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Lucifer desires only one thing; the throne of Hell. Darcy is a good girl who just wants to make the world a better place. They're not exactly a match made in Heaven. Lucifer full;y expects to inherit the throne of Hell from his father, but first, Mephistopheles has a task for both of his sons, Lucifer and Micheal, to complete before he makes his decision. They must make a human woman fall in love with them and agree to have their child, ensuring their lineage. Mephistopheles has already chosen the girl they are to compete for. Darcy Kingston is a strong-willed young woman with ambitions to be a war journalist. Having babies is not a part of her immediate plan whatsoever; having a boyfriend isn't even in her plan. These two arrogant, charismatic, and handsome devil men have their work cut out for them when it comes to seducing Miss Darcy Kingston. What will Darcy choose in the end, Dark or Light?

Romance / Horror
H. R. Harney
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Lucifer stood invisible on the sidewalk, the St. Louis sun burning down upon his head of black hair.

“What the hell?” He muttered.

Across the street from him was the local high school. It was 8am and the parking lot was flooded with students.

His magenta eyes tracked the movements of a single brunette girl, however. Darcy Olivia Kingston.

A pretty, young, ordinary girl. Not technically a virgin, but still innocent for all extents and purposes.

“What new witchery is this, Mephistopheles?” Lucifer muttered under his breath.

As if summoned, his father appeared beside him, dressed, as he usually was, in a dignified black robe. “You rang, dearest son?” The King of Hell asked in a tone steeped in sarcasm.

“I demand to know the meaning of this!”

Mephistopheles blinked solid black eyes at him benignly. “Is the girl not to your suiting?”

“You mean to tell me that this girl, Darcy Kingston, is who you’ve chosen?” Lucifer gestured across the street at the slim brunette girl, who was just a child, really.

She was currently standing with a group of her female peers; laughing, talking, and tossing her hair every two seconds.

He was almost gagging on her perfume from here.

“She’s beautiful, intelligent, healthy, and of the appropriate mating age. Besides, I thought you liked brunettes.” Luke’s father said to him, laughing like this was all a grand joke to him.

Lucifer gnashed his fangs together. “I do, but-”

“Then what’s the problem? Surely you’re not letting your nerves get the better of you?” There was a certain challenge in the old man’s face now, that Lucifer had learned to respect.

“Of course not. Sir.” Lucifer said stiffly.

“Then surely you can manage to possess and bed one simple school girl.”

“I’ve no doubt of my ability to do so, my Lord-”

“You’re not starting to grow a conscience, are you?” Mephistopheles lifted heavy dark eyebrows. “Because to be King of Hell means to have absolutely no conscience.”

“I understand that, Sire.” Lucifer said tightly.

“Good. The rules are simple, Lucifer, darling. Impregnate that girl, and when your baby is born, when your heir is born, then you can have my crown and my throne.”

“Yes, Sire. I understand.”

“Good. It’s about time I retire.” Mephistopheles stretched his back and then rapped his cane on the sidewalk. “Better get to it, dear boy! Before one of these randy young lads beats you to the punch!” He cackled then disappeared in a cloud of black and purple smoke.

Lucifer sighed, his magenta gaze returning to Darcy Kingston, the woman whose life he was about to destroy.

The bell rang from inside the school and she turned away with her friends.

At the top of the stairs, however, she suddenly froze. Then she turned sharply and stared back at him from across the street.

For one moment in time she stared right at him, then her green eyes moved left to right along the sidewalk.

A friend tugged at her arm and she turned away to follow everyone else into the school building.

Lucifer raised one black eyebrow.

Maybe this would prove to be fun, after all.

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