Wolf Moon

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Chapter 19

“Adalyn, wake up now. I need you to wake up and help us. We are under attack and Cooper, Iona, Armando and Monika are already outside fighting. We need you and the Wolfoni clan out there too. It’s time for the training wheels to come off. We can’t defend all of these people without you guys too.”

Chloe’s voice was pulling Adalyn out of his deep comfortable sleep. She tried to ignore her persistent loud voice and instead reach out with her and pulled the covers over her head. Just as she cracked his eye open Chloe squawked loudly directly into her face,


Adalyn was instantly jerked awake and her eyes shot open. With her sudden alertness, she realized she could suddenly hear the screams of pain coming from all directions. She also smelled smoke. Adalyn blinked a few times then looked around the room. Logan came rushing in and was quickly making his way towards her. Adalyn manage to croak out, her voice crackling with every syllable,

“What’s going on?”

Logan handed her a glass of water and said,

“We are under attack. It seems a combination of hunters and werewolves. They’ve already set the pack house and several other buildings on fire. They are using guns to shoot anything that tries to leave the burning buildings. Several of us and several of the more capable pack members are out there fighting. We thinks we can reduce the attacker’s numbers, but it is not fast enough. Adalyn, if we do not get the people out of the burning buildings in the next ten minutes, we’re going to lose them all.”

Adalyn blinked again and looked over Logan.

“Okay, what’s the plan?”

“The plan was to wake you up so we could make a plan.” Said Logan while looking at Adalyn like she had three heads.

“Okay, Okay, can we call Obvert and set the deal starting today?”

Chloe’s head swung back and forth wildly before she said

“No, and don’t even say something like that out loud again. In fact, be careful of everything you say. There is no way of knowing whose listening.

“Alrighty then… From this point forward Wolfoni clan, we go silent.”

Idea’s anyone?” said Adalyn telepathically through the clan link

I have one but I doubt anyone is going to like it?”

Let’s hear it Christine.” Encouraged Dylan

We could bring on bloodlust. It would make us crazy but it would also make us unstoppable.”

That’s not an idea Christine that’s insane!” countered Braxton

Now wait a minute, it does have some merit.” Insisted Dylan

I agree. I know bloodlust is horrific and generally speaking we should try to avoid it at all costs, but we all know the risks and it might be only hope. We aren’t trained enough to win this. If we are in bloodlust it won’t matter. We would be ruthless and wouldn’t stop until there was nothing left to fight.”

Adalyn’s voice in in their mind was desperate and filled with anxiety by the time she stopped talking.

“That’s it then. Let’s do this!” shouted all seven of them in perfect unison.

So… um how do we get into bloodlust? Asked Sebastian curiously

Umm, I have an idea?” Then she quickly wrote the question on a piece of paper and handed it to Chloe.”

Chloe winced then said out loud

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Not your call Chloe. It’s ours. Our clan, our call.” Stated Logan

“Fine. Silver will bring it on. Nothing fatal but it will need to be bad enough that your body feels like it needs to fight back.”

Okay then. Let’s all meet in the kitchen and get this done.” Ordered Adalyn.

The moment they all arrived in the kitchen, they all called forth their armour and Ninjatō swords and each of them sliced their thigh with a silver knife. Then the seven of them stepped through the wall into the battle. They were pelted with rifle shot the moment they phased through the side of the house.

All hell broke loose…Christine’s body was flung about by the sheer force of the shrapnel slamming into her body. Dylan heard her shriek and spared a quick glance back at her before stepping further into chaos. Guns were bursting from all directions. Sienna and Braxton started using their lightning quick speed to give the attackers a merry chase.

Logan threw his head back and angry growled into the night. He wasn’t angry because their rifles and bullets caused him harm, he was angry because they people were probably responsible for Imogen disappearing. He would make them pay. He would make them all pay. He smiled and allowed the growing need for blood and death to consume him. In some respects, he knew it was depressing (even though it was justified) that he was quickly becoming an insatiable reprobate that would kill without mercy. Before yesterday he’d never even take a life. Now he was consumed with the need to slaughter them all.

Adalyn took two steps off the back porch and was pelted with several more bullets and shrapnel. She turned her head and her blood red eyes toward the next group of people. They were all humans and armed to the gill with handguns and shotguns. She shook her head and made a huffing sound showing her disapproval before she pulled her lips back to show them her elongated fangs. Adalyn watched as their faces turned pure white and their bodies began to quake in fear. Several of them turned and ran away while others found themselves frozen in fear, and didn’t try to run or even cry.

That’s when Adalyn let go and allowed the beast inside of her take over. She stopped thinking about anything but gorging on their blood. The first person she came across she used her sword and lopped off his head in one swing. Then she started slashing and cutting through them like she was trimming grass with a machete. So much death, so very fast… Adalyn and the others revelled in the death and blood like a teenager enjoying dancing at a party. Nothing stopped them. They hacked, jabbed and chopped while the pathetic humans did their best to get out of the way.

With blood lust riding her hard, Adalyn charged the other men. Sixteen men were within arm’s reach her. She made quick work of incapacitating them, then piled their screaming writhing bodies on top of each other. Killing them was too fast. The bloodlust wanted to drag it out. She was positioned on top of the injured and crying human bodies and was lifting them one by one in her arms and slowly killing them. Cries of pain, whining and begging voices could be heard for miles. The other Oni in bloodlust like Adalyn, delighted in the sound of their fear and pain. Mercy was not an option. The attackers were forced to watch in horror as they waited for their turn for Adalyn to tear into their flesh.

Over the years of their lives, Cooper, and the other older Oni warriors saw many fighters including berserkers held in the grasps of blood lust. Despite that, he could honestly say, he’d never seen such a lack of humanity and compassion as Adalyn was demonstrating. It was almost beyond his comprehension that his sweet charming little Adalyn could so horrifically mutilate and kill another being. Her butchery was in truth, the reason Oni never willingly under any circumstances give into bloodlust. In the first few minutes of the fight, Cooper watched in abject horror as Adalyn and the rest of her Oni clan tore into the first group of men.

They tore off enemy limbs and beat them with their own body parts like they were weapons. The sliced open throats and bashed them in the face. The smell of urine and excrement filled the air as the attackers realized what was coming for them. And just like Adalyn, none of them spared a single man either. They used their sword to make quick work of dispatching them to the next life.

The scene was disgusting and gory. Even Cooper, had to force himself to tune out their revolting happiness and satisfaction from their bloodletting. It was barbaric and a horrific act of cruelty. As Chloe predicated their bloodlust increased the ferocity of their attack tenfold.

Thankfully however for the people in the burning pack house and other buildings the fighting stopped shortly after the Wolfoni clan joined the battle. It didn’t seem they were prepared for any real resistance. Coming up against Oni must have been a shock. Coming up against seven Oni in bloodlust would have been unthinkable. Most attackers ran away in fear and defeat after seeing the grotesque and inhumane acts that they were doing. Their slaughter however went on for hours. In truth, it wasn’t how many they killed it was the terrible and torturous way they did it.

Once the fighting stopped the pack members set out to put the fire out. The moment the last attacker died, everyone but Logan seemed to calm down. Their armour disappeared and they stood covered in blood shaking their heads as if awaking from a nightmare. Logan, on the other hands started looking around for something to occupy him. The sound of a wolf baying off in the distance seemed to catch his attention his ears twitched in recognition. Then he took off at full speed in the direction of the cry had come from.

It was clear his intention was to kill on as many more as she could. Cooper saw the twinkling lights in the night sky and knew it would be morning soon, with only seconds before Logan disappeared out of sight, he shouted to the others to follow him.

“You need to go after him. The sun is rising and we will no longer be of any use in battle. Only you Wolfoni can continue to fight once the sun has risen. Quickly, call forth you armour and swords. They howls might lead him and the rest of you to Imogen. Save her if you can.”

Imogen heard the screaming and shouting and could smell blood and death in the air. She saw real fear in the eyes of Elizabeth’s disciples. She knew they’d come into the room so they could abuse her again. Up until a few minutes ago they had smug pleasure written on their face. Now nothing but fear and apprehension shone in their eyes. Elizabeth was trying to control them and reduce their fear but every word from her mouth only served to heighten their agitation. They were whispering to each other about a recent battle and what the Oni did to their brethren earlier that night.

Imogen could see several of them visibly shaking and she could smell even Elizabeth’s fear in the air.

Imogen, can you hear me”? We are on are way in. Logan is in bloodlust and tearing through Elizabeth’s defences. We’re not far behind him. Please tell me you can hear us.” Pleaded Sebastian

Yes, yes I can. Thank god you are coming. I wouldn’t have survived much longer.”

Imogen forgive me. I am coming and I will kill every single one of them that harmed you. I will pull their intestines out and feed them back to them. I will rip off their head and drink from their skull, I will squeeze their heart in my hand while I laugh in their face. They will pay for taking you away from me. You are mine! My promised mate. No one but me ever gets to touch you. They will pay. They will all pay. I am going to rip them to shreds with my bare hands.”

Logan continued to say vile repulsive things over and over again.

To Imogen’s amazement however she seemed to be the only one that could hear him. After twenty minutes or so of listening to his ranting she too started cackling like a mad man.

“Oh no, you all better run. Logan is coming after you all and he sounds pissed off. If I were you I would run like Satan himself was on yours heals. Because, my promised mate is worse than Satan and madder than hell. He’s going to rip off your heads and eat your brains. He’ll tear out your pathetic hearts with his bare hands. He’ll pull your organs out through your nose and feed them back to you just for fun. Logan’s coming and you managed to make him real mad and I am going to love watching him rip you all apart piece by piece. I am even going to help him once he cuts me out of these binds.”

Imogen watched even the biggest male screech in terror and took off out of the room. Once it was just Elizabeth, Imogen watched her calm schooled face turn to pure anger and hatred. Then she moved very close to her before wrapping her head around her neck and saying to her in a voice filled with disgust

“You think you won you dirty little fucking maggot but you’ve won nothing. If I can’t have your body than I will make sure no one can.”

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