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Meeting my roommates

I stretched, my stiff cramping legs, out in front of me or, trying to, as the seats were cramped up leaving no space for one's legs. I rolled my neck, trying to get rid of the bumps while looking out the window. There she was, sweet L.A. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to explore the debts of L.A. I was born and raised in New Orleans, by my single father. Most kids would have thought that I missed out on a lot. I didn’t. My father was a mother and a father. He raised me, gave me the opportunities to grow up and he always believed in me.

My thoughts were interrupted when the pilot announced our arrival and asked of all of us to strap in. I strapped on my seatbelt and continued looking out the window. It was sad though that my father couldn’t be here with me. The plane gave a shake and a rattle as it made contact with the landing track, we stayed seated until the plane came to a stop. Everyone got up once the hostesses gave us the signal that we could leave.

I got my bag and followed the line of people out of the airplane and made my way towards the airport. I had to wait for my belongings before I could get a hold of a cab that would drop me off at the campus where I’ll be living too, at the student accommodation. My dad thought it would be amusing to hold out the information about my accommodation.

I got my key from reception at the campus; then made my over to where my temporary room, where I will share with two other girls. I walked across the lawn down the path towards the student accommodation. I pushed the door open once I made my way up the stairs and then took another flight of stairs up to where my room was located.

I tried the door handle to see if anyone beat me to it but I found it locked. I unlocked the door, twist the knob and pushed the door open. I was quite surprised when I found a decent kind of looking room when I switched on the light. We had our own little kitchen, a small living room and then three beds where one was a bunk bed. I am so taking the top.

I threw my hand luggage on top of my newfound bed and left the other bags at the door. Just to make a point that this bed is taken. I pulled out my phone to contact my father so I could let him know I was safe when another girl entered the room. She was dragging in a big suitcase on wheels (which kind of looked heavy) while carrying two more bags over her shoulders.

“Phew, I think I dropped a few pounds.” She exclaimed, wiping off her forehead. “Hi, I’m Ruby. I am your roommate.” She greeted extending her hand when she noticed I was in the room. “Or one of them, obviously.” She said looking over at the bunk bed. “Jaylin.” I greeted back. Her mouth curved into a smile. “You are not from around here, are you?” She beamed. “New Orleans. I guess you live around here?” She nodded. “But not that close to being driving through every day.” I nodded and returned my attention back to my luggage.

“I guess that you are not much of a talker.”

“Not really, no.”

“First time sharing a room?” She asked unzipping her bags and taking out her things.

“With girls, yeah,” I replied.

“Sounds too interesting for my liking.” She said with half a smile.

“Is there anything fun to do around here?” I asked walking over to the window looking out.

“There is a skate park not far from here and Dockweiler State Beach is walking distance from here.”

“Then don’t mind if I do. I have packed luggage in not less than 24 hours, I need a break.” I said grabbing my phone and earplugs from my bed.

I left the room and jogged down the stairs and followed the path leading down to the beach that Ruby was talking about. Even though I wasn’t dressed to take a walk on the beach as I was still dressed in jeans and sneakers. I went ahead anyway, trying to shake off the feeling of sand making their way into my shoes. I decided to stop and take off my shoes with my socks and then rolled up the ends of my jeans. I yelped softly when a beach ball got knocked into me. I picked up the ball to stop it from rolling and, stood up to see if someone was looking for it, when I saw a guy my age jogging towards me.

“This yours?” I asked holding up the beach ball.

“Yeah, sorry about that.” He said catching the ball when I passed it to him.

This guy was made out of every girl’s fantasy. He was tall, lean, bronze skin of spending too much time in the sun, broad shoulders and then a face that a girl wouldn’t forget easily.

“Do you want to join?” He asked motioning towards a group of people staring at us.

“I think I will pass.” I answered wanting to turn around to make my way back to the dorms.

“What’s a New Orleans girl doing in L.A?” He questioned.

“That obvious?” I asked, my feet glued to the sand.

“An accent like that can’t be missed.” He said taking a few steps towards me while he passed the ball from one hand to the other.

“Travis, come on.” A girl interrupted as she walked towards him. He didn’t even acknowledge her as he kept on looking at me. “Are you sure you don’t want to join?” He asked cocking his head. “I promise there won’t be any kissing involved.” He said with a wink and I had a kind of feeling it normally worked with girls.

Any other girl would have feel offended or taken back. I kind of expected it from a guy like him. “I don’t make out with guys that goes through girls like toilet paper, doesn’t matter how hot they may be.” I replied surprising him.

“You think I am one of those type of guys that you love to date?” He asked smirking.

I looked at the girl who was standing with her hands on her hips glaring holes through my head. “She’s not mine, I promise.” He said raising his hands in surrender.

“Could have fooled me.” I said with a shrug. I left them and walked back to the dorms. I was still shaking sand from my shoes when I got to the dorm.

I entered the room when I found another girl in the room. “Guessing, you are the last of us?” I asked dropping my shoes at the door. The girl looked up from her bags, she dragged her eyes up from my feet until they reached my face. Oh, so she was one of those girls. The wants I just loved to share a room with.

“If you don’t mind. I am taking the top.” The girl said motioning to my bags that was dropped on the ground that I left on the bed.

“Actually, I do mind,” I answered blankly taking a step forward into the room. “I was here first, placed my bags on the bed that I claimed. So, yeah I do fucken mind.”

“I always take the top.” She replied. “Yeah, it seems that way,” I muttered.

“Then you should have been here earlier,” I told her, picking up my bags and placing it back onto the bed.

“I was at cheerleading practice.” She said as if it was a huge accomplishment.

“And I don’t care, you could have had a meeting with the president.” She didn’t look pleased with me as I took her bags from my claimed bed and dropped it on the one below.

“I have a feeling that we are so not going to get along.” She replied snarkily.

My phone decided to go off rescuing this girl from me. “Hi, dad,” I answered leaving the room.

“Didn’t I tell you to call me as soon as you landed?” My father asked.

“Yeah, sorry. It is just L.A got to me.” My dad chuckled on the other side of the phone making me already miss home.

“How was the flight?”

“It was fine, a little shaky but other than that fine. Got in a good 30 minutes of sleep.”

“And your room? I haven’t received any warning signals of my daughter being locked up.”

“Disastrous. But nothing I can’t handle.” I replied leaning with my back against the wall and dropping my head back slightly closing my eyes.

“Are the girls already giving you problems?” My father asked with a chuckle. He found this very amusing.

“Girl. You know it is one of those that I don’t get along with easily.”

“Then knock her down a few levels so you can see eye to eye.”

“I think she needs to take a few steps up, her dignity might just be stuck on the bottom step.”

“I believe in you to make this work, you always win a challenge.”

“Yeah, well. I never back down from a challenge.”

That was just not who I was. And one girl is not going to stop me from living my dream.

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