Wolf Moon

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Chapter 4

Adalyn watched as Oliver moved closer to her. Since the moment they met he seemed to like to hover close to her. Adalyn didn’t mind it made her feel comfortable and safe. The best part is when he is this close to her his manly scent smells like whip cream. She could feel his eyes gazing at her from top to toe taking in every nuance of her appearance. Imagining what she must look like after so many days of running and neglect Adalyn became a little self-conscious.

She fidgeted with her hands then flung her bangs out of her eyes, before gulping down her shame. In comparison Oliver seemed to be perfect. She would equate his looks and physique to that of the Norse or Egyptian Gods. She’d never imagined that a man could be so beautiful. Not even an Oni. Though in truth little was known of the Oni without their armour and masks. Still, Adalyn felt her breast tighten again and quickly tried to cover them. Her sudden movement brought Oliver a step closer to her. Adalyn started panicking and couldn’t stop from uttering a small whimper of desire and fear. Her mind was racing with thoughts.

Why did Oliver have to be so damn good looking, when Adalyn was so plain? Just looking at his amazingly perfect body, strong chin and beautiful eyes made her stomach turn. He was a real gorgeous specimen compared to her plain light brown curls and boring brown eyes. Why would he want her when he can find someone better? Oh god he looks so good and Adalyn wanted him so bad! She found her wet desire build in her stomach and couldn’t stop from making another small whimper. This one was full of her sexual need. Adalyn saw Oliver breath in her scent and knew he too could smell her arousal. Then she watched as his eyes gravitated from her lower body then back to her lips. Then his lips crash down warmly onto hers.

Adalyn had never been kissed before but she couldn’t imagine that anyone else’s kiss but Oliver’s could feel this good. Her lips tingled with pleasure and every moment his lips lingered on hers the tiny little jolts of pleasure slowly moved out from her lips and travelled through her entire body. A thousand little butterflies took flight in her bloodstream.

She felt her legs weakened against him. Oliver simply grabbed her tighter so that she was forced to remain standing. She was growing weaker by the second and she knew she would slip like a bowl of jelly to the floor if he released her. Her body quaked and ached with pleasure. Adalyn moaned loudly and pushed harder against him. Her lips quivered and her legs buckled. Oliver growled deep but loudly in his throat causing a new and even more exciting vibration to reverberate through her body. Then Oliver lifted her off the ground and abruptly moved them onto the bed.

Adalyn landed with a thump as both of their asses made contact with the old mouldy smelling mattress and blankets. Adalyn momentarily thought this room and this bed was not how she pictured her first time with her promised mate. Oliver’s lips continued to explore hers until Adalyn was no longer able to complete any kind of meaningful thought from her normally logical brain. She felt his hands on her shoulders guiding her body down against the mattress.

“I need you Adalyn, you are my promised mate and I have waited so long,” Oliver blurted out.

His voice was husky with sexual need. Oliver looked at her intently, his face so close to her own that Adalyn could feel his breath tickling her cheeks. Her own sexual needs increased just hearing his voice. It was hard to believe that was possible since her body was already thrumming with demand and obsessive desire but his words seemed to light an inferno of undeniable want deep in the pit of her stomach. Adalyn knew she wanted Oliver to complete her more than she had ever wanted anything in her life.

“Oliver, I want you, please make love to me and let us join our spirits together as one. I’m ready. We don’t need time to figure anything out. I want you now! I want you to make me yours in all ways that a man can.” Adalyn whispered to him.

Then thinking actions speak louder than words Adalyn grabbed him by the back of the neck and forced his head down to hers so she could bring their lips together again. Adalyn kissed him hungrily, their tongues fighting for dominance. She pressed her lower body against his and started to slowly move her hips back and forth causing a small but very pleasurable friction between them. Her actions spurred Oliver on. He growled loudly then he pushed her back onto the bed and climbed on top of her, straddling her hips. He kissed her deeply, then deeper still, entering her with his tongue and taking over her mouth. Adalyn was more than happy to let him.

Both of their hands were roaming over each other’s bodies. Her blood was inflamed and her body wanted, no needed Oliver to make them one. Adalyn found was rubbing against him waiting for something more but not really understanding what that more was. She moaned deep in the back of her throat and heard Oliver growl back. Adalyn could feel his desire for dominance and wanting to brand her as his. Adalyn felt his mouth graze over her collarbone and knew that he wanted to bite down and put his mark on her. Adalyn knew she wanted it too.

“Please Oliver take me as yours! I need you! I need more! Please!” Adalyn begged of him

Then she felt his body shudder as his mouth moved to her collarbone and she felt him bite her with his fangs. Her wolf howled out in pleasure and her body spasmed with what Adalyn would call pleasurable tingles from top to bottom.

Adalyn felt Oliver shudder with pleasure as well then he pulled himself back up to her mouth and plundered her lips again. Adalyn felt his hands move down to her pants and he tugged at them urgently, yanking them off of her. She pulled at his shirt and was happy when she could finally roam her fingers over his bare chest. Adalyn took her time roaming over his perfectly sculpted body. She couldn’t believe he was really all hers. She bent her head down and placed her mouth on his skin. Her lips were wet and watering, as she kissed and licked at his chest taking in his amazing and tantalising scent and taste.

Oliver grabbed her head; his fingers entwined in her hair and pulled her back to his lips. Adalyn grinned up at him and cocked an eyebrow as she felt him rid himself of his clothing. He paused for just a moment and looked deeply into her eyes before saying.

“I love you Adalyn. You are mine now and forever.”

Adalyn felt his fangs slowly slip into the soft flesh of her neck at the same moment she felt him slowly push his large manhood into her. Adalyn had expected some pain but instead her body exploded into pleasure. The feeling was more than anything she could ever find words to describe. He rocked himself in and out of her. Each stroke inside of her created even more pleasure. Her body was shattering with pure sexual bliss. She started to wonder if sex was supposed to be this good. Adalyn was sure she was going to die from the amazing sensations Oliver’s touch was causing her. Then just when Adalyn thought it would be impossible for her to live through any more pleasure Oliver roughly grabbed her head and shoved her face into his neck. That’s when she remembered that Oliver told her to bite him hard enough to break the skin before they orgasmed. He was very clear Adalyn needed to drink some of his blood as well.

The moment Oliver’s tangy Oni Warrior blood touched her tongue her body shuddered and orgasmed. Then her soul took flight and Adalyn felt a thousand tiny electric shocks vibrate through her heart soul and body. Adalyn knew in that moment that this was what Adalyn was born for. Oliver was her life and reason for being. She pulled her lips from his neck, threw back her head and howled with pleasure. Oliver and Adalyn were now one and no one or nothing could ever tear them apart.

“I am so sorry mistress. I don’t have good news. The female wolf managed to get away. They tracked her to an abandoned house in the swamp near Tennant Creek. Something else was in that house mistress when they got there. It was very strong and slaughtered all of the human Hunters they never even got a shot off.”

Elizabeth looked down at the pathetic wolf before her and spat in his face before slapping it as well. How dare they fail? Elizabeth prepared for this for years and they let the little female wolf get away. This was unacceptable! They needed to get her back. This pack is her ticket to eternity and she’d been using it as her personal feeding ground for years. That female was the final ingredient in a long line of ingredients. Elizabeth knew she was finally the one. This pack owed her. The female wolf owed her. She would have her revenge and her replacement body and a promised mate. Elizabeth was certain with the female’s body she would finally have both. Then Elizabeth would kill the rest of them. Every last one of them so that they would never find out what she did to alter their DNA. Elizabeth looked down at the human and reached out to grab his throat in her hand, his legs dangled off the floor. She watched as his face turned red and he tried to gulp for air his lungs became deprived

“Listen closely you little worthless worm. Get her! Kill who ever and whatever you need to but bring that little female wolf to me. Do you understand?”

He nodded with what little strength he had left. Elizabeth dropped him to the floor and heard one of his bones crack as he landed rougher than she had intended. She heard him whimper in pain and watched as he reached out with his left hand to cradle his clearly broken right wrist. Elizabeth knew she needed him of sound body if they were going to recover the female wolf so she tore her wrist open with her long claw like fingernail and pressed her now bloody wrist to his mouth. He slurped at her blood greedily, doing his best to get as much as possible before she roughly grabbed him by his hair and pulled him off. Then she looked down at his wrist and visually verified he was already healing.

“Go now, do what needs to be done. Take as many with you as you feel are necessary but bring her back to me.”

Elizabeth watched as he scrambled up from the floor and walked as fast as he possibly could to the exit of her bedroom. She didn’t look but knew he was gone when she heard the door slam shut behind him. She moved back to her bed and climbed back under the covers. Elizabeth loved the way the silk blanket rubbed against her naked flesh. She sighed deeply and was glad the interruption was over. Then she spread her legs wide open and motioned for her still naked male and female lovers to return to pleasuring her.

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