Wolf Moon

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Chapter 11

Oliver looked down at the alpha that was laying half in and half out of the putrid smelling water. He could feel the despair and pain rolling off Adalyn in waves. Oliver knew that she was distraught over her parents’ whereabouts and seeing her alpha die in front of her was causing her even more distress. Oliver made the decision without really thinking about all of the consequences or why he was even dying in the first place. He reached down and pulled the alpha’s soaked and battered body from the water. Oliver heard Adalyn’s cries become louder as he slashed open his wrist and allowed his blood to seep into the alpha’s mouth. Oliver had to massage the alpha’s throat to force him to swallow but he knew even a small taste would be enough to bring him back.

Oliver had expected as his breathing improved and his heart beat became steadier that Adalyn would have calmed some. Instead she had become even more frantic and had taken a large step back from both him and her alpha. Oliver looked at her questioningly as his brain filtered her frantic and chaotic words.

“Oh fuck! You touched him. The water it’s deadly. No one ever survives. Parasites deadly even to you. All predators. Oni are most definitely predators. Oh fuck no. No! Please no Oliver! I can’t lose you.”

Oliver watched as Adalyn collapsed on the ground writhing in what Oliver could tell was emotional and mental anguish. He didn’t know what had suddenly intensified her feelings of sorrow. He looked back at her alpha and could tell that he was breathing better. He looked around wondering if she was seeing something Oliver wasn’t. Her reaction was making sense to him.

Chloe put two and two together in seconds. The river wasn’t full of parasites, it was poisoned by magic. The magic was specifically targeted at predators which meant all of them were at risk. Oliver was already infected. The moment he opened his wrist he let the magic in. Chloe stepped back and tried to analyse what the magic was doing. She wasn’t surprised when Adalyn realised Oliver was infected and dropped to the ground into utter despair. Her words coming out in a big jumbled mess

It was easy enough to put two and two together and realise she must have thought it was a death sentence since Oliver had been exposed to the deadly water. The more she thought he was dying the more desperate her emotions. The more desperate she became the more desperate Oliver would become. Chloe tried to reach out to her and explain that her siblings and Chloe are totally invulnerable to illness and disease.

“Adalyn, calm down! Oliver is going to be fine. He is impervious to disease and illness. The river is a magic spell that’s all. It looks like Oliver is hurt but I promise he will be fine. You need to calm down so he stops trying to get to you. If he touches you, you could die but the damage to him is only temporarily. Chloe, I assure you, if I can prevent myself from becoming infected I will find a counter spell.”

Chloe hoped her words would have a calming effect, but it seemed they fell on deaf ears since Adalyn continued to cry loudly. Things were going to get out of hand if they didn't do something more drastic. Chloe looked over at Cooper and yelled

“The magic is targeted at predators. All it needs to is to be ingested or let in through an open wound. Chloe already has injuries all over. If she get exposed she will die. If I get infected, I won’t be able to help find the counter spell. I am sorry Cooper but you need to keep him and the spell away from us.”

Then, Chloe motioned towards her brother and the sick wolf lying just outside of the water. Chloe no sooner got the words out of her mouth when Oliver charged towards her and Adalyn. Cooper immediately realising the threat to her and Adalyn moved to intercept Oliver.

The charge wasn’t very effective. While, Oliver tried to move forward his legs weren’t responding properly. His brain felt heavy and sluggish and Oliver realised he was a little confused. He shook his head trying to clear it but only managed to make his vision blurry. Oliver slowly made his way towards Adalyn and was just about to lift her into his arms when Cooper came charging towards them.

Before Oliver could touch Adalyn, Chloe pulled Adalyn into her arms. Oliver growled and attempted to pull Adalyn from her sister’s arms when Cooper roughly shoved him back then stood in front of them preventing Oliver from reaching his sister and Adalyn. Oliver shoved him aside utilising the bulk of his strength and again he tried to reach out to touch Adalyn. This time Cooper grabbed hold of him and flung him back towards the river.

“Oliver, for fucks sakes don’t touch your sister or Adalyn. You’re under the influence of bad voodoo magic. You need to take a step back so we can get this off of you.” Then he added even louder

“Oliver listen to me! You will be KILL Adalyn if you don’t back the fuck off!”

The words seemed to have no effect on Oliver it was clear that the magic was already twisting his brain. No matter what Cooper or Chloe said he was going to continue to adamantly try to get to Adalyn. He likely thought he would help her deal with the fear and distress she was feeling but in fact he would expose her to the deadly magic. The magic was really messing with his mind and his body. He was acting crazy and he too like the wolf he pulled from the water was bleeding from his ears, nose, eyes and mouth.

Cooper was right. To Oliver his words just sounded like some kind of gibberish that only proved to make Oliver more confused and angry. His emotions like Adalyn’s were going into overdrive. Oliver wanted to help Adalyn and take away her feelings of despair. Being this close to her but not providing reassurance was pure torture to him. He felt a buzzing sound in his ear just as Adalyn’s emotional pain smashed into him again. Oliver grappled to his feet with the intention of doing whatever was necessary to reach Adalyn and provide her with comfort.

Chloe watched Oliver swipe the blood from his mouth just as he started to charge at them again. This time he managed to knock Cooper to his feet and charged directly at her. Chloe was prepared to take the brunt of the hit but was disappointed that she too would become infected. Just as Chloe expected to feel the impact Cooper lunged to his feet and again placed himself between them and Oliver. Chloe felt overwhelming gratitude at her husband for taking the brutal hit from her brother. Chloe had to smile since Cooper didn’t even look like it fazed him. Cooper hit him hard and knocked him back down to the ground.

The hit was hard. Even for an Oni that should have taken the fight out of Oliver. Yet, he stood again. Once up however, his feet but felt too heavy to move. His body was refusing to listen to his commands. Oliver felt something wet oozing from his eyes and he his ears and his heart started beating erratically. Oliver growled in pain and fury. He managed to make himself look even more dangerous and enraged. Then he charged towards them again. This time in his full armour with his Ninjatō sword drawn.

It was clear Oliver meant to cause severe damage to Cooper and Chloe. Chloe swallowed and tried to prepare for the onslaught of pain. Chloe too materialized her armour and Ninjatō sword. Seconds clicked by… Instead of the sound of swords tapping together she heard Oliver drop back to the ground as he fell unconscious. Chloe could only drop her head in relief as she realised Cooper must have invaded Oliver’s mind and took charge.
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