Wolf Moon

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Chapter 16

Adalyn sat waiting as patiently as possible for the other altered werewolf Oni teenagers and their adoptive parents. Her nerves were fried and she could barely think. She had to do something. Oliver’s life depended on it. She needed him. One night of love in his arms was not enough. It would never be enough. She couldn’t live without him. She knew asking the others to sell their soul for Oliver’s was wrong but she didn’t care. She would do anything to save him. If they didn’t volunteer she would find another way. She would never give up on Oliver.

Cooper and Chloe said they would be down the moment the first guest arrived. It turns out Iona was able to spirit all seven of them away and placed them with adoptive families. Iona and several of the others were already on their way here. According to Cooper and Chloe if the altered teenagers were really part of her clan she would feel the energy in the air would change each time she got near one of them.

Iona was the first to arrive. Cooper knew before anyone else, he felt the vibration in the air and dropped through the ceiling at the exact same moment Iona and her two children floated through the front door. Chloe dropped down only seconds later, and the room exploded into a volley of hugs and greeting. Cooper,

Adalyn stood perfectly still her body vibrating with a strange numbness her eyes locked on light stormy grey eyes. The eyes belonged to a sandy brown haired teenager standing just feet from her. She guessed he was sixteen or seventeen. He was tall, but not too tall maybe five foot ten feet. After a few seconds she managed to pull her eyes away only to lock on a new set of eyes. These eyes were the colour of chocolate with gold sparkles flaring within them. They like the other set of eyes belonged to a teenager. This one a female with warm shoulder length brown hair.

Clan members. The same through ran through all three of them. Dylan recovered first and his hand shot out towards Adalyn. No words came from his mouth but Adalyn heard him in her mind just the same.

I’m Dylan and this is my sister Christine. You must be Adalyn. We should make a name for our clan. What do you think? It will be easier to welcome the others into our clan when they get here. I say we call ourselves the Wolfoni Clan. You know since we are part werewolf and also Oni.”

Before Adalyn could even figure out how to answer Dylan she heard footsteps outside and knew more Oni were near. She turned to watch as Iona, quickly walked to the door and threw the dark mahogany door wide open. Iona looked into the dark eyes on the other side and smiled politely but warmly as she said

“Welcome Maude, please enter.” An older woman with a pinched face came through the door. Adalyn assumed she was Maude. Behind her stood another member of her clan. This one was another female. Her hair was pale white and her skin was the colour of alabaster. She had amber eyes that shone as bright as the sun itself.

“Iona” Maude spoke with a thick Russian accent.

“How have you been?” Iona said. Maude her me a sharp look then shrugged

“I’ve brought Imogen as you requested. I am glad that my responsibility to her is at an end. She’s been nothing but an ungrateful brat. More dog than Oni. You are welcome to sell her soul to anyone you choose. Let her be their problem instead of mine. My debt to you paid. Ask nothing more of me ever.” She spit at Iona.

Iona nodded her head feeling a little off balance as cold energy crept its way up her back.

“I understand that you had not wanted particularly to repay the favour you owed me, but finding a place for Imogen was important to me Maude.” Iona said through clenched teeth.

“Yes Iona. I wanted to help you, but the circumstances were a little,” She cleared her throat, “uncomfortable to me.”

“Maude, I understand your situation.” Iona cleared her throat wrapped her arms around the bitter looking woman and continued,

“I’ve missed you. Please, sit down, are you thirsty? You’ve come a long way.”

Iona tried her best to be accommodating to Maude. Maude wasn’t interested instead she said

“No, I need nothing.” Then without another word or even a glance at the child she raised, she turned towards the door and quickly left the house.

Adalyn and the others looked towards Imogen with empathy in their eyes. Adalyn suddenly had the feeling she needed her help. Console her and comfort her in some way. Dylan and Christine must have had the same thought since all three of them simultaneously moved forward and wrapped Imogen in their arms. The word ‘Clan’ echoing in their minds. Clan meant they were all family now. None of them ever needed to be alone again.

Adalyn opened her mouth with the intention of saying something to that effect when a knock on the door distracted her. Seconds later the door opened and the four of them heard Iona say

“Hello Monika. How have you been?” Iona asked cheerfully.

The woman standing at the door must have been Maude’s twin. The only difference is this woman smiled back as she said,

“Hi Iona. Life has been treating me very well, how about you?”

She asked politely then motioned to the teenager beside her and said

“This is my son Sebastian.”

Sebastian was the male version of Imogen. Like her he had pure white hair but unlike her, his eyes were solid black eyes and full of joy. Iona and Monika continued to chat briefly before Iona pushed Sebastian towards Adalyn and the other teenagers. Word floated through his mind and everyone else’s in the new Oni Clan

Welcome to the Wolfoni clan Sebastian.”

“Monika, have a seat with Cooper and Chloe in the dining room. Let’s leave the youngsters here for a while so they can get to know each other. I will bring some wine for our palettes into the dining room for us. Once the others arrive, we will explain everything to you about Adalyn and her clan request.”

Wolfoni Clan?”

Yeah.” Said Dylan

He thinks it’s cute. You know Wolf since we are all part werewolf and Oni since we are all Oni warriors too.” Christine murmured telepathically

Um okay, sure. I like the name” agreed Sebastian.

I don’t but I guess we could have gotten a worse name assigned to us once we became slaves.” Said Adalyn

I will never be a slave.” Dylan inserted forcefully

I have never been anything but a slave.” cried Imogen

Their telepathic conversation continued while Iona walked towards the kitchen and Monika headed towards the dining room.

What do you mean you have only ever been a slave?” Sebastian asked curiously

But before Imogen or the others could answer they all felt another change in the air. This time the newly formed Wolfoni clan knew it was two more of their clansmen. They didn’t wait for Iona to return to the living room and threw open the door. This time they called out to them telepathically.

Welcome to the Wolfoni clan. We’ve been waiting for you. I am Dylan.”

I’m Christine. Dylan and I were raised together as siblings.”

I’m Imogen and so happy to meet you both.”

I’m Sebastian. I just got here too. I know this can all feel strange.”

Well, that just leaves me. I’m Adalyn and the reason all of you have been asked to come here.”

Iona threw open the door while shouting


“Iona”, he spoke purposefully,

“How are you?” He grabbed her arm and pulled her into a hug.

“It’s so nice to see you again.” He said as Iona smiled,

“Armando. It’s amazing to see you again.”

He smiled brightly and pulled her again into a warm embrace before looking warmly at her. Two nearly identical twins stood behind him just outside of the door. They felt for some reason to Adalyn and the other Wolfoni clan members, more powerful than any of them. Adalyn found herself really examining their appearance while she waited for them to answer telepathically.

They both had the same warm chocolate dark skin and caramel brown eyes but that’s where the similarities ended. He was all rough male while she was the epitome of female softness. His head was shaved and his shoulders were wide and his body in general was very muscular and rippled with every movement he made. She had raven black her hanging nearly to the floor and was made up of soft curves in all the right places. Both of them had great big smile that lit their faces.

I am Braxton…” he cooed telepathic

“…and I am Sienna” she finished

“No promised mate yet?” Iona said out loud to Armando.

Armando wiggled his eyebrows at her then pulled his children closer to him before shrugging at Iona and changing the subject.

“How is Carey?” He asked. Carey had once been Iona’s lover before he met his promised mate. Iona knew she should not have, but she smiled and said,

“You’ll see soon enough.” Armando wrinkled his nose and said back

“Well, I guess it cannot all be pleasant. Who else did you collect in your home?” before letting Iona answer he continued

“These are my children Braxton and Sienna. I never did thank you properly for giving them to me to raise. They are amazing children if I do say so myself. They are already accomplished warriors. I have trained them well. They can shift into wolf forms and can materialize their Oni armour and Ninjatō Sword.”

Iona looked towards the other teenagers and said.

“Do you recall the first time our clan all came together. It was an amazing and terrifying day at the same time. Even now I can tell they are learning to communicate through their clan link. Let’s leave them to figure some of this out on their own.”

Then Iona held onto his arm and walked him into the dining room.

The clan continued to talk amongst themselves excitedly. They found that while they shared their thoughts telepathically it wasn’t necessary for them to communicate with words. They could simply think and their thoughts were heard and interpreted by all. The twins explained it all to them just as Armando had explained it to them.

“The telepathic link is part of us. The fact that we have it proves we were all going to be indentured servants whether we want to or not. Da says, as long as we as we are indentured servants the link will exist. It breaks only after we get our freedom.” Proclaimed Braxton

It’s so we can be more efficient as a team. In battle it will be invaluable. When…” Blurted Sienna before Braxton picked up where she left off and said

“When we are not in battle however it is considered rude to be in each other’s mind.”

“That’s why we didn’t respond when you all invaded our minds earlier today.” They said in unison.

“Oh…” murmured Adalyn, Dylan, Christine, Imogen and Sebastian at the same time.

They were all totally relaxed and chatting about what else Armando taught Sienna and Braxton about when they heard the door open again. This time they knew the last member of their newly formed clan had arrived. Oh there were others, it’s just none of them knew how to find them without the help of a druid.

“I bet its Logan.” Said Christine

“Yupper” agreed Dylan

Then despite it being rude he said telepathically to everyone in their clan but Logan.

Our mum and his da were a couple before his da met his promised mate about ten years ago. We all used to live together like family but we haven’t seen him since he made us leave so he could marry the witch Lorena. Logan used to be like a brother to us.”

oh…” everyone murmured back

I missed both of you too and she’s not a witch. Just a jealous human female and one da loves more than anything else in the world.” They all heard at the same time

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