Wolf Moon

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Chapter 20

Adalyn and the others dashed after Logan though the hidden entrance. She felt relief flood through when Imogen answered her call.

Is Elizabeth with you?” she asked excitedly

Yes. As a matter of fact she is.” Replied Imogen

This was too good to be true. Perhaps Chloe and the others had been wrong. Perhaps the Wolfoni clan didn’t have to sell their souls to save Oliver. All they had to do was find Imogen and kill Elizabeth. Success was at hand. She would finally have Oliver back in her arms again. She was suddenly filled with confidence that they could and would win. She also promised herself that no matter what, they did to her Adalyn would help her to heal and overcome it. Imogen was one of the Wolfoni clan and from this day forward they she and the others would remember to treat her as such.

They came around a corner and weren’t overly surprised when they were met by ten human hunters. They were heavily armed with assault rifles and had their fingers on the trigger pelting all seven of them with bullets. It took Logan only a few seconds to disarm and snap all ten of their necks. Bullets may have had an effect on wolves but none of them were pure wolves. They were Oni. Adalyn watched Braxton dig a slug out of his sister Sienna’s face then kiss her softly on the cheek before saying

“Be more careful Sienna. We were trained better than this. Da wouldn’t be too happy if he learned we were as bad as the rest of them.”

Adalyn didn’t wait for Sienna’s response. She knew the two of them felt superior to the rest of the clan. They kind of, sort of, earned it. They were the only ones in the clan that had fighting skills before they all came together. That wasn’t what was important. What was important was to find and rescue Imogen. For that reason alone, she pushed herself even harder to catch up with Logan. She knew if Imogen was nearby by now he would know it. She could remember the night, no too long ago when she charged toward Oliver.

Logan growled loudly and attacked another group of hunters, this time before the others even rounded the corner to join the fray, he again dispatched them all. Of course he was still in bloodlust, and instead of it looking like it was subsiding it almost appeared to be getter worse.

“It’s because of Imogen. She must be in terrible pain. As her promised mate, he is probably feeding on it. Be careful around him and stay out of his way when he finds her. He might try to unite with her the moment he sees her. Animal instincts and all will kick in. He should have just accepted her from the start. It was stupid of him to try to hide it.” Cautioned Dylan

Why did he? Um, try to hide it?” queried Sienna

It’s not really my place to say.” Stated Dylan

Oh come on, you grew up with him you must know something.” Pushed Adalyn

He gave us some shit about how he was doing Imogen a favour. It didn’t make sense to me then and it doesn’t make sense to me know.” Said Christine

That’s it? That’s all he said? I don’t understand. If Imogen was my promised mate, I would have claimed her immediately. How could he just pretend she meant nothing to him.” questioned Sebastian

I know right. It’s weird even for Logan. But, then again, it’s like I never knew him before. He did say how his da changed a lot since he married Loren and not for the better apparently. I bet he never told you guys that he has more responsibilities than just our clan. Someday he’s going to be a badass alpha to a really large werewolf pack.” Christine clarified

Sebastian was using his senses to guide him. He’d lost sight of Logan a while back and he could almost swear he heard Imogen’s voice coming from every direction. His heart was torn on the best route to take. Finally not knowing what else to do he took the hard right. He’d had taken no more than three steps when razor sharp blades came out of the wall and cut into his body.

Behind him, he heard his clan mates cursing then he heard Adalyn warn the others before they too got sliced into pieces by the blades. Sebastian landed face down and the only thing he was able to see was his own blood pooling on the floor around him.

No! He thought. No, I’m going to die and I never even met my promise mate.

Adalyn reached Sebastian and quickly turned him in her arms as she heard something metallic crash to the floor. She assumed someone disabled the blades. The she heard another large crash as she lifted Sebastian off the ground. This time Adalyn glanced back and saw Christine had dropped her sword in shock while Dylan was looking at Sebastian with his eyebrows raised and almost amusement on his face. Then he said to Adalyn and the other clan member’s in surprise

“Damn Sebastian, you are hard to kill. Those blades chopped you into three pieces and you’re still awake looking at us. Damn scary. I wonder if the rest of us would have survived that?”

“Dylan now is not the time. Bring his other… um half over here. Let’s see if we can stick him back together.”

How the hell is this possible? How the hell is he alive with his body in two parts? What the hell are we? This shouldn’t be possible.” Each of them murmured their shocked questions through the telepath link.

“How the hell should I know? I told you everything I knew. Just shut up and help. We can figure this all out later.” Grunted Adalyn out loud in frustration.

Christine brought his legs and gently laid them on the ground just below his torso. What next? Thought Adalyn. Oliver once told her that the rules of life and death didn’t apply to him. Maybe they didn’t apply to her and her Oni clan either. Why didn’t matter. What didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was that Logan was still alive. But what to do now?

She could almost hear Oliver’s words.

In all my years as an Oni warrior, indentured and free, I was never stopped. I’ve been changed by magic. I’m different than the others Oni. I was enhanced by death magic. Perhaps the same magic that your father used to create you. As a result, I’ve never even been sidelined in a battle. Well, except this one time… I was ambushed so they managed to put a good hurting on me before I turned the tables on them. Still, I’ve had my heart stabbed, removed and burned to a crisp. I’ve had limbs cut off and my head chopped off, I’ve even had my body cleaved in two. I’ve always healed.

It is a given that I am invincible. When I was younger before I went to Tennant Creek, I spent years cutting myself into pieces and forcing myself to endure the pain and stay conscious so that I could keep the advantage in battle. I have on more than one occasion, even put myself back together while being attacked. I am like the terminator of Oni Warriors Adalyn. I cannot be stopped and I cannot be killed. I have a feeling that you are just like me. You are my perfect match in all other ways, it would be less than ironic if you matched me in that way as well.”

Adalyn felt a tear slip from her eye as she thought of Oliver. She couldn’t afford to stay here holding pieces of Sebastian together. She had to find and kill Elizabeth. She had to have Oliver back. He was all that mattered.

“Dylan and Christine help me out. I think if we hold the pieces together they will unify. It might be all he needs to heal. If not take him back to Chloe maybe she can help…”

Then she leaned into Sebastian and said

“Sebastian, you know I need to find Elizabeth and kill her. I all need to rescue Imogen. I am so sorry but I believe you will recover from this.”

Then she looked over at Braxton and Sienna and said

“You two up for this?”

When they nodded she said

“Me, Braxton and Sienna will go find Elizabeth and Imogen. If he heals catch up with us. If not... We’ll see you back at the pack house.

The three of them took off. Christine had an intense look on her face as she tried to hold the upper half of Sebastian’s body to the lower half of his body. She was concentrating hard and Dylan noticed that her tongue was peeking out of the side of her mouth. He knew that was a look Christine used when something was wrong.

Sebastian was losing a lot of blood and Dylan knew that with so much blood loss, his brain would shut down soon. Adalyn’s idea about him healing back together was nice but it was clearly a pipe dream. He was dying and they all knew it. Still, he felt like he had to say something to Christine to make her feel better. He managed to mutter

“What’s wrong Chrissy, I see your tongue sticking out… You only make that face when you are concentrating really hard.”

She pushed her hair back then looked over at him. Then she said

“It doesn’t match, Sebastian is missing a part. There’s a good three inches in his torso that is missing. He can’t heal like this. Umm, and even worse he’s already healing. Oh god Dylan, Sebastian’s body is healing apart. The pieces won’t stick together and I don’t know what else to do. We’re in the middle of a fucking battle and Sebastian is in two halves.”

Dylan watched a tear slip from Christine’s eye and couldn’t stop from trying to reach out and wipe it away. Of all the things her sister could have said he didn’t expect that. He thought perhaps she was just afraid Sebastian was going to die, but healing in two parts well? And why would the blade not only cut but also take a part of away. Where did the missing section go?

“Christine, I know you are not going to like what I say but if they are going to have any chance of rescuing Imogen and killing Elizabeth you are going to have to do exactly what I say. Do you trust me?”

Dylan knew his sister trusted him. Still he waited for her to nod before he continued

“Okay here’s what we are going to do. I’m going to use my shirt to attach his lower half to you back. Then, you need to take him back to the house so Chloe can try to heal him. It’s his only chance. I will look around here for a while to see if I can find the missing pieces. If not we’ll figure something else out.”

Then his armour disappeared and he pulled his shirt off and started tearing it into pieces. Once Dylan had Sebastian’s lower half secured to Christine’s back she lifted his upper half in her arms and said

“I’ll see you back at the house.” And Christine took off without another word.

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