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I stood behind the fence, my elbows rested on the fence, while I watched the skaters at the skate park. Kids from all ages tried out tricks whenever the trick, failed, they just got back up and carried on. The older kids were on the ramp showing off their moves. I few times I flinched for their sake when they slipped down the ramp, my body actually felt the burn.

The girls and I back home were used to all the kind of bruising and scars. Sasha-Lee had a broken arm the one time, while Camille almost lost a tooth and I had a few injuries, from bruised knees, elbows to scars all over my body.

My father took out a medical aid for just in case, I came home one day and I needed surgery. My father always let me be, he let me try things and enjoy life. Of course, he had rules about smoking, drinking and using drugs. But he trusted me.

I got bored standing around watching the skaters. I picked up my skateboard and entered the skate park. A few people looked at me weirdly and some were interested to see what I could do. I climbed up the ramp and greeted the few people. They gave me space to skate and I took it.

A few of the tricks were the basics and then when I got a little bit more comfortable with the ramp I did a few of my tricks that I worked on over the years. I heard the applause of the surrounding crowd when I made my way back up the ramp.

“Haven’t seen you around before.” One of the guys greeted when I stood on the side of the ramp.

“New Orleans,” I said accepting a bottle of water, opened it and took a sip.

I climbed down the ramp with my skateboard in hand and started to leave the park when I recognized a familiar face. “So, it seems that you are not too old to be riding that thing,” Damian said sounding pleased.

“One is never too old to skate,” I told him.

“I can see that.” He said gazing at me.

“I didn’t mean to be rude to your friend.” It sounded like he wanted to apologize for being a jerk.

“Were you always like that to her just because her IQ level is higher than yours?” I asked bluntly not caring if I was blunt. “Is it a bad boy-good girl kind of scheme?” I continued showing him just how disgusted I was with him.

“I don’t have anything against Ruby.” He admitted. “Oh, so it has to do with the image. Be mean to the nerd girl, to impress your cheer whore.” Damian looked up at the sky in frustration.

“Do you like putting words into a person’s mouth?” He asked annoyed looking down from the heavens.

I shrugged. “If the foot fits,” I said turning away from him.

“I’m not as bad as you take me for.” He said grabbing me by the arm pulling me back. I looked at him with narrowed eyes. We stood eye level. I can finally see the resemblance. His eyes were the same color as mine. His hair, the shape of his jaw and the intensity in his eyes.

“Do you have any siblings?” I asked him ignoring his questioning stare. “No, you?” He asked releasing my arm. “Not that I know of,” I replied still keeping eye contact.

“Why do you keep on looking at me like that?” He asked.

Was he really not seeing what I was seeing? We looked almost alike.

“I am just confused,” I replied breaking eye contact with him, when I made eye contact with Travis. The look on his face made me realize that he misjudged the scene. He said something to his friends before he turned away from me and. stalked over to his parked bike.

He looked at me one last time before, he slipped on his helmet and pulled out of the parking lot. I looked back at Damian who was waiting patiently for me to explain myself. “Why are you confused?” He questioned.

This is not the time to be impassive.

“Look at me, not as someone whose pants you want to get into. Then go home and look at you in the mirror and then you tell me if I am crazy.” He frowned but didn’t say a word. I took the chance to walk off back to the dorms.


“Any chance that you have an idea brewing in that head of yours?” Ruby asked as we entered the building. We slipped past the other students to get to our lockers. “Planning takes time, Rubs and believe me it is going to be worth it.” I told her reaching my locker.

I got my textbooks and advanced to my business class when my gaze landed on Travis, who was walking in front of me going through his phone.

I sped up my walking to catch up to him. “Hope you are getting in much sleep these days.”

He didn’t even look at me. “Am I keeping you awake?” I joked but I still got no reply. “Are you ignoring me?” I asked grabbing him by the shoulder, bringing him to a halt. “I am doing the best I can.” He remarked rudely pulling from my grip.

“Whoa, what is your deal?” I asked going around him to stop him from walking away from me.

“Move.” He growled not looking at me.

“Not gonna,” I replied pushing him back.

He looked at me for the first time. His expression was grim. “What’s your deal?” I asked.

“Nothing, Jaylin.” He replied with a sigh. “Dude, I can be persistent. So, tell me what your deal is.” I thought I finally cracked him as his lips twitched, but it disappeared too quickly for my liking. “It is no big deal.” He said passing by me.

“Is it about what you saw yesterday at the skate park?” I asked whirling around. His shoulders tensed and he turned around to look at me. “You think I am one of Damian fangirls.”

Oh, he looked guilty. “Well, I am not.” His gaze slowly raised to meet mine. “You know, I did misjudge you in the beginning but I didn’t take you for an asshole,” I grumbled leaving him alone in the hallway.

Even though I was mad at Travis right now, a plan started to form in my head how to get back at Travis. I decided to buy a blow-up sex doll with fluffy handcuffs. The dude at the sex shop looked at me weirdly when I purchased all of the goods, I wanted to throw in a packet of light in the dark condoms just to piss him off more.

I also found out where Travis lived. He was one of the lucky ones that, was not staying in a dorm but in a house with his friends. I got a cab and told the driver where he could drop me off. His face was priceless when his gaze landed on the doll with cuffs.

I was seriously impressed when I found out where Travis stayed, it was a nice looking house with its own pool and big patio. I walked up the stairs and knocked on the door waiting for someone to open the door.

The door opened and revealed the guy who broke into our room the other day. His eyes widen when they landed on me and then the doll.

“Even though I would like to get my hands on you for the other night, I am actually here for Travis, now,” I told the guy shoving him out of my way. “Where can I find him?” I asked pointing towards the staircase. “The first room on the left.” His friend replied nervously. “Remind me to never mess with you.” I heard him mutter when I made my way over to the staircase.

I nodded and then went up the stairs towards his room. I slowly pushed the door open making sure he wasn’t naked with a girl as it would be really awkward. But I was lucky as he was all by himself sleeping.

I tiptoed into the room and shut the door softly behind me. I tiptoed up to his bed and smiled at the position he was asleep in. This was going to be so easy. I placed the doll down next to him and then cuffed him to the doll.

I sat down next to him and pulled out my marker and, wrote on his forehead. The pen clicked, when I placed the lid back onto the marker and, it was the same time, Travis decided to open his eyes. His frown turned into a smirk when his gaze landed on me. “I always knew that I would get you into my bed one day.” He said.

“Sorry but you ain't that lucky today,” I said pulling out my phone and taking a picture. “Smile,” I said slapping the doll. He looked confused for a second and then he looked to his side. He made a sound at the back of his throat, as he came face to face with the doll.

“What the?” He asked and then when he heard my phone did he realize what was going on. “Jaylin!!!” He growled pushing himself up, I jumped up to get away from him but he tackled me to the floor. I started laughing when the doll came with, knocking into us. “What? Is the doll too much?” I asked amused crawling out from underneath his arms.

I stood up and, took another picture when I heard a pop. “Oh, come on. Do you know what I went through to get that thing here?” I whined as I watched him get up.

“You better run before I get this cuffs off.” He warned. “Not gonna happen soon.” I said holding up the keys to the cuffs. “I am going to fucken murder you.” He said stalking towards me.

“Maybe in another lifetime,” I said with a wink running backward and then whirling around to open the door. Travis was not far behind me as I heard his footsteps following me.

His friends were all huddled up when I jogged down the stairs with Travis not far behind me. They looked up when they heard our footsteps, they started laughing when their eyes landed on Travis being cuffed to a doll, that was blown off. I ducked away from his arms and pushed through his friends. I got to the front door, blew a kiss over my shoulder and then escaped through the front door.

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