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The Pendant

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What if there was a world other than our own? And what if it was a world full of magic, and things you thought didn't exist? In Mina's case, she's been to both. Follow her journey in The Pendant.

Romance / Fantasy
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This story tells a tale about one of the vast dimensions out there. A dimension named Drecia.

Drecia is not a dimension like ours. It is a dimension full of magic, and things you thought only lived in fairy tales.

In Drecia, there are all sorts of different varieties of magic. There is strong and weak magic, light and dark, natural and unnatural, and so on.

Despite all of this, this tale is about a bond of love, a love that is stronger than any form on magic imaginable.

Though, there was a time that this bond was almost broken. All because of one terrible accident. An accident that would change the fate of two different dimensions. Drecia’s, and ours…

It all started one fateful day. A completely ordinary day. But, destined to be anything but ordinary.

The sun was shining, showering the land of Drecia in it’s warm embrace. A slight breeze, kissing all those who would allow it.

One who was taking in this lovely scene was a beautiful young girl; no older than ten. She had long chocolate brown locks of hair, styled in a simple braid, that fell all the way down to her knees.

If you looked in this girl’s eyes, you would swear that she had jewels for eyes. Sky blue jewels.

Fair skin, which covered her tiny, little body. She was short for her age, but, perfectly healthy in her weight.

This girl wore a beautiful white dress. A dress which had sleeves that went to her elbows; ruffled ends that went to her knees; and, on the perfectly white dress, a sky-blue sash on her waist, held together with a rare blue rose.

Who is this girl? Well, her name is Aria. And, she is where the story begins.

On this beautiful, perfect day, Aria was taking in all the beauties of that day.

The sun’s embrace, the wind’s kisses, the chirping of the birds, everything.

And, as like every other day, Aria was off to see Milo; the only one who ever cared for her.

Now, in Drecia, people are ranked based on magic abilities, not riches. So, it’d make sense that the king would be the most powerful of them all.

And, poor little Aria… She had no magic ability whatsoever. Many people tried to teach her multiple varieties of magic, but, they all failed. That is why she is homeless, and, relies on Milo to supply her with everything she has.

Milo, on the other hand, is very powerful. With a wizard for a dad, and, a shapeshifter for a mother, it would make perfect sense why milo would not only be powerful, but, be high in status.

As Aria approached the door of a fabulous tree mansion, she greeted all of the fellow servants with a happy grin and wave.

They didn’t return the same kindness, like usual. Though, Aria was used to this.

After arriving in front of the apple-red-colored door, Aria gave it a loud knock.


Aria then put her small ten-year-old ear to the door, listening for a particular sound.

As Aria listened, she heard the voice of her friend calling out to her.

Milo’s call.

Aria stepped back, and, allowed for Milo to open the door.

Milo was much taller than Aria; almost twice her height. Yet, they were the same exact age. Though, Milo wasn’t as angelic as Aria, with shaggy jet-black hair, strong emerald-green eyes that could intimidate even the strongest of people, and, a strong muscular build.

Milo, unlike Aria, wasn’t homeless. In fact, he was the total opposite. Milo wore a white cotton button up shirt, fancy leather brown pants, and, white cotton socks. On his wrists, he wore a wide variety of different charms; all designed to protect him from unknown enemies.

Upon seeing Aria’s face, Milo’s own face showed utter happiness. From the twinkle in his eyes, to the prominent smile on his face.

Milo then embraced Aria for their usual greeting.

A hug.

“Aria, I have something for you.” Milo said, after pulling away.

Aria’s eyes instantly glistened with excitement.

“What?! What is it?!” Aria eagerly asked.

“Close your eyes.” Milo said, while chuckling slightly at Aria’s eagerness.

Aria closed her eyes shut. Though, her body, on the other hand, couldn’t keep still.

Milo carefully pulled out his surprise, and, put it over Aria’s bobbing head.

“Okay, you can open your eyes now.”

Aria’s eyes shot open, to look down at her surprise. As Aria looked down, she saw a beautiful pendant.

In the center of the pendant was a tear made of gold.

A dragon’s tear.

On the sides of the golden tear were two small extravagant royal-red feathers.

“Milo, it’s beautiful! But, what is it?” Aria asked, confusion written all over her face.

“This pendant includes two of the three most rare magical items in the world! A dragon’s tear, and, two phoenix feathers!” Milo happily explained.

“Wow… I love it! I love it! I love it!” Aria exclaimed, while jumping up and down.

Milo couldn’t help but smile at his love’s excitement.

“I’m so glad. Do you want to help me with my potions?” Milo said, while opening the door for Aria.

“Of course, silly! Why do you think I came in the first place? To help my love!” Aria said, before giving Milo a quick kiss on the cheek, and running inside.

Milo was taken back, but, quickly shook out of his daze to follow his sweetheart.

“So, Milo, what will we be working on today?” Aria asked, while pushing a wooden door open, to Milo’s potion room.

The floor, walls, and ceiling were all a beautiful sanded ash wood. On the walls lay cabinets full of different potions, and, mixtures. And, in the center of the room, lay a large table, with some potions scattered abroad.

In the middle of it all, lay a blue scale, that could be mistaken for glass.

Aria turned to Milo, with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Milo, what is that?!” Aria asked, while pointing to the blue scale.

Milo looked to where Aria was pointing. After seeing the blue scale, Milo’s eyes went wide.

“A mermaid’s scale. The last of the three rare magical items. But, how did it…”

Aria’s curiosity and love for beautiful things brought her to go to the blue mermaid scale.

Once Milo saw Aria proceeding to pick the mermaid scale up, he realized the danger she was in.

“Aria, put it down!” Milo shouted, while running up to Aria.

Aria, very startled, dropped the mermaid scale.

The mermaid scale fell, until it bounded off of Aria’s pendant. It then fell on the table, knocking a few things over, spilling random liquids.

“Milo, I’m so-”

Aria stopped, when she felt her pendant vibrating.

Milo watched, in shock, unsure what was happening, or, what to do.

The pendant then began to levitate into the air, bringing small Aria will it.

“Milo, what’s going on?” Asked a frightened Aria.

Milo ran up to Aria, to pull her down, but, was pushed back by a strong force. From where it came from, he didn’t know.

Above Aria, a vortex of silver and blue began to open, spinning for what felt like an eternity.

Aria soon noticed that she was being pulled into this vortex, she began to struggle, against the force that was pulling her in.

“Milo!” Aria cried out, in desperation.

Despite being pulled in, Milo couldn’t seem to get his body off of the wall.

The force was just too strong.

Milo watched in horror, as Aria was pulled into the vortex.

As soon as Aria’s last foot entered, the vortex disappeared.

Milo, now able to move, ran to where Aria had once been, and, began to cry, crying tears of sadness.

For his love was gone.

But, not for good.

For, Aria would return.

One day.

And now, the real story begins.

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