Perfect Illusion

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Chapter 27: The Whole Eternal Love Thing

I don’t know if you’d noticed, but there is no such thing as a Bella costume. In most of the movies, she’s pretty much normal. Normal dark hair. Normal complexion. Normal clothes. Normal everything. So, it’s pretty hard for me to throw together a costume when I can just come as myself.

Normal Alex is basically normal Bella anyway.

.. ..

I can’t believe I just related myself to her.

When Daniel shows me his costume, I want to laugh. He’s wearing this button up shirt that he didn’t actually button. So, it shows his part of his chest, and his welldefined abs. Not that I’m complaining, though. Those are some nice abs.

He also decided to put so much glitter all over his face as well as his body. It’s pretty funny. My eyes practically burned from all his ‘sparkliness’, if that is even a word.

“I don’t understand how can you agree to be this...?” I laugh. “You know, I thought you would think that vampires are gay.”

“They are gay,” He insists. “But I thought I would make an exception this year. Girls love hot vampires. And I am a hot vampire.”

“Okay, you cocky bastard,” I slap his shoulder. “Let’s get going then. We don’t want to be late.”

He cocks his eyebrows. “Wait. Where’s your costume?”

“What do you mean?” I ask him. “I am wearing my costume.”

“What the fuck is this?” Daniel takes a step back and thoroughly inspects me. “This is not a costume. You just look like... yourself.”

“Isn’t that the point? Bella is normal," I tell him. “She’s human, remember?”

“I thought you’re going as vampire Bella.”

“You never said anything about it!”

“Well, I thought it was understood.” He arches an eyebrow.

“How the hell can it be understood if you never said anything about it?” I place my hand on my hips.

“Fucking misunderstandings,” He mutters, “You gotta be vampire Bella. So, we can be Vampire Edward and Vampire Bella. It only makes sense you know? For the whole eternal love thing.”

“Fuck the whole eternal love thing!”

“But it’s a couple thing!” He insists, “We have to do the couple thing! You know? When people ask us why we dressed up as them, we can tell them some sappy shit about how their never-ending love is like ours or something. People believe that sort of stuff.”

I roll my eyes. God, Daniel is so annoying.

“Fine!” I raise my hands in surrender. “Fine. I’ll go curl my hair or something. And go get me some fucking yellow contacts so I can be a vampire.” “Fine.” He huffs.

“Fine.” I glare at him.

And then I go back to work on my costume. Instead of slipping on my engagement ring, I slip on a wedding band (basically a gold ring that my mom had given me a long time ago) and turn on the curler to do my hair. It takes about half an hour to do that, and finally Daniel reappears in my room to pass me the coloured contacts. I put it on reluctantly, and after putting on lighter foundation, I’m done.

“Thank god.” He praises me once I step out of my room. “You look better now.” “Glad it’s up to your standards.” I say in a bored tone.

“Not quite up to my standards, but close enough.” He slides his hand down and curls his fingers around mine. “Let’s go, shall we?”

“Oh my god!” Cara bursts out of the door and hugs me. “You look AMAZEBALLS!”

“Makeup!” I wheeze and pull away from her. “Please don’t ruin the makeup.”

She smiles sympathetically, then pats my shoulder. “Sorry.” She apologizes. Then, her eyes focus on the person beside me. “Oh hey, Daniel.”

“I’m a vampire,” he says huskily, trying to imitate Edward from the first movie.

“Yeah, I noticed.” She stares at him a little while longer. Her eyes trace his body, and then gasp slightly when they find his chest. “My my my...”

“Get your head out of your ass, Cara,” I roll my eyes. “And invite us in!”

She shakes her head to get herself together, and then she laughs. “Right. Sorry! Come on in, guys!”

She swings the door open and Daniel entwines his fingers with mine. I inhale slowly as I take in what I’m seeing.

Cara’s party totally contrasts from the engagement party Daniel and I had two weeks ago. Instead of silks and chandeliers, there are dim lights and party streamers everywhere. The men and women dressed in beautiful coloured dresses and classy tuxedos are replaced with sweaty teenagers in the oddest-looking costumes I have ever seen.

Red cups are scattered everywhere, on top of the kitchen counter, the couch, the coffee table, and even on top of the tv. Music blares through the speakers, filling the air with noise that is already crowded with people chattering excitedly about who wore it better and who’s going to bang who.

Yeap. Welcome to just your average college Halloween party.

There is so many people in this small space that I feel super claustrophobic. Sweaty bodies brush against me, and I fight the urge to gag.

“Cara...” I say, “Do you even know half of these people?”

“Don’t think so,” She bites her lip. “I told some people in my class that I was having a Halloween party, and I guess word got around everywhere.”

I laugh. “This party is huge. And from the looks of it, a major success.”

“Thanks,” She smiles, “I tried my best.”

“By the way, I love your costume,” I compliment her.

“You like it?” She twirls around slightly. “I made it myself.”

It’s nice, alright. She looks gorgeous in her witch costume. She even had the hat and broom and everything. Purple fabric wraps around her body, making her boobs stick out. It becomes jagged and tears down at the middle, showing off her long, tanned legs. She points the broom at me and sticks one of her legs out.

“I’m a sexy witch,” She tries to growl, but it fails completely.

I burst out laughing.

“I love your costume too.” She tells me, her eyes glossing over the yellow contacts I have on. “You’re a really cute Bella.”

“Holy crap!” I exclaim. “You’re the first one who guessed my costume right!”

“It’s not that hard, Alex.” She laughs. “The smoking hot sparkly vampire man hovering over sort of gave it away. I still can’t believe Daniel’s an Edward this year.”

“Yeap. I can’t believe it too.”

“It’s so unlike him,” She shakes her head. “I would have thought he would go... naked or something.”

“He’s sort of naked now anyway.” I glance over at Daniel who’s getting us some booze from the keg. “Loves to flaunt his abs.”

“I’d lick those abs.” She eyes him seductively.

I slap him on the shoulder. “Cara!”

“Right, I’m sorry!” She says, “He’s yours. I get it.”

“He’s not mine!” I say almost too loudly. My response earned a few curious glances.

“Yeah, you saying he’s not yours is probably a major turn off for him.” She wraps an arm around my shoulders. “You should claim what is yours, Alex!” Aw jeez.

Before I can protest, Daniel comes sauntering towards us with two red cups in his hand. He passes me one and I tilt the cup, finishing every drop of liquid inside it.

Tonight is about celebration right? I’m going out tonight with a bang.

“Whoa, sweetheart,” He takes the cup away from me. “I am not carrying your drunk ass back tonight.”

“More.” I point to the cup. “That’s good stuff. I want more.”

He eyes me warily. “You really want to repeat the tequila episode again? I thought you swore off alcohol?”

“I won’t go overboard, I promise,” I plead. “Just get me more.”

He hesitates, but then I push him to the direction of the keg and he starts walking towards it. I whirl around but Cara is now nowhere to be seen. Probably flirting with some guy. Just as I’m about to head on to the dance floor, someone taps on my shoulder.

I come face to face with Nate. His hazel eyes find mine, and suddenly my spirits rise.

“Hey,” I say, beaming. “I didn’t know you were coming.”

“I’m kind of obligated to since I’m the neighbour.” He says, “I didn’t think you were coming too.”

“I’m kind of obligated to since I’m the best friend.” I mimic him and then laugh. “It’s good to see you.”

“You look great,” He compliments me. My cheeks are flushed. “Let me guess... you’re Bella.”

I nod. “And you’re...”

I examine what he’s wearing. I chuckle.

“You ambitious bitch.” I say, “You’re a doctor. Duh.”

“I know. It’s stupid.” He looks down at his costume, a grin appearing on the edge of his lips. “I didn’t have much time to figure out my costume, so I figured I’ll just wear one of my previous costumes. It’s a little bit too tight on me, but whatever.”

“I like it,” I smile at him. “It’s cute.”

“Thanks.” He chuckles. “Honestly, I hate parties. I’m not exactly sure why I’m here.” He looks around and makes a face as two sweaty bodies of opposite sex grind against each other as if they’re screwing each other’s brains out.

“Me too,” I nod my head. “The music’s always too loud. And you’re thrown together with a bunch of people you don’t even know. Plus, the dancing. Grinding and twerking. Urgh.”

“Exactly!” He shrieks. “It’s totally not my scene.”

I look around and find that more people are starting to dance. The speakers are now playing Icona Pop’s I Love It. Everyone’s throwing their hands up in the air and cheering.

“You want to get out of here?” I hear Nate yell over the music.

“Um.” I mumble as I tear my gaze away from him to find Daniel. He has totally forgotten about my drink and is currently flirting with two blondes in their bunny costumes.


He runs his hand down the arm of one of the girls and cast her a flirtatious smile. She giggles too loudly and whispers in his ear. He bends down and trails his fingers down her jaw to her neck, making her moan slightly.

A bitter feeling crawls down my spine. I know, I know. I should have expected this.

It’s just what Daniel Kerrington does. But still... it makes me feel... i don’t know.

Uncomfortable. Weird.


I can’t look any longer. I quickly look away and force the biggest smile on my face. If Daniel’s having fun with those women tonight, I should have fun too.

“Yes, Nate.” I murmur. “Let’s get out of here.”

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