the bloody soul

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A heart in the hands of Elesis as she bites into it, enjoying the sweetness, as she now is on the run for her life. With this her one single soul that she turned to be like, running to kill. Elesis is still on the run after she murdered someone in cold blood, draining a mundane of its blood and taking its heart. Now the vampire world wants Elesis dead for her crimes. She was now on the run and to her surprise she wasn’t alone, for she spotted a teen boy and turned him into a vampire who feasted on hearts. Now Elesis, her companion or the vampire queen Serena, would have to battle to win this war. Serena and her followers or Elesis and those she turns, have no choice but to follow her. Only one queen can reign and rule the entirety of the Vampire Realm.

Romance / Horror
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It was midnight and the moon was full as the deep fog crept upon us. In the middle of the street stood a girl with dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. The girl knew what she was doing as she looked across the street to see a teen girl on her phone. She grabbed the girl’s hoodie and was ready for what was to come. As she licked her lips, the girl shoved her hand into the teen’s chest. It was evident that the young teen’s eyes were becoming dull and lifeless. A pulsing heart lay in the killer’s hands and she smiled at the sight in front of her. The chocolate eyed girl looked up and said “My name is Elesis, not that it matters, and I’m what they call a vampire. But there’s just one thing you should know even though you're about to die.”

The girl was trying to cling onto whatever life she had left. She pleaded and begged with Elesis as she whispered “P- Please don’t kill me. Just give me my heart back!” Elesis took a look at the girl and a smirk appeared across Elesis face. Elisis opened her mouth and said “ You see that’s the thing, I kinda have to. I mean, how would I live if I couldn’t drain your blood and nibble on your heart." The girl began to cry as Elisis than said “Aww. Don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit.”

Elesis fangs came out as she sank her teeth into the heart of the human girl. A look of satisfaction fell upon Elisis’ face as the lifeless human girl fell to the ground. Amused at her success, Elisis licked her fingers and walked away.

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