me from that destiny”
She took Shanrae’s hand and Shanrae suddenly felt that she had found a true friend.
Ghuad petted her on her shoulder. “These are weapons masters my dear, and the Goddess own priestesses.”
She gasped and understood how they could end her masters business. Ghuad continued. “I present to you Hawk, that’s the elf over there who looks a bit scary but let me assure you, he is really a great guy.”
Hawk bowed slightly and smiled and he suddenly appeared much less frightening. “The lovely lady here is Elywen, Hawks mate and then there is Raigh and Akisha. She is the master of the weapons masters and the first of priestesses.”
Shanrae felt like hiding again, she felt so unworthy of their attention.
“Rheynek and his Enez and then there is Frostbird and her mate Khir who isn’t yet here. These are my friends and mentors”
Shanrae gathered her courage and tried to smile.”Ple..Pleased to meet you”
Akisha walked over, touched Shanrae gently and turned her face toward the light. “How amazingly beautiful, be assured that the beast who put you through this will be punished.”
Raigh almost growled, he crossed his arms in front of his chest and Shanrae could see the muscles bulging underneath the sleeves of his tunic. This man was strong, very strong indeed. “He’s kept this poor girl as a slave; I do not think that we need any more evidence. Ghuad’s words are enough and so are hers.”
He knelt before Shanrae who stared at his green eyes like she was mesmerized by them. “Do you want us to help you young lady?”
Shanrae nodded, felt a sudden need to explain. “Yes, yes please. I hate him, and I hate those men and... And”
She started to sob, did not know why but there were just too much emotion all of a sudden. Enez hugged her and Shanrae felt strangely comforted by that petite girl.
“Do not worry; nobody will ever see you as something else than who you are. Ghuad’s very lovely mate. And one we all have hoped that he would find some day!”
Hawk smiled at Raigh and the smile was not pretty. It carried a promise of violence and lots of it. “Do we act now?!”
Raigh looked at Akisha who nodded; her blue eyes were shooting blue lightning it seemed.
“That son of a bitch deserved to feel the true force of the king’s law yes. We do not wait.”
She turned to Enez. “Go to our luggage and find my bag of clothes. I think Shanrae and I are of the same size. She’ll leave this place dressed like a lady, not a slave.”
Enez winked at Shanrae and sprinted out the door and the men gathered at the end of the room and started talking together very quietly. She could hear enough to understand that they were planning their further moves.
Elywen touched Shanrae’s hair with admiration. “I can’t believe how anyone could be that mean to you girl, you look like an angel. But I know that many half breeds are even better looking than their parents, it is not uncommon.”
Shanrae blushed and Akisha tightened her belt a bit. “Keeping a human being as a slave is a crime, keeping an elf is down right in sane.”
She sat down and smiled at Shanrae. “Have you any idea of how strong you really are? If you had tried you could probably have hurt those men really bad.”
Shanrae scowled.” No? I...I have always believed that I was normal, I mean, not stronger than others. But I do not want to hurt anyone, honestly I don’t!”
Frostbird smiled, she could see that the elf had really sharp teeth and there was something about her that reminded of a wolf. “You are good, too good to want to cause anyone problems. That is great but you’ll have to learn to toughen up a bit. Or else you’ll continue to be a victim forever. “
Shanrae just made a shivering smile and the men had finished their little talk. They had something dark within their eyes and she realized that her former master would face a formidable force. Ghuad spoke and his voice was ice cold. “Raigh will go to the counter and pretend to be a customer. If the man swallows the bait we’ll strike.”
He bent down and kissed Shanrae gently. “It will soon be over my dear”
Enez returned with a small bag with clothes and another elf followed her. He was shorter than the other men but stocky and muscular and he looked wild. He grinned. “Enez have told me everything, I am ready for some action!”
Ghuad grinned wickedly and there was a little devil dancing within his eyes. “Is Chyun outside?”
The elf nodded and Ghuad looked pleased.
“Then go get him!”
Khir left and Raigh smiled and left the room, it had started.
Enez helped Shanrae get into some other clothes, and when she had changed she felt weird. She had never worn pants before, or a tight tunic or a leather west but the things were just the right size and she felt a bit silly almost. Nobody had just given her clothes before.
There were silence for a few minutes, and then Raigh returned, he looked very angry and they could see how his muscles were shaking. He could barely control himself any longer. “Don’t ya think that that swine kept bragging about how nice her private parts were and how good she was at...? Well...Ah”
Shanrae blushed and felt like crying and Enez hugged her again. “Don’t worry dear; it will all be a nasty memory soon but nothing more than that.”
Raigh sighed. “Right, and now, let’s go to work!”
He looked at Shanrae. “I think you’d better stay here until further notice. You may join us when the job is done.”
She just nodded. She didn’t really need to see what they did to that beast.
The men went downstairs with their weapons drawn and ready and the two guys who were standing at the counter looked like they were ready to pee their pants. Raigh growled at them. “Be gone scumbags. No more fun for ya here, this place is about to close down, permanently!”
The men stared at him in disbelief but ran out the entrance like they had a pack of rabid wolves at their heels.
Raigh hit the bell so hard it broke and the master came running from the back room. He stopped and stared at the men with shock and Raigh showed him his ring. Then the man grew pale as a ghost, he recognized Ghuad now and realized that he was throat deep in shit!
He turned to run but there was a growl and a huge cat came through the door towards him, it was the size of a big pony and it was licking its jaws in anticipation of a fresh meal. The man screamed and Raigh grabbed him by the collar rather brutally and lifted him off his feet. “You listen to me you worthless bag of orcs droppings. We are the law and you have broken several of the king’s rules. Justice will be served here and now!”
He dragged the man outside and yelled so loud everybody could hear him. There were suddenly faces in every window and several of the servants and girls came outside but none did anything to help their master. He stared around himself in despair and confusion and Raigh looked at Ghuad. “Go get her, she needs to see that it has come to an end. “
Ghuad nodded and went and came back with Shanrae and the other women.
Raigh and Hawk held the master and Raigh raised his voice and told everybody that this man was a criminal and that the crimes of which he was guilty was punished with death. There would be no mercy for this pig of a man. Several of the servants and girls cheered and it was very obvious to everybody that the master of the house was far from loved. The man wriggled and swore and Shanrae stared at him with hatred flaming in her eyes.
Suddenly she saw him as only a man, only flesh and blood and not the horror she had feared so much. She hissed and ran forward; before anyone could stop her she kicked the man right in the groin, as hard as she could.
Raigh and Hawk stared at her with amused admiration and Hawk grinned. “Well done girl!”
The man had collapsed and hang from the warriors arms, his face was blood red and his eyes bulged and he was gasping for air. Ghuad kissed her and embraced her. “You kicked his nuts halfway to the moon I think. Well deserved!”
She had to laugh at his words. “It felt good!”
Raigh dropped the man to the ground. He gave him a rather vicious glance and Rheynek gave him a bullwhip. “This man has been responsible for many a sad fate and he has exploited and tortured innocent young lives. This is well deserved.”
Hawk and Rheynek grabbed the man again and tied him to the tethering pole in front of the stable. And Raigh proved to be a master with the whip. Each lash struck with tremendous force and they never overlapped. Soon the man’s back was covered with parallel blood red stripes and he was screaming and writhing like a worm on a hook. The gathered crowd was silent, they seemed very content with the punishment.
Akisha stepped forward and suddenly they all could see two giant wolves next to her, they looked hungry and the man saw them too and screamed.
Akisha gave him a wicked grin. ”Shanrae is our new sister you know, she is already precious too us. I will enjoy this, a lot!”
She pointed at the wolves and the grin became a fierce one. “ They will chase your soul and devour it. That will be you fate evil one!”
The man whimpered and tried to convince them of his innocence, but nobody listened to him.
Akisha pulled Elthear from the sheath and the sword seemed to glow, she swung it a few times and nodded to the men. “Untie him and bring him to his knees.”
The men did as she asked of them and the man stood there on his knees and shivered. He was no longer the brutal master who everybody had to obey. He had wet himself and looked terrible and Shanrae felt nothing at the sight. To her he was already dead.
Raigh proclaimed the sentence with loud voice and Akisha was a true master with the sword. The man’s head fell straight off and the body tipped over and was kicking and squirming for a while before it went limp. Raigh waved at the servants. “Bury this filth deep somewhere in the woods. “
Some men came running to follow the order and Shanrae suddenly felt at peace.
Ghuad embraced her gently. He pulled his cloak around her to protect her from the cold wind. “It is over my dear, you are free.”
She smiled at him and kissed him. The Gods had heard her prayer after all. Someone had come to save her.
Later that evening the group left the Inn, a man from the nearby village would be the new owner and he would not allow any of the activities the former owner had earned his fortune on. Shanrae had gotten a small horse they had bought from the Inns own stable and she was a bit uncertain but she looked forward to her future for the first time in a long time. Ghuad had told her of the circus and the training she could receive there and she felt so welcome by the group. And she looked even more forward learn more of him and deepen the bonds between them. This was something she could not even have dreamed off a few days ago but then again, destiny sometimes moves in the most unpredictable if ways.
She gave Ghuad a shy smile and he was leaning over and kissed her hand. “Wait until you see the circus and the nice rooms and the bath and everything. You will love it!”
She just smiled in return and knew that she finally was safe. And that kick off hers had told her that Akisha was right. She was just as strong as an elf, from no one nobody should even think about touching her against her will, because now she knew what she could do! She was the White Mountain lion and soon enough people would know of her name. Not as a woman for sale to the highest bidder but as a warrior, worthy of her place at Ghuad’s side. She smiled into the sunlight. Shanrae the warrior. She liked that name, indeed she did.

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