Perfect Illusion

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Chapter 44: My Kind of Perfect

“Why do you look like that?” Those are the first words Cara says to me when we finally meet up at Caffeinated. She squints her eyes, taking in my ruffled hair, and my flushed cheeks. “You look like you just had sex.”

I pretend not to hear her as I look at the menu, trying to decide what drink to order. I already know what to order, but it wouldn’t hurt just looking at the menu one more time-

“Oh my god!” Cara shrieks. “You’re not denying it! WHICH MEANS YOU DID HAVE SEX.” She says that loud enough for several people to glare at us.

“SHHHH!” I whirl around and shoot daggers at her with my eyes. “Shut up, Cara! You can’t just go blurting out that kind of stuff in a public area!”

Cara totally ignores me and instead starts to jump up and down, her hands clasp together. “Oh my god, you little whore. YOU ACTUALLY DID IT. For the first time! I’m so happy for you!”

I roll my eyes and place on a wide smile at the girl behind the counter, waiting impatiently for me to order my drink. “Sorry about that,” I mumble, “she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”

The girl eyes me warily. Cara continues to do her little happy dance beside me.

“I can’t believe you HAD SEX. Alex Woods is finally A WOMAN! So how does it feel, huh? Did it hurt? Who did you do it with-”

"Cara." I hiss at her. My cheeks are fuming red from the scene she’s making. I have no choice but to drag her outside the cafe.

“The fuck, Cara?” I glare at her when we pass through the doors.

“I’m sorry!” She whispers excitedly, “I’m just so happy for you!”

“Can you be happy for me on the inside?” I tell her. “Because you were making a huge scene at the cafe.”

She frowns. “Sorry. It’s a best friend thing.”

I sigh heavily and sit on the bench. She joins me half a heartbeat later. “It’s okay.”

She pats on her thighs in an excited manner, her face plastered with a huge grin. “So... Did you… do IT?”

Can I actually tell her something that is so personal, something that I’ve only shared with Daniel? But Cara’s my best friend. I tell her everything.

“Yes.” I say in hushed tones.

Cara gives an excited squeak, but changes her expression as she knows not to repeat what has just happened inside the cafe. “Who did you do IT with?”

I don’t think I can hide it any longer. Not when I think I’m falling in love with Daniel. Not when we shared last night together and certainly not when he just deemed me his girlfriend this morning.

So, I tell Cara.

“OH MY GOD!” Her mouth gapes open in shock. “Really? The Daniel Kerrington? The Daniel that you swore you would never EVER get together with? That you thought you hated?”

I give a small nod, my entire face turning red.

Cara breaks into a huge smile. “I’m so happy for you! well-” her expression suddenly changes, “unless it’s a one-time thing.,.” She eyes me with uncertainty.

“No.” I shake my head. “It’s not a one-time thing.”

“So, you guys are together now?” She asks me, happiness gleaming in her eyes. “Like together ’together’?”

“I think so.”

“What do you mean you think so? You’re either together with him or you’re not.”

I sigh dramatically. Cara is always never happy with vague answers.

“Yes, Cara.” I murmur, and I can’t help but feel excited as well. “We’re together.”

Cara closes her eyes and looks up. “FINALLY.” She lifts her hands up like some kind of praise. “THANK GOD you’ve finally come to your senses!”

I cannot help but laugh. “Yeah. I finally got my shit together.”

“I’m so happy for you!” She kisses me on the cheek, “so how did it feel, huh? Doing IT with him?”

“I really don’t want to say...” Those moments between Daniel and I should stay private.

“Was he good though?” She wriggles her eyebrows at me.

A low laugh vibrates from my throat. “Yes. He was amazing.”

“I knew it! I knew he would be great in bed!” Cara exclaims. “But how was it though? I know it was your first time and everything.”

“It did hurt for a while, but after that it was fine. He took care of me, making sure I wasn’t sore.”

Cara gushes. “God, he’s perfect.”

“Far from that actually,” I bite my lip, fighting a smile, “But yes, he’s perfect. My kind of perfect.”

As Cara and I walk back to campus, I spot Daniel having a conversation with Simon by the tables. Cara bids me a quick goodbye before running over to her boyfriend and kissing him senseless.

Simon widens his eyes at her sudden gesture, but relaxes and wraps his arms around her, and kisses her back with equal passion.

“Wow.” I murmur as I approach Daniel, my eyes glued to the happy couple. “They’re really big on PDA.”

Daniel smirks. “I think the whole PDA thing is totally one sided. Cara just wants to jump his bones real badly.”

Laughter gleams in my eyes. “True that.”

Daniel snakes an arm around my waist and tugs me closer to his side. He lowers his eyes, meeting mine with tenderness. My heart literally dances when he touches me.

“So how was lunch at Caffeinated?” He asks me.

“We didn’t get to eat,” I pout, “Cara was making a huge scene about- UH, something, and we ended up talking outside for our entire lunch break.”

“What was she making such a huge scene about?” Daniel questions me, curiously lacing his tone.

“Um.” I look down, pink tinting my cheeks.

Daniel narrows his eyes. “What is it?”

I force out a laugh because I seriously don’t know how to tell him.

“You didn’t tell her…?” Daniel searches the answers in my eyes. “You did?” My silence just confirms it.

He clenches his jaw tightly, redness seeping into his eyes.

“Well I didn’t actually tell her,” I attempt to justify myself, “she figured it out by herself.”

“How the hell did she figure that you and I were having...?”

“I guess I was glowing a little,” I mumble, tangling my hands into his hair to keep him calm, “I don’t know. I kind of smell like you. And of course, my hair is a mess thank you very much.” I laugh lightly. “I’m sorry, Daniel. I didn’t mean for her to find out.”

He takes a deep breath in, and sighs, his forehead touching mine, “it’s okay. It’s just that... I don’t necessarily want other people to know how I’m spending my private moments with my girlfriend.”

My grin widens at the mention of ‘girlfriend’. “Call me that again.”

He lifts an eyebrow. “Call you what? Girlfriend?” “Yes.” I nod my head, biting my lip.

Daniel chuckles softly. “You’re my girlfriend, Alex.”

“And you’re my boyfriend, Daniel.” I bark out a laugh. “Damn. That sounds really weird when I say it.”

“What? Is it because I’m not boyfriend material?” He places a hand on his heart like I’ve wounded him with my words.

“You’re definitely not boyfriend material, Kerrington.”

He fake winces. “Ouch. I’m deeply offended by that.”

“Maybe I can teach you or thing or two about being my boyfriend.” My hands snake around his neck, bringing him closer to me, mocking him with my smile.

“I think I have a pretty good idea of what that entails.” He brushes his lips briefly along the edge of my lips.

“You know nothing, Jon Snow.” I attempt to say it in a fake accent that causes Daniel to burst out laughing.

“You’re very strange, Alex.”

“Like you haven’t already figured that out.” I roll my eyes.

Daniel imitates me by rolling his eyes too. “You got to stop doing that.”

“Doing what?”

“Rolling your eyes. It’s annoying.”

"You’re annoying.”

“Screw you.” He huffs.

“Screw you too.” I play along.

After a few seconds of silence, he grabs me and kisses me roughly.

I pull away, dazed. “Well, I certaintly did not expect that.”

“Sorry,” He shrugs. “Your lips were just screaming for me to kiss them. I had to. Or there might have been vast consequences.”

“I can’t believe I’m stuck with you.” I roll my eyes. Daniel merely chuckles, and presses me close to him.

“Sorry, sweetheart.” He says, “Look on the bright side. At least I’m good at sex. There will never be a dull moment in bed.” I snort.

As I glance over to Cara’s direction, I bat my eyelashes. Simon and her basically full on making out right now.

“Hey!” I yell to Simon. “Stop eating my best friend’s face!”

The both of them recoil from each other. I see Simon’s ears turn pink, refusing to meet eye contact with me. Daniel goes over to him and slaps a hand down his shoulder.

Cara places her hands on her hips. “Speak for yourself. You two-” She gestures to

Daniel and I, “Have been making googly eyes at each other since just now.”

I open my mouth to protest but I close it because I can’t deny it.

I seriously can’t take my eyes off Daniel. Maybe it’s a couple thing. I’m not exactly sure.

“Dude, you’re soooo whipped.” Daniel says to Simon, slapping him on the back.

Simon eyes him curiously. “I’m not the only one who’s whipped. As I recall, you’ve been pretty busy lately too.” He jerks his head to my direction.

Cara shakes her head. “Okay, can we not talk about this right now?” She tugs on Simon’s arm. “We have date tonight and I certainly don’t want to be late for it.”

“Great.” Daniel says then turns to me, “what are we doing tonight?” “Surprise me.” I smile.

He casts me one of his arrogant smirks and presses a light kiss on my lips. “You’re going to regret the moment you said that when you see what I’m planning to do to you.”

“That makes things so much more fun.” I grab his hand and pull him to the direction of my car. “Come on, let’s go.”

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