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Every princess needs a knight. Even if it that knight is a black haired beauty with an eye patch. Find out more in the story.

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Chapter 1


It was an ordinary day, in my ordinary life, where once again, I'm at a new school. My mother liked to move around a lot, so I've been to plenty of schools. I just moved into a nice house in Little Rock, Arkansas where my mother thinks is a good place to finally settle down. But of course, she always says that.
I'm a Junior at the school I'm attending, today will be my first day. Pretty sure I won't be making any friends. I move around too much to have friends.
On the way to school, my mom just talked about how this'll be a "new beginning" for us. I gave up on having a new beginning after the fourth one. I plugged in my earbuds and leaned against the window, just watching as we made our way to my new school.
Finally we pulled into the parking lot, where she dropped me off and I trudged inside with my backpack hanging from my shoulder. Thankfully, there was a map on the wall of the school so I could find out where I needed to go to find the main office.
Once I found where I needed to be on the map, I headed up to the office. When I walked in, there was a very pale girl with long, beautiful, jet-black hair, just sitting comfortably in a chair. She wore a black sleeveless jacket, with a white sleeveless button down, black skinny jeans and some black shoes I'd never heard of. Around her collar was a red bow tie and she had an eyepatch, of course, over her eye.
I finally walked up to the front desk, where a nice young woman sat. "What can I help you with, sweetheart?" she asked with a thick southern accent, as if she was from Deep South.
"Um, I'm new here and I need my schedule." I replied.
"Have you got a name?"
"Khrystyana Louis, it's got some weird spelling to it. Starts with a K."
"I got you" she said then printed off my schedule.
"Thanks, and I may need some help getting around the school. I don't really know where I'm going" I said, pulling off my glasses to clean them.
"Billy" she called.
"Yeah" the girl in the chair answered.
"Wanna help this young lady get to where she needs to be?"
"I assume I don't have a choice, so sure." Billy got out of the chair, and walked over to me, holding out her hand. She was tall, about 5'7ish at least. "I need to know where you're going. Give me your schedule" she said. I gave her my schedule.
"Usually, where I come from, people tend to use their manners" I stated.
"Well, you're not from here" Billy spat, " lets go."
I followed Billy as she lead me to my class. "Shouldn't you be in your own class?" I asked.
"Shouldn't you be minding your own business?" She replied.
Instinctively, I pushed her into a locker and got close to her. "Listen, you're here to help. Not to be a complete bitch to people you don't even know. Now I don't even want your help since you want to be a cunt." I let her go and took my schedule back. I'm supposed to go to room C217. I was already in the C hallway. I looked around, I was by C198. I walked down the hall until I reached the class I needed to be in.
Billy ran to catch up to me, "give me your phone" she said. I frowned at her and held my phone away from her. "Please" she whispered.
"I'm sorry, but I can't hear you." I said, raising my voice a little.
"May I see your phone, please" she asked. I stared her down before handing her my phone. She took it and fiddled with it a bit then gave it back, "here, it has my number in it. In case you need anything." She turned around and opened the door to the class I was supposed to be in.
"Hello, Billy. What brings you here today" the teacher in the room asked. He was tall and had a well trimmed auburn beard and mustache along with a grey sweater-vest suit.
"Special delivery" she answered, "new student. This is Khrystyana Louis."
"Neat. Well, Miss. Khrystyana, you can have the last empty seat" he said. It was in the back between a blonde haired girl and a black haired girl. I looked back at Billy who just waved her phone. I walked into the class and took the seat in the back of the room.
After I sat down, I opened my phone and texted Billy.
:Me: Are you going to be here to take me to my next class???
:Billy: I'm still outside the door.
:Me: Sweet. Thank you.
:Billy: That's the nicest thing you've said to me in the past thirty minutes I've known you.
Just before I responded, the bell rang and everyone started leaving. I picked up my bag and left the room to meet Billy outside the class. When I got out into the hall, she was leaned against the wall, talking with a group of girls. I watched for a bit, until she looked over and made eye contact. I quickly looked away. Billy made her way to me, through the group of girls. When they saw me, they started asking questions. One of the girls even asked, "Billy, is that your girlfriend?" She mumbled something under her breath, and pushed me away from them, heading to my next class.
That's basically how it went until lunch. At lunch, Billy showed me the cafeteria and let me eat with her. She always ate at a table by herself because she had a rule about other people sitting with her. All throughout lunch, people kept looking over at us and whispering. I watched Billy as she ate little cubes of ham and cheese, while playing on her phone. "People are talking about us, Billy" I stated.
"Let them. They're just jealous that you're here and they're not" Billy replied.
"Well, I'm going to use the bathroom and throw away my trash" I said, getting up from the table. She got up behind me and took my trash from me. When I tried to take it back, she put her arm above me. She towered above me at 5'7. When I glared at her she smirked. I decided that there weren't many options, so I started to whine. "Billyyyy," I started, "give me my trash back. I wanna throw it away myself."
"I don't take orders from you" she replied, as she threw my trash away. I crossed my arms, starting to form a pout when she hugged me.
"Get off. I don't like hugs," I whined. She kept hugging me so I had no choice but to either accept it or wiggle free. I chose to wiggle free.
For the rest of the day, I was escorted by Billy to and from each class. Even though she was a cunt, she started to grow on me and became my friend. After school she waited for me out by the door of my last class. She'd offered me a ride home but since my mom was already here, I turned her down.
Billy walked me outside, occasionally, pushing me into lockers and pretending like it was an accident. "Billy, stop it." I would say, "I've only known you since this morning and you're the biggest cunt I've ever met."
"You'll get used to it" she replied with a smirk.
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