Wolf Moon

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Chapter 18

“Where the heck is she? Why didn’t anyone go with her? How many times have we told you guys that no one goes out alone? Adalyn, you are her partner why were you with her?”

Adalyn blinked several times then finally said

“Umm, we were having the war games and she never asked me to go with her.”

You are supposed to be a leader Adalyn. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am. Imogen agreed to sell her own soul into slavery for you and your promised mate and you didn’t even care enough to run beside her. Then Adalyn watched Armando quickly turn and head out of the room. Adalyn heard him scurrying quickly down the hallway in what she assumed was in search of Imogen. Armando was right. She was a lousy clan leader and a worse friend. How could she ask so much of someone and not even take the time to get to know her? She reached out through the clan link and immediately knew something was very wrong. Seconds later the remaining members of the Wolfoni clan burst through the door.

“Adalyn where is Imogen?” Adalyn blinked rapidly several times as she burst into tears and said

“I don’t know. She went for a run without me?”

Logan slammed his hand down on the table then threw it aside. Everyone was flipping out not knowing where the hell she was but Logan went ballistic. He started running through every inch of the house then all over pack territory. He could tell they were all telling the truth. Everyone but the beta’s promised mate Rhea. She smelled of lies and deception. This was the third time Logan came back to question her. At this point he was becoming desperate. Imogen was now missing almost a full day. Logan never wanted to voluntarily hurt a female but… He wrapped his hands tightly around her neck as he lifted her from the floor and said one more time

“Tell me where the fuck she is. Tell me what you’ve done to Imogen and don’t fucking bother lying again. I can smell the deceit on you. You are going to die today. It’s just a matter of how painful I make it.”

Logan smelled Rhea urine herself and he knew that he’d made his point. She believed Logan was going to kill her. Finally, he thought I have the upper hand.

“Logan, dude. What’s up with you? We’re all worried about Imogen but you are off the scale.” Shouted Sebastian

Logan could see from the looks on his other clan members faces that they thought something was really off with him. Part of him felt bad that he had subjected them to this type of brutal behaviour. He had no real intention of killing Rhea but she needed to believe him. Logan shook her body and growled directly into her face. She opened her mouth and he felt almost ecstatic that she was finally going to tell him how to find Imogen. Then she shouted at the top of her lungs

“For Elizabeth. My life for hers!”

Then to everyone’s surprise Rhea’s mouth suddenly began to foam and her eyes rolled back in her head. Logan felt her body quiver as her breathing and heart simultaneously stopped. He dropped her body to the floor and quickly turned towards Chloe who was running towards them.

“I didn’t do anything. I was barely putting pressure on her neck. I was just trying to get her to talk. What’s wrong with her? Chloe, I need her alive she needs to tell me where Imogen is. Please help me. Imogen is my promised mate.”

Everyone looked towards Logan. The unanswered question ringing in his ears. Why? Why had they kept it hidden? Had he planned to reject her? He shook his head in denial as Chloe lifted her eyes to him and said

“Cyanide! She must have known she could get caught. She was dead before she hit the floor. She’s not going to be telling them where they took Imogen.”

“You have to break her or I will never be able to do the spell. We are so close to victory we can’t back off now. She must agree to give me her soul for the spell to work. I can’t force her out of her own body she must want out on her own. Now get back in there and make it happen. Make her want to escape her own body. For all I care you can crush every single one of her bones if that’s what it takes. Make sure by the end of the day the girl can’t imagine living another day. Then we will offer her salvation. You have ten minutes and I will be in.”

Elizabeth waved her hand towards the door indicating that she was done speaking with John. He was a good devotee and would do whatever it took to break the girl’s spirit. For just a small moment Elizabeth actually felt a twinge of guilt. Oh wait, that wasn’t guilt she was feeling it was anticipation. Imogen’s body was going to be Elizabeth’s new body. Elizabeth moved over to the door and checked to make sure the mountain ash was still exactly as she left it. Elizabeth couldn’t prevent a small smile from gracing her face as she confirmed nothing supernatural was coming in or out. The mountain ash was part of an elaborate spell that allowed her to trap Imogen’s essence within the walls of her home.

The sound of grisly screams coming from the room besides hers gave her hope that her devotees were making good progress at breaking Imogen. She felt another delightful smile decorate her face as she contemplated her appreciation for John securing her future. Once the chit gave her permission to move her soul from her own body, Elizabeth would take up residence in her body. It wasn’t quite the win she was hoping for but with Oliver dead it didn’t matter which Oni body she took.

Imogen’s would be good enough until she found a more permanent solution. Imogen’s body would allow Elizabeth to live like a queen again. She would be treated with the respect she deserved. It was only fitting that the Oni Warrior’s in Imogen’s clan would serve her. Elizabeth was certain she could convince them to do anything she desired and she would desire a lot. She stood up and checked her appearance before she walked to the door and into the room they were torturing Imogen in. Imogen was lying in a heap of blood on the floor. Elizabeth walk over and nudged her with her foot

“Get up and look at me! I need you to focus on my voice. Push through the pain for just a few moments and then you can have some peace. Blink twice if you understand me.”

Imogen moaned in pain and forced herself to blink twice. Her body throbbed in pain. She was sure she was being tortured to within centimetres of her life only for them to allow her to heal and start all over again. They keep asking for the same thing and Imogen keeps declining. Elizabeth wants to steal her body. Imogen had a shitty life but it was her life. She wasn’t going to give it up willingly. Elizabeth is a fool to think the others didn’t warn her about her Nogitsune evil tricks.

“Don’t you want it to end? Don’t you want peace and serenity? We can make it stop. All you have to do is say the word. Just say you want out and I will stop the anguish. You can move on from this world to the next in peace. Blinks twice if that’s what you want Imogen? Don’t be afraid to ask for it to stop.”

They stopped speaking, and Imogen knew they were waiting anxiously for her to blink but she made sure to hold her eyes tightly closed. She was not going to agree to anything they wanted. They repeated the questions several more times and Imogen continued to keep her eyes securely shut. After the fifth time, Imogen heard a female voice she was sure was Elizabeth’s say in a sickeningly repulsive tone.

“Oh you stupid little whore, what do you think is so important that you would endure this pain to keep? No one even wants you. You know as well as I do that your promised mate Logan intended to reject you. That’s why he wouldn’t even tell the others the truth. I think I will have them skin you alive a couple of times and see if that changes your mind. I’ll be back in a day or two by then I am sure you will beg me to kill you.”

Imogen was proving to have a much stronger backbone than Elizabeth anticipated. She assumed it was something she learned from her adoptive mother Maude. Werewolves in general have proven to be weak and unworthy beings. The fact that Elizabeth was able to take so many of their vile and horrid wolves so easily away from them shows her superiority. As part Oni warrior Imogen would have been stronger but she hadn’t had enough training to attribute it to that yet Elizabeth was however losing patience. Adalyn was meant to be her final stop, then Oliver ingested the water and that ended that. Now Imogen is ruining that too. Elizabeth would make her suffer.

“Oh and Imogen, it doesn’t matter if you change your mind before then. I’ve ordered them to skin you five times before I come back. I’ve decided to make a fantastic comforter from your skin. Next time I ask for your soul you had better agree. If not it is going to get a whole lot worse from there. This is just the beginning of how I can have you tortured.”

Then Imogen felt Elizabeth press her lips to hers and her tongue slipped into her mouth in an intimate and totally disgusting kiss. Imogen would have spat and wiped her mouth if she hadn’t been tied and dangling from the ceiling. Then she slapped her hard in the face and exited the room. Then true to her word Imogen heard a male cackling in joy as he started to slowly and very painfully inch by inch remove the flesh from her bones. Imogen hadn’t wanted to make a noise or even open her eyes but the pain was more excruciating than she could even have imagined. She screamed out in anguish. Then she realised Elizabeth was right, if she came and asked her now Imogen would agree. The pain was unbearable and she was ready to agree to anything to make them stop.

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