Perfect Illusion

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Chapter 43: I Think We Broke the Bed

The power came back on somewhere around 2 in the morning. But Daniel and I couldn’t care less. We had been too wrapped up in each other to notice.

Now, it’s eight in the morning and the sunlight tears through the windows, burning my gaze. We haven’t had much sleep last night, and we don’t plan to either, because we’ve been up talking since 6. I tuck myself closer against Daniel’s chest, and his right-hand trails seamlessly down my spine, making me shiver in delight.

My hands travel down his chest to his glorious abs, outlining every pack. He chuckles softly as he watches me in fascination.

“Aren’t you tired?” He asks me.

“Are you?” I ask him instead.

“Nope.” I can feel him shake his head. “I can never get tired of this.”

His response makes me sigh. I prop myself beside him now, one of my elbows supporting me and my other hand clinging unto the sheets, covering my chest area. “I think we broke the bed.”

He laughs, his blue eyes twinkling. “No, we actually did break the bed. Look at my headboard.”

I see it. The headboard had completely come off, and is now lying on the floor.

“Well, fuck.”

“Honestly, I don’t really give a shit.” He presses me closer to him, a mad grin on his face.

“I think you should replace it.” I suggest.

“I don’t think so. If this is how we’re going to be like in bed, I’ll be going through beds as fast I go through my underwear.”

I throw my head back and laugh.

“God, I love your laugh.” He says as he trails a finger, outlining my lips. I blush, and look down but he doesn’t let me. He uses his fingers to tilt my chin up so my gaze levels with his.

“Alex...” His voice trails off as he tries to catch his words. “Thank you for last night. Thank you for trusting me.”

My lips curve into a small smile. “I trust you with anything, Daniel. I trust you with my heart.”

“Good,” He nods, “Because I’m not sharing it. Nor you.”

“I am yours, Kerrington,” I murmur softly, “If you want me, I am yours.”

And then he leans down to kiss me. His lips against mine makes me want to do things. Crazy things. His kiss is possessive, like he’s marking me for life. I kiss him back with fervently, raking my hands in his blonde hair. His tongue is already in my mouth, gently caressing mine.

And I’m pretty sure he just groaned.

His hand moves from my waist and glides down to my leg. My breath falters.

“Tell me to stop, sweetheart.” He growls against my ear. “Tell me to stop or we’re never getting out of this bed.”

Shaking my head, I give him an answer. “If you stop, I swear to god, I have my plastic fork right next door, and then you will know pain.”

“Your threats don’t scare me.” He challenges me with his eyes.

“It should. Especially when it comes to this.” I trail my fingers down to the lower half of his body, a seductive smile playing on my lips.

“Fuck.” He throws his head back and a small groan rumbles from his throat. “You sure about this?”

I nod.

Then, the possessive gleam in his eyes takes fire as he grabs my waist and pulls me on top of him, my legs straddling him. He growls softly, “When I’m done with you, you won’t be able to fucking walk.”


Then, I pull his head back to me and my lips fall upon his again.

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