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Not you again

I felt really grouchy when I woke up the next day, it wasn’t because I was sleeping in a bed that was not mine or because it was so damn uncomfortable. Maybe because it had to do with a certain blond hair cheerleader, who thought it would be acceptable waking us up before the birds.

“You have a death wish.” I grumbled pulling my blanket over my head while she was up digging through her bags and stuff.

“You can stay here and sleep and not get warm water because all the other girls used it up.” Janelle the cheerleader replied.

“You girls are really something.” I mumbled into my pillow.

“Well, Miss-I-am-so-clever please be so kind to inform us; how a whole student house of girls are going to shower?”

“Easily. With water.” I heard Ruby giggle from her bed. Janelle only huffed and left the room in a rush.

“You do know she is kind of talking the truth?” Ruby said turning around in her bed.

“I am not in the mood to have a naked party with a bunch of other girls.”

When I decided to take my shower, I found the shower stalls empty and the water still warm enough to at least take a quick shower. I decided to skate down towards the Campus, as it was not even 10 minutes away from the student house. I stopped skating, when I reached the entrance, I picked up my board and tucked it underneath my arm and started to look for my locker. I pulled out the piece of paper the lady handed to me yesterday.

I started to push through the crowd of students, who was also looking for their lockers when a random person bumped into me. The unexpected contact, knocked my board out from underneath my arm, making it drop onto my foot. I bit my tongue to help me hold my tongue. I just crouched down to pick it up when the person spoke up. “Don’t you think that you are too old to be riding that thing?” I pushed myself up from the floor tucking my skateboard back underneath my arm.

“A person is never-“My sentence got stuck halfway in my throat when I gazed up at the guy.

It felt like I was looking at my reflection in the mirror. Not only was this guy handsome but he bears some resemblance to me. The same warm honeycomb eyes, dark hair with a shade of red. Was I the fuck dreaming, right now?

“Done staring?” He asked instead, smirking. Thinking that I was checking him out.

“Don’t you think that line is getting pretty old?” A voice suddenly cut in.

“Don’t you have something else to do instead of eavesdropping?” The guy asked who shared the same resemblance to me. The guy from the beach just smirked. “You are standing right in front of my locker, tough guy.” He winked at me while he threw a side glance at the other guy. “Hey!” He said suddenly surprised. “You are the girl from the beach, the one with the New Orleans accent.” He said smiling at me. “You actually remembered,” I muttered rolling my eyes. “I know that deep down you are secretly admiring my good looks.”

“Dream on bud, I have seen better.” Expecting his smirk to drop. But he surprised me when his smirk only grew wider. “You know lying is forbidden.” He said with a wink.

“I don’t lie, bud. I only speak the truth.” I said tapping him on the shoulder and took my chance to escape from him.

“You can't-fool me, sugar!” He yelled catching the attention of a few students that were still in the hallway.

I located my locker and I locked up my skateboard in my locker and started to search for my first classroom. I found the room across the hall and it seemed as if they have already started.

You always know how to make an entrance.

I turned the knob and pushed the door open. The lecturer was looking at me when I entered the classroom. “You must be Jaylin Anderson.” He asked.

“The one and only.”

He didn’t seem too thrilled with my reply as he just stared at me bored.

“You are late.” He informed taping his watch on his forearm.

“Well, if they were to print a map at the back of our schedule maybe I would have found this classroom sooner.” He just ignored my remark. “Please take a seat, Jaylin.”

I gave a curt nod, shut the door behind me and made my way towards an empty seat. No one really paid attention to me, they were more interested in their phones or the lecturer.

“So, Jaylin. As for being late, you get to go first.” The lecturer said making a few heads turn towards me.

“First for what?” I asked confused looking around the room.

“Introduce yourself. Where are you from? And why are you here?”

“I am from New-Orleans. And I scored the highest IQ in business at my high school back home.” A few jaws drop, I even heard a few dramatic sighs and then the lecturer's glasses almost snapped in two. Yeah, his late runner is supposedly his best student.

He just gave me a nod and asked the rest of the students to introduce themselves.

Yeah, people always had this mindset that girls like me are usually dumb and incapable of getting good marks.

A few hours later after receiving our extremely thick textbooks and had our first lecture for the day, we got dismissed from class for the day. More than half of the class had already left when I decided to left the classroom. I tried to handle 3 different thick textbooks while trying to slip in the other 2 into my bag.

I left campus and made my way back to the dorms where I found Janelle dressed up in her cheerleading uniform and a face plastered with make-up. “Does the guy know who you are trying to impress, that he will have an imprint of you on his shirt?” I asked entering the room.

“Are you always this sweet?” She asked her voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Nah, sometimes I can be a real bitch.” I closed the door behind me and looked at Ruby who was also getting ready. “Don’t tell me that you are also an undercover cheerleader.” Ruby made a disgusting sound in the back of her throat.

“I am just going to opening night, every single freshman is going, as it is a tradition.”

“Opening night? Like football?” I asked quirking an eyebrow in surprise.

“It is the football’s team first game and it is the one chance for the freshmen to have the night of their lives,” Janelle said cutting in. “I’m sure there is going to be more days to come.” Janelle just shook her head at me, in annoyance. “It’s the first day, where you can actually determine your future at the school.”

“For instance?” I asked. “Making a name for yourself.” She replied in a “duh” tone.

“It sounds like the last day of school to me,” I said slumping down in one of the chairs in our small living room.

“According to the seniors, it is even better than that.” Janelle with a cheeky smile. “What is there going to be more alcohol? Or are the football players going to give us a strip show after their first game?” I asked, receiving a glare from her.

“Hey, you said better than high school.” I said tapping my index finger in the air.

“You have a wide imagination.” She said with the roll of her eyes.

“Well, it seems my high school ceremony was a big hit.” Janelle just shook her head at my remark and hauled her purse over her shoulder. “I will be going now.” She pulled the door open and left the room in a hurry.

“So, are you going?” Ruby asked standing up from her bed. Excitement was written all over her face, even in her eyes. “I wish you would learn to hide your emotions. You look like a 3D emoji.” Her face scrunched up in confusion.

“But since you are so excited and really want to go. I am up for some boring shit instead of sitting in this room picking my nose.” Ruby pulled up her nose but didn’t say anything.

We left the dorms and made our way over to the football field of our campus, to me it didn’t look like much. There was only over a dozen of people standing around, looking more freaked out than anything else. I followed Ruby towards the stands, where the people were already on their feet, because of the football team that was already out on the field. “You seriously want me to watch this, the thing they call a sport?” I asked unimpressed. “What? You don’t like football?” I shook my head as I watched them start the game. “It’s a bunch of men with high levels of testosterone, chasing after a ball and trying to see, who is the alpha male at the end of a game.”

“You are really not a fan.” I nodded as I watched them play. “Maybe you can admire their good looks from here.” I quirked an eyebrow. “Let me guess, this is your idea of fantasising over men because you can’t talk to them?” Ruby nodded. “Yeah, my life’s pretty boring and cute guys, leave me tong tied.” We left the stands once the game ended. Ruby left to go to the ladies room while I grabbed myself a drink. “Watch out love, we don’t want you to get drunk now.” A voice said from beside me. I looked over my shoulder to find the guy that shares some resemblance to me and who was still dressed in his football uniform. “One drink is not going to turn me into a lightweight.” I said winking at the bartender once he handed me my drink. “You haven’t apologized for the other day.” He said leaning his elbow on the bar.

“I have to apologize for something that wasn’t my fault. That’s classy.” I said downing my drink. “Damian!” A high pitched voice called. “What the heck is that?” I asked looking around. “My girlfriend.” He said, not to thrilled about it. A tall blond hair girl came into view, wearing a cheerleading uniform. “We are heading out with Tommy, are you ready to go?” She asked ignoring his blank look. “Be there in a sec.” He told her while he looked over at me. She looked up from him and her gaze landed on me. “Who’s this?” She asked, defensive as she crossed her arms across her chest.

I shook my head in amusement while Damian raised an eyebrow because he doesn’t know who I am. “Jaylin. And don’t get your panties in a twist we were just talking about the weather not his dick size.” Her jaw went slack while he almost choked on his drink. I paid for my drink and then went over to go find Ruby.

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