Wolf Moon

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Chapter 21

I found Sebastian’s missing pieces. I’m on my way back to the pack house. ETA five minutes.” Dylan shouted through the mind link

That’s great see you in five. Chloe’s ready and she thinks she can heal him.” Cheered Christine

Great job guys” encouraged Adalyn “But we have our hands full of hunters. If either of you can get back here to help us out that would be fantastic. So far, no luck finding Logan or Imogen but we have eyes on Elizabeth!”

It was time for Elizabeth to abandon ship. The Oni Warriors were winning and she knew it. No way was she sticking around and letting them get close enough to capture her. It was bad enough one of them walked right up to her. The stupid shit was in full bloodlust and had been easily fooled. Elizabeth was proud she’d reacted quickly and managed to keep him off kilter. All she had to do was use a love spell and a bit of mental manipulation to seal the deal.

With any luck he was already on his way out of the cave with the female Oni and had absolutely no memory of ever seeing her. If she did it right and she tended to be perfect he would not even remember anything about her or even himself. A full mind wipe and... the best part was, when he mind links with his promised mate she’ll forget about her as well. The two of them would be in bad shape and wouldn’t remember why. The only down side is the spell wasn’t powerful enough to work on their entire clan. They would forget only temporarily. The moment someone mentioned it to them everything would flood back. Too bad, since that meant Elizabeth would have to regroup and decide her next steps. Oh how she hated Oni and werewolves.

Every single time she tried to press her advantage they pulled out a new trick. This should have been a slam dunk. Perhaps she would need to turn her attention to someone and somewhere that was a little less protected. She let out a sigh of frustration and continued to move towards her back-door. She knew her time here was over and her wolf devotees and hunters were no longer of any value to her. But she couldn’t stop herself from giving them a final mission. One that would hopefully kill all of them and some of the damn Oni. Each time she would pass one of them in the hallway, she would look gravely at them as then she would pull them close to her and give them her final instructions knowing full well that it was a death sentence.

“The Oni Warriors have ruined everything. It’s all their fault. They must die if we are to ever have a chance of succeeding. You are our only hope now. The river is poison to them too. I know, I saw one of them die from the water the first day they arrive in Wolf Moon territory. It might be the only way to kill them. If you can get them into the water or bring the water to them... well, I’m sure they have enough open wounds to get the job done.”

Then Elizabeth would press her lips to theirs for a final kiss before saying with complete confidence in her voice

“You have always been her favourite devotee. I love you and I know you will make me proud.”

Elizabeth exited the mountain on the far east and climbed into the car she had stashed there. She drove away at top speed away from Wolf Moon territory, her heart filled with remorse. Not because the stupid dogs were all dead, but because she’d spend hundreds of years making this pack ripe for her takeover. Now she would need to relocate and start all over.

Surgery had been tricky and Sebastian almost died several times. In the end Chloe felt confident he would recover. She walked into the waiting room and looked at his mum Monika and the rest of the kids. Monika looked so distressed and her hands were wrapped tightly around each other in her lap. The moment she saw Chloe she blurted out

“Is he okay? Is my baby alive?”

Tears were dripping down her cheeks and splashing on the white ceramic tile floor. Chloe pulled her into an embrace and said

“Sebastian will be fine. He did great in surgery. He’s going to have to stay on strict bed rest for a while.”

Monika took a deep breath then felt a tear slip from her eye before Christine said

“Thank god! I was so scared when I found him. I wonder why someone did this?”

“Yea, why would anyone want to hurt Sebastian?” echoed Dylan

“I know right. It must have something to do with this packs missing wolves.” Chimed Christine

The moment the words came out of his mouth Chloe and Monika turned and saw confusion written in Christine and Dylan’s eyes. Then Chloe said with her voice filled with suspicion

“How could you not know who did this to her? Of course it had to have been Elizabeth or one of her minions. Tell me you all, remember Elizabeth?”

Chloe stayed silent and let her words wash over them. Something in her tone told them they should know Elizabeth but the name had no meaning to them. Then Chloe and Monika moved forward and placed their hands against their cheeks as Monika said

“Sweet baby Jesus… you have been tricked. Elizabeth used magic or maybe even some kind of ancient form of mental manipulation. However she did it isn’t as important as the fact that she did it. She managed to get into your mind and pluck herself out of it. I’m afraid if you have no memory of who she even is the others still at her compound are in great danger. Call them back.”

Something in her tone convinced Dylan to take her completely serious. He had no idea who or what Elizabeth was but he didn’t want to take any chances with his clan members lives. He reached out to them through their mind link and said

“Logan, Imogen, Adalyn, Sienna and Braxton are you there? Where are you? We need you to come back to the pack house right away. Is anyone there?”

Dylan called to all of them over and over again but got no response. He looked back at Chloe and Monika and said

“You have to help us. I can’t reach anyone through the mind link.”

“Iona, Cooper and Armando have already left for the compound. They will bring back the others if possible.” Said Monika calmly before telling Dylan and Christine who or rather what Elizabeth was.

With each word from Monika’s mouth, their memories flooded back into them. After just a few minutes they remembered everything. They reached again out to the rest of their clan. This time Adalyn responded

She’s gone. There is no one left in the caves. We failed. Oh god, we failed. How are we going to save Oliver now?”

Dylan could almost hear the tears even through the mind link as she continued

Elizabeth is a lot stronger and even cleverer than we thought she was. How could she do a mind wipe on us when we never even saw her?” Braxton questioned

I don’t know bro but I think if we are going to save Oliver and put this bitch down, we need to make a deal with Obvert right away.” Replied Sienna

Well, right now let’s concentrate on finding Logan and Imogen. Either way I’m not giving up on Oliver. We will find a way to save him. With or without Obvert. Oliver means the world to me and I can’t live without him. The Nogitsune’s days are numbered.”

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