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Dawn's Revival

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“Can’t you do anything right? Why do I bother telling you anything when all you do is screwing up, woman?! Do you want me to leave you?!" It's a hard time for Dawn as she tries learning how to live with her mom's newest boyfriend and realizing that her whole life was a lie. When she was a child she was told her father died but it turned out that was not the case. So she goes on a trip to find out where he is and the truth as to why he was gone will shock you. Which is better truth or fiction?

Romance / Drama
Danielle Coleman
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Dawn was lying in bed late that night when she heard her mother’s boyfriend, Robert, getting drunk in the living room. They lived in a small two bedroom trailer at the end of the street away from the others in their trailer park. As a young girl her father had passed away long before she was ready. She missed him terribly, acting out whenever her mom Marie would bring in more boyfriends to fill the hole that her father left behind. She never went to his funeral and when asked her mom would not show her one of him, saying his death was actually a blessing in disguise. But Dawn did not, and could not believe that when she thought of all the wrong that happened since his death. The late night crying jags were the worse. And she did not know how she could keep holding her head up high whenever she saw Robert stumbling around, leering at her without provocation. Did she have slut written on her forehead and she did not know about it?

She covered her head, and prayed once more that someone would deliver them from her mom’s stupidity once again.

“Can’t you do anything right? Why do I bother telling you anything when all you do is screwing up, woman?! Do you want me to leave you?! I can you know, there are women everywhere who would love having me home with them!” Dawn heard the yelling from outside her house in her room and all she could do was sit on her bed, listening. Anger seethed inside her as she realized that he would never leave, he loved hurting her mother too much to ever leave. Why won’t he leave us alone? What did we do to deserve this? Tears squeezed from her shut eyelids. We never deserved this!

Footsteps pounding up the staircase alerted Dawn of his approach and she quickly pulled out the hidden knife. It was about time she did something to stop this maniac from hurting her mother, and if her mother was not willing to do something about it then Dawn would. He slammed her door open, something that would have woken her if she had been sleeping. She did not remember what sleep felt like; not after that night he came in drunk and hurt her.

Robert stared at her, bloodlust in his eyes, the stench of alcohol filling the room. He was five foot two inches compared to her five feet even height, but at that moment Dawn did not care. She was not going to let him continue ruining her life. “Dawn, why are you still awake? Do you want me to punish you? Don’t disobey me!” His breath smelled like vodka mixed with stale cigarette smoke, a smell she had come to detest over the years her mother forced her to live with him even after he molested her. He walked over, lifting his hands to smack her, and Dawn snapped.

She jumped up, pushing him against the wall, forgetting the knife in her hand. Her anger compelled her to hit him with the hand that held the knife repeatedly, stabbing viciously. Robert, silent after that first piercing scream, stared at her with drunken dead eyes. He no longer yelled, she could no longer feel that breath on her now, and her hands were coated in dark, red blood. She stopped stabbing, still staring in his open eyes, numb filling her senses. Nothing entered her enraged world, but slowly the ringing went away so she re-entered reality. Her mother stood at the door, tears flowing silently down her cheeks.

“I had to do it,” Dawn said quietly, gripping the knife like a lifeline. “You weren’t going to do anything, mom. I did what I had to do to—“her voice, so hoarse from the screaming she did while she stabbed him, broke. She crumbled to the floor, choked tears held within, and her mother finally came over to hug her tightly. She clung to her mom, not wanting to let go for anything in the world.

“It’s over now, darling,” said Mona. “I should never have brought him here in the first place. I wish you knew how much I want the past three years to go away…”

“I forgive you, mom. Let’s call the police now so this nightmare can get behind us.” Dawn stood, walked slowly to the phone to call the authorities. Four hours later, the homicide detectives as well as the crime scene technicians all left. Since Dawn pleaded self-defense with her mother’s statement, it was possible Dawn would not be arrested. But now her record would have a stain on it; she didn’t care, as long as the monster was now dead. Months passed before trouble started again with her mother’s new boyfriend came into the picture.

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