Wolf Moon

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Chapter 3

The moment Adalyn awoke she knew she’d been moved. She was almost afraid to open her eyes to see where she was and who moved her. She wondered if the human Hunters that were chasing her would have moved her. For what purpose? Maybe they thought Adalyn would tell them where her pack was or somehow help them get past the magical barrier. Adalyn did her best, to keep her heart beat slow, and her breathing even so that the humans if that was moved her wouldn’t realise that she was awake.

The, she tried to sift through the smells that were coming through her nose. She smelled something old like old linens and fabrics. The room was dusty and had a bit of a musty smell as well. That told her that she was probably still in the old dilapidated house that she clawed her way into. Adalyn continued to sort through the smells. Then Adalyn smelled him. Her promised mate he was the most wonderfully smelling man in whole world. That smell, that thought… Well, she just couldn’t keep her eyes closed. She needed to see if he was injured or being held hostage like her.

Her eyes popped open and landed on the hottest muscular guy she’d ever seen. He had long wavy dark blonde hair, a firm chin and a bright big beautiful smile. Adalyn looked at his teeth and noticed he had two sharp fangs which momentarily surprised her. Fangs, not canine. Adalyn sniffed again and felt her heart beat double time, and her wolf purred pleasantly within her. She felt her eyes being drawn to his and she looked into his warm chocolate brown eyes that sparkled with just a touch of gold when the light hit them.

In that moment Adalyn knew that her promised mate was an Oni Warrior. There were only a couple of dozen of them in the Australia and based on her promised mate’s scent and his obvious fangs he was one of them. For a moment her heart lightened as Adalyn thought about him being her promised mate. If nothing else with an Oni Warrior on their side it was unlikely no other werewolf pack or any supernatural for that matter would be stupid enough to send Hunters after them again.

Adalyn wasn’t sure how he was going to help bring her into her power, or with the loss of their wolves but then again who knew. Both her wolf and Adalyn were proud that their promised mate was an Oni Warrior. The druids were right. Adalyn was a pivotal piece in the future of their pack. Not only had Adalyn found her promised mate but he is an Oni Warrior. Adalyn was the luckiest girl in the pack. To have and find a promised mate was so very rare for her pack members. To find one that was an Oni Warrior was unheard of and to find one that would actually join as one with her was impossible.

The moment the thought crossed her mind, Adalyn felt her throat constrict and she suddenly became afraid that her Oni Warrior might not want her. Adalyn wasn’t special at all. She was a basic wolf, from a wolf pack that no one wanted to come near. Her pack members were all losing their wolves. What good is a werewolf without a wolf form? They have something wrong with them. They are also having problems getting pregnant and giving birth to babies. Her promised mate is powerful and impervious to death. He would want babies and lots of them. He would want a strong healthy promised mate that could be his equal not a weak sick wolf like her.

Adalyn felt her wolf whimper inside of her at the thought of their promised mate rejecting them. She whimpered out loud without meaning to. Then she watched as her promised mate’s smile dissipated and he almost looked agitated and angry. Then he opened his mouth and spoke with a deep baritone voice, that despite how ominous it sounded, it still caused pleasurable little vibrations to crawl down her back

“My promised mate do I not please you physically? Are you unhappy that I am an Oni Warrior? I am freed no longer indentured. Why do you look so sad?”

Adalyn heard his words but had a hard time letting them sink in. She was stuck on sound of his voice and the tremors it was causing her between her legs. She felt her breast pull tight with anticipation and she felt heat and desire pull in her loins. Finally the words themselves registered and she forced her biggest brightest smile on her face. Then she released the breath she didn’t even realise she’d been holding and said

“Your appearance pleases me very much. I am glad that you are a freed Oni and my promised mate. I was only nervous that you might not find me acceptable. I am...”

Adalyn started to stutter and struggle with the words she needed to say. She took a deep breath and started again

“I am, um, well, I…I mean, you might want to reject me because I am from the Wolf Moon Pack.”

Adalyn let that settle in on him and realised she was again holding her breath waiting for his reaction. She watched as his head tilted slightly and his face reflected a quizzical confused look. He took a deep breath through his nose and Adalyn was sure he smelled her desire before he said

“And that means what to me exactly? I don’t give a shit about what pack you are from. You are my promised mate and I accept you regardless. I have waited many years for you. Nothing could turn me away. Where you come from or anything you might have done before meeting me mean nothing. Already I desire to bury myself within you and I can smell that you want the same. If you accept me as your promised mate and want to join with me, I promise I will keep you blissfully happy now and for the rest of your life.”

Still, despite Oliver’s words Adalyn felt it necessary to carefully explain who she was, where she came from and how and why she came searching for him. His mind was too pleased and jubilant with her acceptance of him as his promised mate that everything else was a bit fuzzy. She actually said it would be an honour to be his promised mate. Adalyn coughed and paused in her explanation then started again with more of the saviour and druid stuff. Oliver pushed aside all of his horny thoughts and forced himself to process her words. The only thing he really heard was the prophesy. That he loved, because it brought her to him. He had no idea how to unlock her powers or to cure their wolf illness but Oliver was better than good at was fighting.

Oliver promised he would return to Adalyn’s home with her and see what he could do to help. Even if helping just meant kicking ass and asking his Oni clansmen to help. Adalyn was still talking mostly going on and on about her alpha but Oliver again found his mind wandering to other things. Things like how Adalyn’s name was beautiful like her. He even started whispering it in his mind over and over.

Adalyn was the most beautiful female Oliver had seen in his lifetime. Her beauty far exceeds even that of his own mother and sisters who were the epitome of perfection. She had the softest warm brown eyes with full supple lips set in the perfect heart shaped face. Her skin was bronzed to perfection and her honey brown hair glistened and bounced with each intake of her breath.

She was even more beautiful than Oliver had fantasised throughout his lonely years. When Oliver went to find food yesterday he learned the year and realised he’d been sitting in that chair for over two hundred years. It was amazing that the house had even remained intact. Then again it seems his siblings knew exactly where Oliver was and made sure that he had been left alone but that the house remained standing. Leave it to Mia and Chloe to make sure Oliver had her opportunity to rot in peace until his little promised mate re-awoke his heart and soul.

Adalyn had no idea that nothing she did or could have ever done would make him reject her. Oliver would do anything and accept anything to have her in her life. Her silly little concerns about things like babies would have no impact on his desire to join together as one with her. Oliver would gladly take her over any other female that could have babies or anything else for that matter. Oliver had a thousand years awake with women throwing themselves at his feet. They could not even get the blood pumping into his groin none the less please him. Had Oliver wanted just any woman he wouldn’t have waited all these years.

Oliver also could care less if she did or didn’t have her wolf. Truthfully with our without her wolf he was still stronger as an Oni Warrior. He could care for them both. Oliver would speak with Chloe to find out if her promised mate was still a candidate for transformation. Oliver knew that prior to his hiatus Chloe had been making great strides in extending the lives of many of the Oni Warriors promised mates. Oliver wanted to spend an eternity or in the least several thousand years with Adalyn not just a few hundred. His life was far too long to have such a short time to spend with her. Thinking about losing her before he even really had a chance to love her caused his heart to stutter and stop momentarily.

Oliver suddenly had the desire to join his soul and body with hers immediately to make sure that they were fully connected and that he would be prepared to protect her from any and all harm. Oliver was very old but even he had to admit it would be barbaric of him to jump on top of her and sink her fangs and her manhood into the soft flesh without so much as a kiss first. Oliver sighed more to himself than at her and raised his eyebrows when he saw her cheeks turn pink. He made a small side smile and then looked into her eyes. The moment Oliver felt her eyes connect fully with his, he slowly moved forward and ever so lightly brushed his lips against hers.

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