Wolf Moon

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Chapter 5

Oliver felt more complete than he’d ever felt in his life. He had always imagined that finding and joining his soul with his promised mate would be an amazingly spiritual experience but he still didn’t fully grasped the realities of it. His blood sung, with unimaginable pleasure and his soul skipped with joy. Nothing truly could have prepared him for how amazing the joining of his spirit and body would be with his promised mate.

Oliver took in a deep breath and allowed her amazing scent to fill his nostrils with pleasure. He just didn’t think he could ever tire of smelling her amazing and unique scent. Oliver was becoming overwhelmed with emotions and couldn’t stop himself from actually trying to pull her sleeping form even closer to his body. He knew the moment Adalyn started to wake up. She and Oliver were now one soul bound together in all ways possible. Her feelings and experiences were no longer just her feelings and experiences.

Adalyn opened her soul to him and laid bare every corner of her heart, mind and soul. She held nothing back. Oliver knew all there was to know about his sweet mate Adalyn. She was the epitome of perfection. Ever solitary painstaking moment that Oliver suffered alone had been worth it. He would wait many more thousands of years if he knew Adalyn would be there waiting for him at the end.

Oliver unlike Adalyn however held back the majority of his past actions and the pain he suffered prior to joining with Adalyn. Partly because he did not want Adalyn to feel once ounce of pain and partly because he had survived many excruciating physical pains during battle that he didn’t want her to ever see or feel, But mostly because Oliver was ashamed of his inexcusable behaviour and depression before she found him. He knew his depression had been so pathetic that if she had not come to him, her life could have passed her by while Oliver sat in a chair rotting in self-pity.

Oliver felt her eyes trying to peer into his soul and quickly allowed his feelings for her to the forefront. He saw her small tentative smile blossom into a full blown grin. Her eyes twinkled with excitement as she leaned forward and lightly but erotically brushed her lips against his.

“Good morning Oliver.”

She said to him as she pulled away from his lips and very quickly hopped from the bed. Oliver leaped from the bed and had her re-wrapped in his arms before she could blink.

“Good morning my promised mate Adalyn. Why were you rushing to get away from me?”

Oliver said as he raised his left eyebrow quizzically at her.

“I had a feeling if I stayed in bed, we would start all over again and as much as I am enjoying this… Well, we really need to get back to my pack sooner rather than later.”

Oliver smiled at her and brought his mouth down on hers. He allowed the kiss to be deep and demanding while still being light and sensual. He felt her body responding and knew that if they really were going to leave today then he needed to stop them from going any further. Oliver pulled back and said

“You shower first, I think if I tried to join you we would never get clean. I am going to make a few phone calls then I’ll hop in the shower when you are out. Thankfully the phone system still worked in the house. I am sure I can thank a clansman. Either way, I made arrangements for a rental car. I will go pick it up then they can start to head to your pack lands.”

Oliver leaned in and placed a small kiss on her head before allowing her to pull away from him. She looked up almost like she was trying to decide if showering was what she really wanted to do then turned and headed into the bathroom. The moment Oliver heard the shower water turn on, he headed downstairs to make some calls. If what she was saying was accurate then her pack had bigger problems than a few human hunters. Oliver needed more information before he went in there and exposed his promised mate to more danger.

Hale looked around the cave and again prayed that Adalyn had been successful. They ran out of food yesterday and had maybe a day’s water supply left before their water was gone. Most of what was left of the Wolf Moon pack was huddled together shaking viciously in fear. It was hard to believe that so much had happened in just a few days. It was clear now that their pack was not just feared someone or something was trying to exterminate them.

Even worse Hale was certain that some of his own pack had fought on their side. Hale had a feeling that it was some of their werewolf druid practitioners that had been lying in wait hidden within their numbers. This had been a storm coming for many years now. When his da Derrick banned the werewolves in the pack from practising druid magic during his reign there had been many who had argued that it was the wrong this to do. Many had been very verbal that they depended on the magic for their livelihood and for their own emotional needs. His da had not bought into any of those arguments. He simply experienced too many years of pack members using and abusing magic. He believed it was bad enough that they were losing their wolf without becoming slaves to magic.

He banned the wolves from using magic and asked all practising pack members to either give up magic or leave the pack. Most if not all stayed and claimed to have stopped using magic. When Hale became alpha, he was approached by several members again asking for the Wolf Moon pack to give open safe passage and living conditions to magic using wolves and shifters. Unlike his da Hale hadn’t been foolish enough to actually believe that members weren’t using magic. He knew they had just become quieter about it.

Hale personally hadn’t thought that it was a bad thing. It was after all a magic wielder that had predicted Adalyn's birth and her involvement with finding their cure. If not for magic how would they have ever had a chance to save their pack. Besides, Hale had a soft spot for several of the members making the request including his Beta John. Hale had been turning a blind eye from the moment he became alpha and was on the brink of allowing it to be openly practised again when the council had warned him that if they again began practising magic his pack would be exterminated. The council however was not who attacked the pack.

Hale dropped his head into he his hands and allowed the tears to fall freely again. Just thinking about the attack caused his heart to ache and his body to shudder with disgust and horror. They had attacked them with a combination assault weapons and blood magic. They killed without care or discrimination, they left behind carnage that could and did make grown men sick. It was clear that whoever was behind this had meant to make sure there had been no survivors. Worse they knew that they had taken shelter in the caves and had set traps for them even here. Strategically placed bombs had gone off the moment they thought they were safely in the caves. Those bombs killed more pack members than the animals that chased them in here.

Hale felt someone patting him lightly on the back and pulled his hands apart just enough to see her beta's promised mate Teresa. Hale nodded at her but allowed her to continue to comfort him with her small pats and soft words. Hale needed the comfort if he was going to have any chance of pulling together enough to figure out a way to get his pack out of this cave. They were living on borrowed time and Hale was afraid that the reaper was going to collect sooner than he wanted him to.

“How many of them do you think survived?”

Elizabeth was staring John down trying to make sure that he understood she meant business. She would of course try not to harm him since he had been a faithful and obedient devotee for many years now. He looked a little nervous before he said

“Perhaps twenty Mistress Elizabeth. Thirty maximum if Hale managed to push them towards the lower level of the cave before the last bomb went off. Not that it matters since they are trapped without any way of getting fresh food or water. They will starve to death in those caves. The only way out is past our guards and they will slaughter them if they so much as start to move towards the exit.”

Elizabeth smiled cheerfully and moved towards John with the intention of embracing him and giving him her highest praise but just as she was about to encircle him with her arms him he took a big step back and away from her. Then he held his arm to keep her at a distance.

“I am sorry mistress Elizabeth but I can't allow you to be sullied by me now. During the fight I was somehow infected and am no longer fit to be touched by a real wolf like you.” Then Elizabeth watched as he dropped and kneeled before her.

Elizabeth moved forward and gently patted him on the top of his head to provide some comfort. She knew he no longer had a wolf. She was the one that swallowed it whole. It like the others would keep her young, virile, beautiful and powerful. Still Elizabeth mustered up a little fake concern and said.

“I am so sorry devotee John; you have always been one of my favourites. I promise that as soon as I have the female wolf back I will create the cure that will restore your wolf and provide everlasting invincible life to you and all my faithful devotees.”

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